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Top IIT Prof is Vrindavan Gurukula’s new director HG Lila Purushottama Dasa

This is really wonderful news. We pray that Lila Purushottama das Prabhuji and his staff receive the best facilities in Vrindavana for the sake of the Gurukula. Prabhupada’s grandchildren deserve the best by the grace of Shri Krishna . What can be more important for delivering souls back to home back to Godhead than education in the holy dham? Let us all pray together for the highest results of this wonderful association.
Patita Pavana das

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 16.01.2010 @ 09:02

Historic Rath Yathra in the Russian Winter- Lord Jagannath rides a snow sled cart - pics

All glories to the Russian devotees. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada. All glories Lord Jagannath, Subhadra Devi and Lord Balarama! All glories to your service. Jaya Madhava Prabhu, please contact me at this new address:

Hari Hari Bol!
Patit Pavana das

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 12.01.2010 @ 18:31

Is Astrology Useful in Krishna Consciousness? Part One – The Panchang

WHO ASKED ‘ASK JEEVES’? Any, errr, Ask Jeeves Prabhu, do you read the newpapers? Like, did you notice anything on Jan 12, two days before eclipse Jagai? Do the words Earthquake ring a bell?

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 21.01.2010 @ 17:41

PS Kavi chandra Maharaja. I wonder if anyone noticed the earthquake in Haiti? And we were talking about the meaning of eclipses according to the verdict of the Bhagavat. Now in the aftermath of Eclipse Surpanakha and just two days from Eclipse Jagai,… the Haitians need to hear the sound of sankirtan more than ever before. May all devotees be protected.

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 16.01.2010 @ 20:36

Thank you “Ask Jeeves ” Prabhu,

…But our authority is the Bhagavat, not the Wikipedia. Sorry but as my regular readers know, when it comes to material science, I’m a Prabhupad man and I blindly and dumbly follow the convictions of my spiritual master.

I have just spent several months in a circular valley that I came to call the Eye of Sankarshan. I chose that unusual name for the valley because of the great view looking heavenward with the naked eye. There the darshans of both the day and night skies were superb and the view clearly demonstrate the correctness of the fifth canto. For me, accepting the way Shrila Prabhupada put it to us is a no-brainer. The Moon is higher than the Sun and that is the end of it. From the Eye of Sankarshan the whole picture makes perfect sense.

Located in Stagecoach, NV., the is beautiful yet rugged, wild valley is ringed with a circle of hills and mountains . Coyotes ran past me in the night as I chanted and observed. This Valley of the Eye of Sankarshan sits above the Carson River along the Pony Express Trail above legendary Highway 50, America’s oldest cross country two-laner. It has an unique combination of winds so much so that the dried lake bed, from which I fashioned tilaka, is a test area for wind-powered vehicles. There is no electricity at many areas around this valley, hence light pollution is minimal. I spent as many as twelve hours in a day spread between day and night tracing the planetary routes before the backdrop of the Great celestial Ganges in the form of the awe-inspiring Shishumara.

During eclipses, I saw the attack of Rahu upon the Sun rendering the skies furious. I traced for months the uttarayana and dakshinayana movements of the Sun as days shorten and elongate. I invite any Prabhus who wish to edify their conviction in the Bhagavat’s absolute authenticity as the final authority on this delicate issue to contact another Prabhu who lives there and who shares my conviction about this valley as a point for celestial observation. Talk to Mother Anavadyangi on Facebook for a back-up opinion. Incidentally, there are a number of ranches, one of which self-generates its own power, going for dirt cheap there. A devotee community of ascetic transcendental astronomers could be easily created far away from the demonic influence of the American city; safe from the dangers that never sleep in an environment fraught with the modes of ignorance and passion.

Patita Pavana da

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 10.01.2010 @ 11:24

Regarding Question # 1:

Shrila Prabhupada preached very strongly against divorce and wanted his men to be responsible enough to care for their wives.

Let us take the example of Shrila Prabhupada. His father Shri Gaur Mohan De (a pure devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and of Lord Jagannath) practically forced his beloved son Moti (”the pearl”) to marry a very nice young girl with whom the future Saviour of the Western World wanted nothing to do with. However, even though there was (assumably) no graha-maitri or lunar/nakshatra harmony, Prabhupada remained faithful.

