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Top IIT Prof is Vrindavan Gurukula’s new director HG Lila Purushottama Dasa

This is really wonderful news. We pray that Lila Purushottama das Prabhuji and his staff receive the best facilities in Vrindavana for the sake of the Gurukula. Prabhupada’s grandchildren deserve the best by the grace of Shri Krishna . What can be more important for delivering souls back to home back to Godhead than education in the holy dham? Let us all pray together for the highest results of this wonderful association.
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 16, 2010 @ 9:02 am

Historic Rath Yathra in the Russian Winter- Lord Jagannath rides a snow sled cart – pics

All glories to the Russian devotees. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada. All glories Lord Jagannath, Subhadra Devi and Lord Balarama! All glories to your service. Jaya Madhava Prabhu, please contact me at this new address:

Hari Hari Bol!
Patit Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 12, 2010 @ 6:31 pm

Is Astrology Useful in Krishna Consciousness? Part One – The Panchang

WHO ASKED ‘ASK JEEVES’? Any, errr, Ask Jeeves Prabhu, do you read the newpapers? Like, did you notice anything on Jan 12, two days before eclipse Jagai? Do the words Earthquake ring a bell?

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 21, 2010 @ 5:41 pm

PS Kavi chandra Maharaja. I wonder if anyone noticed the earthquake in Haiti? And we were talking about the meaning of eclipses according to the verdict of the Bhagavat. Now in the aftermath of Eclipse Surpanakha and just two days from Eclipse Jagai,… the Haitians need to hear the sound of sankirtan more than ever before. May all devotees be protected.

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 16, 2010 @ 8:36 pm

Thank you “Ask Jeeves ” Prabhu,

…But our authority is the Bhagavat, not the Wikipedia. Sorry but as my regular readers know, when it comes to material science, I’m a Prabhupad man and I blindly and dumbly follow the convictions of my spiritual master.

I have just spent several months in a circular valley that I came to call the Eye of Sankarshan. I chose that unusual name for the valley because of the great view looking heavenward with the naked eye. There the darshans of both the day and night skies were superb and the view clearly demonstrate the correctness of the fifth canto. For me, accepting the way Shrila Prabhupada put it to us is a no-brainer. The Moon is higher than the Sun and that is the end of it. From the Eye of Sankarshan the whole picture makes perfect sense.

Located in Stagecoach, NV., the is beautiful yet rugged, wild valley is ringed with a circle of hills and mountains . Coyotes ran past me in the night as I chanted and observed. This Valley of the Eye of Sankarshan sits above the Carson River along the Pony Express Trail above legendary Highway 50, America’s oldest cross country two-laner. It has an unique combination of winds so much so that the dried lake bed, from which I fashioned tilaka, is a test area for wind-powered vehicles. There is no electricity at many areas around this valley, hence light pollution is minimal. I spent as many as twelve hours in a day spread between day and night tracing the planetary routes before the backdrop of the Great celestial Ganges in the form of the awe-inspiring Shishumara.

During eclipses, I saw the attack of Rahu upon the Sun rendering the skies furious. I traced for months the uttarayana and dakshinayana movements of the Sun as days shorten and elongate. I invite any Prabhus who wish to edify their conviction in the Bhagavat’s absolute authenticity as the final authority on this delicate issue to contact another Prabhu who lives there and who shares my conviction about this valley as a point for celestial observation. Talk to Mother Anavadyangi on Facebook for a back-up opinion. Incidentally, there are a number of ranches, one of which self-generates its own power, going for dirt cheap there. A devotee community of ascetic transcendental astronomers could be easily created far away from the demonic influence of the American city; safe from the dangers that never sleep in an environment fraught with the modes of ignorance and passion.

Patita Pavana da

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 10, 2010 @ 11:24 am

Regarding Question # 1:

Shrila Prabhupada preached very strongly against divorce and wanted his men to be responsible enough to care for their wives.

