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Update on Rasajna Dasi’s Health

Mother Rasajna’s illness has come as a shock to me since I still see her in my mind as a vibrant young devotee playing Sita devi to an attentive audience.

Rasajna devi dasi is one of the last remaining actors who carry the seed that Srila Prabhupada planted for Vedic theatre in ISKCON. Her attention to detail, her artistry and bhakti is immense and will hopefully be carried on by those who have the privilege to associate with her. It is a shame that circumstances have separated her from the association of other Vaishnava actors with whom she could serve and share more. Only recently did I mention my recollections of Mother Rasajna to a group of children in my Vedic theatre course to help pass on her legacy.

I would like to share some of my moments of Mother Rasajna’s association that are etched in my heart. Hopefully, others can also express ways that Mother Rasajna touches their lives.

Anyone else remember her alto voice singing “Jiv Jago” to waken the grhastas on the 8th floor at 55th Street, her recollections of Srila Prabhupada which would turn any sentient being into a devotee of Lord Krsna, her devotion to her deceased husband who presented her with so many challenges, her blissful face finishing up a sleepless marathon of sewing Gaur Nitai’s dress for Janmastami, her boyish portrayal of Lord Krsna in Govardhan Lila, her descriptions of milk sweets to Count Dracula on 5th Avenue during Saturday night Hari Nam, her interpretation of Kaikeyi scolding Manthara and breaking the news to Lord Ram, her flawless sense of style in her dress and carriage, her sophisticated wit and endearing sense of humor … ?

By the way, her CD is wonderful.

ys, deva (ddjp)

» Posted By deva On Oct 19, 2009 @ 1:26 pm

Kirtan Standards Committee

A couple of years ago I attended a seminar on Kirtan Reform by His Holiness Jai Advaita Maharaj. I wonder if he has been contacting concerning this conversation.
I still have the handouts and the notes I took from the sessions if anyone is interested.
Maharaj had a lot to say about how Srila Prabhupada lead kirtan and how he would leave his work to stop kirtan if he were not satisfied.

I think we should also discuss kirtan dancing reform. I have many thoughts on this.

In general, we must remember that are offerings of song and dance are for the pleasure of Their Lordships. At the same time we should attempt to engage everyone else in the congregation in the chanting of the Lord’s Names. Anything that distracts from these two goals would seem inappropriate.

I personally cannot stand loud karatalas – they make it difficult to hear the kirtan leader and make it necessary to over use microphones. They also contribute to the destruction of the super sensitive upper range of hearing – a concern especially for musicians.

His Grace Uttama Sloka is expert on the use of karatalas and mrdanga in kirtans. His kirtans in Chicago back in the 70’s were famous.

YS, Deva

» Posted By deva On Jun 16, 2007 @ 5:44 am

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