I attended many wedding performed by Shrila Prabhupada in the late 60’s on the East Coast. His Divine Grace always emphasized, “Do not make babies like cats and dogs.” Prabhupada would rail against the “bachelor daddies” (another brilliant phrase he made up). Guru Maharaj taught us to look upon those who marry for a few cheap thrills, then leave the woman with a child, as two-legged quadrupeds. That is why the second use for Vedic astrology is marital harmony as explained by Shrila Prabhupada in his Bhaktivedanta Purports.

So astrology accepts the natural material desires of grihastas and therefore allows that even considering motivations, marriage can be properly dovetailed in a relationship that is at least compatible. Householder life is considered to be the muck at the bottom of the dark well, but if the man and wife are both devotees, are both willing to make great sacrifices for the cause of mutual harmony , then there is a chance of the struggle succeeding a little bit.

In my opinion, if a candidate for marriage has a chart that demonstrates short term relationships, I say why force such a person on a young lady? Instead see if he is willing to remain celibate, either as a brahmachari or sannyasi, and thereby live a more healthful, happy, blessed and spiritually-progressive life. How many are willing to live like Shrila Prabhupada and remain faithful to a woman he did not like and a situation he loathed due to his dharma-based loyalty to culture and “The Example”. For His Divine Grace valued the pure example over lip service, unlike the storefront mayavadis of the day trying to make disciples in the 60’s. If some have have failed miserably in following Prabhupada’s example, I would suggest the pure devotee’s authoritative solution of Vedanga Jyotish as we will see in Part Two soon enough.
Thank you fir your question!
Patit Pavana das

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 09.01.2010 @ 16:41

Kavichandra Swami:

You have given a nice quote from my old “neigbhor” John Fogarty of El Cerrito, Calif. “Bad Moon on the Rise” is one of the very few pop songs with any sort of intelligence. Here again, it offers no solution, but we have the solution.

All the predictions in the eclipse article have come true, even though they are presented in a general way. However, I do not know why you suggest that it should have discussed the sankirtan movement, as the article did so in great detail as the great yagna for lifting the smokey clouds of Rahu in Kali Yuga. It was presented in the same way as your “Holy Places?” article which demonstrated both sides of the picture. As you know better than me, Shrila Prabhupada’s ISKCON movement is multi-faceted. It brings on the highest gains while defeating the worst evils, all by the grace of one yagna, sankirtan.

Why not encourage more of your fellow GBC’s and sannyasis to write for Dandavats? We only hear from a few of you.

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 09.01.2010 @ 10:28


Nice comments, Your insight is helpful as your perspective is unique befitting a thoughtful Kumbha rashi

Mars is Mangal. He is known as Bhauma because he is the son of Mother Bhumi, and his place of birth (marked by the Shri Mangalnath Mandir of Lord Shiva) is said to be is just beside the Shri Sandipani Muni Ashram at Ujjain. Why was Shri Krishna educated beside the birth place of the astrological Deity who represents war in astrology? Hmmm. The powers of Kartikeya, the demi-god of war , are seen through Mangal of the Nava-graha. Hence it is easy to confuse the two personalities.

Shukra is Venus, the guru of the demons, yet himself very spiritual. He is celebrated in the Bhagavat in the marriage of his daughter Devayani and mentioned in the Gita as representing Krishna’s opulence. He is most famous for his advice to Bali Maharaja not to give anything to a certain dwarf brahmana. His Niti-shastra (Shukra Niti) is brilliant. Yes, shukra means”semen” because it is the demonic concept that “qualifiction is by birth.”