Let us take the example of Shrila Prabhupada. His father Shri Gaur Mohan De (a pure devotee of Lord Shri Krishna and of Lord Jagannath) practically forced his beloved son Moti (“the pearl”) to marry a very nice young girl with whom the future Saviour of the Western World wanted nothing to do with. However, even though there was (assumably) no graha-maitri or lunar/nakshatra harmony, Prabhupada remained faithful.

I attended many wedding performed by Shrila Prabhupada in the late 60’s on the East Coast. His Divine Grace always emphasized, “Do not make babies like cats and dogs.” Prabhupada would rail against the “bachelor daddies” (another brilliant phrase he made up). Guru Maharaj taught us to look upon those who marry for a few cheap thrills, then leave the woman with a child, as two-legged quadrupeds. That is why the second use for Vedic astrology is marital harmony as explained by Shrila Prabhupada in his Bhaktivedanta Purports.

So astrology accepts the natural material desires of grihastas and therefore allows that even considering motivations, marriage can be properly dovetailed in a relationship that is at least compatible. Householder life is considered to be the muck at the bottom of the dark well, but if the man and wife are both devotees, are both willing to make great sacrifices for the cause of mutual harmony , then there is a chance of the struggle succeeding a little bit.

In my opinion, if a candidate for marriage has a chart that demonstrates short term relationships, I say why force such a person on a young lady? Instead see if he is willing to remain celibate, either as a brahmachari or sannyasi, and thereby live a more healthful, happy, blessed and spiritually-progressive life. How many are willing to live like Shrila Prabhupada and remain faithful to a woman he did not like and a situation he loathed due to his dharma-based loyalty to culture and “The Example”. For His Divine Grace valued the pure example over lip service, unlike the storefront mayavadis of the day trying to make disciples in the 60’s. If some have have failed miserably in following Prabhupada’s example, I would suggest the pure devotee’s authoritative solution of Vedanga Jyotish as we will see in Part Two soon enough.
Thank you fir your question!
Patit Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 9, 2010 @ 4:41 pm

Kavichandra Swami:

You have given a nice quote from my old “neigbhor” John Fogarty of El Cerrito, Calif. “Bad Moon on the Rise” is one of the very few pop songs with any sort of intelligence. Here again, it offers no solution, but we have the solution.

All the predictions in the eclipse article have come true, even though they are presented in a general way. However, I do not know why you suggest that it should have discussed the sankirtan movement, as the article did so in great detail as the great yagna for lifting the smokey clouds of Rahu in Kali Yuga. It was presented in the same way as your “Holy Places?” article which demonstrated both sides of the picture. As you know better than me, Shrila Prabhupada’s ISKCON movement is multi-faceted. It brings on the highest gains while defeating the worst evils, all by the grace of one yagna, sankirtan.

Why not encourage more of your fellow GBC’s and sannyasis to write for Dandavats? We only hear from a few of you.

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 9, 2010 @ 10:28 am


Nice comments, Your insight is helpful as your perspective is unique befitting a thoughtful Kumbha rashi

Mars is Mangal. He is known as Bhauma because he is the son of Mother Bhumi, and his place of birth (marked by the Shri Mangalnath Mandir of Lord Shiva) is said to be is just beside the Shri Sandipani Muni Ashram at Ujjain. Why was Shri Krishna educated beside the birth place of the astrological Deity who represents war in astrology? Hmmm. The powers of Kartikeya, the demi-god of war , are seen through Mangal of the Nava-graha. Hence it is easy to confuse the two personalities.

Shukra is Venus, the guru of the demons, yet himself very spiritual. He is celebrated in the Bhagavat in the marriage of his daughter Devayani and mentioned in the Gita as representing Krishna’s opulence. He is most famous for his advice to Bali Maharaja not to give anything to a certain dwarf brahmana. His Niti-shastra (Shukra Niti) is brilliant. Yes, shukra means”semen” because it is the demonic concept that “qualifiction is by birth.”