Shani: Yes, there are lilas regarding him in the Puranas, but not in the crest jewel Bhagavat. However, this demigod’s effects are described in the fifth canto. In the Shani Mahatyam he claims that it was due to him that Dwarkanath Shri Krishna underwent the travails of the Shyamataka jewel episode. He claims that Shri Krishna was in His sade sati cycle at the time. Hence, when Shrila Prabhupada teaches that the Lord appeared “like an ordinary man to fool the demons and bless His devotees”, we can understand that this includes undergoing stellar transits even as a conditioned soul does. Krishna thinks of everything, but of course ‘Where there is Krishna there is victory”. If Krishna undergoes difficulties, it is just to give credit to His devotee Shanideva whose transits ordinary men fear (because of their own awakening of karma phal).

Budha, or Mercury is described in the Bhagavat as the son of Lord Soma by the wife of Brihaspati Tara. No, he is not Lord Buddha the founder of modern shunyavada.

Yes, they reside on their respective planets. In jyotish, Brihaspati (Jupiter) and Chandra are brahmana planets, but Surya does represent kings and leaders.

Some misguided astrologers recommend chants to the nava-graha, but they are like the gardener whose plants died because he was watering the leaves. We water the root by chanting Hare Krishna. This is sufficient for us. -PPd

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 09.01.2010 @ 10:11

Holy Places?

As usual you have triggered quite a landslide of responses. Sorry to hear that you are not doing well in body, mind and wallet. I again repeat my invitation for you to write to me if you think Krishna conscious astrology can help. Of course, we know that death is certain and it always seems to come sooner than later. We know we should be prepared for Lord Yama’s knock on the door, or hopefully the Vishnuduttas will come instead. But aside from that,perhaps your problems can be seen as temporary afflictions that you will ride over soon. It sounds to me likeyou are calling out for help, so if I can do anything with my llimited abilities, give me a try. Anyway, of course there is no question of charging for this service,because if I can serve a Prabhu, it is my privelege. You have distributed Prabhupada’s books and therefore you have won the grace of the pure devotee, so it is an honor to serve you. Therefore if you think I can help, drop me a line. My pleasure.
Your servant,
Patit Pavana das Adhikary,

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 03.01.2010 @ 12:30


Life is too short to complain. We have all been abundantly blessed by Shrila Prabhupada, and this should be our focus, not finding every chance we can to complain about our lot in a public forum. There are so many examples here on Dandavats. Even now there are cheerful devotees who could be whining about the bad cards ISKCON –or somebody–dealt them. No, they chose to set an example for you and me by remaining focused in bhakti yoga, thereby reaping the highest result as per Shrila Prabhupadaa’s promise.

Look at the article by Shri Radhanath Swami about Kuvera who recently exchanged his broken down body for (we pray) a spiritual body. Kuvera had Lou Gehrig’s disease and when somebody pushed him off the bus and pedestrians stepped over him because they thought he was a drunk, he struggled to get to the temple to see his friends, the devotees. Look at Radha Vallabha das in the article by Devamrita Swami Prabhuji. He was the first Bulgarian street preacher; run over by the KGB, now one of ISKCON’s true martyrs. Where did he go with his bright and cheerful atttitude? It is Prabhupada’s promise he went back to Godhead, as he was preaching and thinking of Krishna. Look at the article by our sisterl Rasajna deviji who in her final breath is asking only for our prayers. Have you read her message to us? If we have so much time to cry about our situations, to hang out our own dirty laundry as the cliche goes, then why can'’t we find a few moments to become inspired by the examples of Radhavallabha, Kuvera and Rasajna devi which are right before us?

Suresh, it is a privelege for us to undergo austerity, pain, trouble, suffering or wahtever on behalf of the spiritual master and we should do so cheerfully. It is the disciple’s duty to serve unflinchingly. This human form of life is a rare gift, and we are fortunate to have met a pure devotee after millions and billions of births and universal cycles. Take shelter in the holy name. It is distressing that you, an old Prabhu, now call Shrila Prabhupada’s family as “your” (”not our”) familyin the above message to Kavichandra. Why are you excluding yourself? Do you wish to exclude yourself from the spiritual results that are just around the corner for you? We are old now; we will soon be gone . Let us follow Kuvera and Radha Valllabha and the other great examples who have left footprints in the sands of bhakti yoga before our own hour glass sands run out.
Hari, Hari
Patit Pavana

Comment Posted By dhimana_krishna On 30.12.2009 @ 10:43


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