Shani: Yes, there are lilas regarding him in the Puranas, but not in the crest jewel Bhagavat. However, this demigod’s effects are described in the fifth canto. In the Shani Mahatyam he claims that it was due to him that Dwarkanath Shri Krishna underwent the travails of the Shyamataka jewel episode. He claims that Shri Krishna was in His sade sati cycle at the time. Hence, when Shrila Prabhupada teaches that the Lord appeared “like an ordinary man to fool the demons and bless His devotees”, we can understand that this includes undergoing stellar transits even as a conditioned soul does. Krishna thinks of everything, but of course ‘Where there is Krishna there is victory”. If Krishna undergoes difficulties, it is just to give credit to His devotee Shanideva whose transits ordinary men fear (because of their own awakening of karma phal).

Budha, or Mercury is described in the Bhagavat as the son of Lord Soma by the wife of Brihaspati Tara. No, he is not Lord Buddha the founder of modern shunyavada.

Yes, they reside on their respective planets. In jyotish, Brihaspati (Jupiter) and Chandra are brahmana planets, but Surya does represent kings and leaders.

Some misguided astrologers recommend chants to the nava-graha, but they are like the gardener whose plants died because he was watering the leaves. We water the root by chanting Hare Krishna. This is sufficient for us. -PPd

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 9, 2010 @ 10:11 am

Holy Places?

As usual you have triggered quite a landslide of responses. Sorry to hear that you are not doing well in body, mind and wallet. I again repeat my invitation for you to write to me if you think Krishna conscious astrology can help. Of course, we know that death is certain and it always seems to come sooner than later. We know we should be prepared for Lord Yama’s knock on the door, or hopefully the Vishnuduttas will come instead. But aside from that,perhaps your problems can be seen as temporary afflictions that you will ride over soon. It sounds to me likeyou are calling out for help, so if I can do anything with my llimited abilities, give me a try. Anyway, of course there is no question of charging for this service,because if I can serve a Prabhu, it is my privelege. You have distributed Prabhupada’s books and therefore you have won the grace of the pure devotee, so it is an honor to serve you. Therefore if you think I can help, drop me a line. My pleasure.
Your servant,
Patit Pavana das Adhikary,

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 3, 2010 @ 12:30 pm


Life is too short to complain. We have all been abundantly blessed by Shrila Prabhupada, and this should be our focus, not finding every chance we can to complain about our lot in a public forum. There are so many examples here on Dandavats. Even now there are cheerful devotees who could be whining about the bad cards ISKCON –or somebody–dealt them. No, they chose to set an example for you and me by remaining focused in bhakti yoga, thereby reaping the highest result as per Shrila Prabhupadaa’s promise.

Look at the article by Shri Radhanath Swami about Kuvera who recently exchanged his broken down body for (we pray) a spiritual body. Kuvera had Lou Gehrig’s disease and when somebody pushed him off the bus and pedestrians stepped over him because they thought he was a drunk, he struggled to get to the temple to see his friends, the devotees. Look at Radha Vallabha das in the article by Devamrita Swami Prabhuji. He was the first Bulgarian street preacher; run over by the KGB, now one of ISKCON’s true martyrs. Where did he go with his bright and cheerful atttitude? It is Prabhupada’s promise he went back to Godhead, as he was preaching and thinking of Krishna. Look at the article by our sisterl Rasajna deviji who in her final breath is asking only for our prayers. Have you read her message to us? If we have so much time to cry about our situations, to hang out our own dirty laundry as the cliche goes, then why can”t we find a few moments to become inspired by the examples of Radhavallabha, Kuvera and Rasajna devi which are right before us?

Suresh, it is a privelege for us to undergo austerity, pain, trouble, suffering or wahtever on behalf of the spiritual master and we should do so cheerfully. It is the disciple’s duty to serve unflinchingly. This human form of life is a rare gift, and we are fortunate to have met a pure devotee after millions and billions of births and universal cycles. Take shelter in the holy name. It is distressing that you, an old Prabhu, now call Shrila Prabhupada’s family as “your” (“not our”) familyin the above message to Kavichandra. Why are you excluding yourself? Do you wish to exclude yourself from the spiritual results that are just around the corner for you? We are old now; we will soon be gone . Let us follow Kuvera and Radha Valllabha and the other great examples who have left footprints in the sands of bhakti yoga before our own hour glass sands run out.
Hari, Hari
Patit Pavana

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 30, 2009 @ 10:43 am

Very wonderful article Maharaja. And as Lord Shiva himself says to Shri Markendaya Rishi:

“Mere bodies of water do not constitute holy places, nor are lifeless statues of the demigods actual worshipable deities. Because external vision fails to appreciate the higher essence of the holy rivers and the demigods, these purify only after a considerable time. But devotees like you purify immediately, just by being seen.” (SB 12.10.23 BBT translation)


“Even the worst sinners and social outcastes are purified just by hearing about or seeing personalities like you. Imagine, then, how purified they become by directly speaking with you.” (SB 12.10.25)

All glories to the person Bhagavat, purifier of the world Shrila Prabhupada!

Servant of Vaishnavas,
Patita Pavana das Adhikary

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 27, 2009 @ 7:59 pm

At this time I ask your prayers

From the Chakra website, I have heard that Smt. Rasajna devi has flown away…on the 28th. I must say I am grateful that she asked for prayers from sinners like me who really require prayers from Vaishnavas like her. I know that by Shrila Prabhupada’s eternal grace, kindness and mercy, she has won the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna and is now sheltered at His lotus feet.

Rasajna Mataji Ki Jai.

Wretched servant,

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Jan 4, 2010 @ 9:24 am

My dear Mother,

I just watched your Memories Video dvd # 15` from Siddhanta das Prabhu. It has a wonderful interview of you filmed at the Shrila Prabhupada Festival in Los Angeles. It was uplifting to hear your narration of Shrila Prabhupada’s blessings upon you while you were in the role of Princess Rukmini. As His Divine Grace entered into your heart by his mystic potency,you assumed the full role of the young Goddess of Vidarbha Shrimati Rukmini as She wrote Her letter to the Lord of Her heart Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. It is obvious that Shrila Prabhupada has entered into your consciousness and has claimed you for the Eternal Kingdom where the pastimes of Shri Krishna continue eternally.

Hare Krishna
Patita Pavana das Adhikary

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 23, 2009 @ 4:45 pm

My dear Mataji,

I offer you my humble obeisances at your feet.

You are now on your way to the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna. In that way, you are theessence and the purpose of Shrila Prabhupada’s preaching. You are the eternally living purport to all his preaching, teaching, chastising, example-setting, etc. throughout the world. You have heard the sacred message of His Divine Grace in full out of uncountable billions of living entities. You know well and have taken to heart to the Acharya’s Great Command to shelter of Shri Radha-Krishna.

All of your Godbrothers and Godsisters know of the wonderful legacy you have left for us who seek also seek Krishna, as you have found him in the words of the Acharya. You are following Prabhupada, your eternal spiritual master and it is for us to follow you. In this there is nothing to lament. It is for us to retain sight of the love you have left to light our way.

We’ll all meet again soon enough.

All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.
Your loving Godbrother,
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 22, 2009 @ 10:45 am

Update Jayo Das ACBSP in St John’s Hospice Lakewood, Colorado

My dear Jayho,

May Krishna bless and keep you
For your prayers that you’ve made
May you ever find your shelter
And may all your debts be paid

For Prabhupada has blessed you
And wishes you to go
Back to the eternal Kingdom
For all the love you’ve sown

Oh you never were a leader
I am jus like you
I never led nobody
But to your self you’re true

My brother you never cried
Never wailed not complained
You just took it for granted
Everything is in His Name

And you are a special soul
A very special one indeed
I know that Krishna’s on His way for you
Oh He’s there for you in need

And so my friend take heart now
And go from here in love
Let all karma be forgotten
As you ascend to the gates above.

May Paramatma ever guide you
And take you to the sky
Where you’ll never suffer even once
Where nobody’s heard to cry

May Krishna bless you friend Jayo,
And Radharani bless Her son
For now and now forever
You will live in Vrindavan

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 14, 2009 @ 1:17 pm

How Will the Forthcoming Eclipses Affect You?

My dear Prabhus,

“An astrologer’s job is to point to planetary trends and cosmic influences as they act upon a native. Once having understood this, it is up to the individual to use that information to make his own intelligent choices. Eternal individuality of the jiva and each soul’s right to make personal decisions is a concomitant philosophical understanding that accompanies the science of jyotish shastra. ”

This thread is going nowhere and frankly I have no time for such fruitless debate. I simply presented a situation of eclipses because of disturbances in the atmosphere that coincide with the traveling of thousands of devotees. This has caused quite a reaction. Some one wrote me that this is called Dandavats, but I’m just getting the danda. As Newton said, “Sir I have studied the matter and you have not.”

If sadhu-sangha becomes a source of pain and insulting words, then we must return to the association of those who remind us of Shri Guru’s divine plan for World Krishna consciousness. Vaishnava devotees who respect one another should not be unkindly characterized as “flatterers” as one lady has written. Such demeaning comments have no place in sadhu-sangha, which is a “confidential” matter.

I have no time to nit pick details, there are few moments left in life. I am the elder member in this discussion yet I am treated as though I am obligated to provide extensive explanation on a variety of relative points which some of you do not agree with in advance. That is the definition of a kangaroo court and not sadhu-sangha.

As Shrila Prabhupada said, “You can do any damn thing for Krishna.” But if our service becomes the focus rather than Krishna, then we must exchange it for some activity that stimulates the heart and soul on the way to the Lord’s lotus feet.

I consider Shri Ashutosh Ohja as a friend, and 35 years ago I knew his father. He has been to my house and I have been pleased to share his warm hospitality many times at his place. As gentlemen we have agreed to disagree on some points, but our discussions shall remain private.

The astrology of Sage Vyasadeva, Shrila Parashara, Shri Bhrigu, and Shri Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaja shall remain our focus in these matters, however. We can only marvel in awe of their sagacious understanding and beg for their blessings. Our learning is nothing by comparison.

I thank all of you for your input. Hare Krishna.

-Patita Pavana das Adhikary

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 21, 2009 @ 8:48 am

My dear Maheshwar das,

Brilliant! Dandavats at your feet. And here is why I say “brilliant”:

Forty years ago I met a great Vaishnava pandit in India, not an initiate of ISKCON, but a broad-minded and genuine brahmana who understood the mission, qualities and divine empowerment of Shrila Prabhupada. Yes, India has tens of thousands of such learned sages who literally worship Shrila Prabhupada for his (apparently) miraculous transformation of the world, and they understand it well when they see his horoscope.

(As a side note, I feel that two of the greatest astrologers ever were Shri Nilambhar Chakravarti who understood the Absolute Supreme Divinity of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhhu at the time of the Lord’s Divine Appearance and thereby understood the flip side of these dreaded eclipses. And, two, the astrologer who appeared at the household of Shri Gour Mohan De just after Sept 1, 1896 when the World Acharya took birth. Shri Bhakti Charu Maharaja had portrayed this event very nicely and accurately in his “Abhaya Charan” series. What he has depicted in this episode is what I witnessed many times when showing Shrila Prabhupada’s chart to genuine pandits.)

So once, playing the Devi’s Advocate, I took the view before such a learned Vaishnava pandit and argued against astrology. He succinctly made the same points you have so expertly spelled out. Then this holy sage amongst the twice born asked, “So Who has given us this eye of the Vedas? And by Whom are all the Vedas to be known?”

If the science appears at fault, look to the astrologer, not to the science.

Recently I was listening to a fine lecture by our exalted Godbrother Shri Bhakti Vikas Swami to a graduating class of ayurvedic students. He asked, “So you know everything about ayurveda?” They smiled and nodded in agreement. Then he told of his encounter with Dr. Panheri, the great physician who has cured “incurable” diseases. Dr. Panheri told our Prabhu that he knows only about 1% of ayurveda.

Therefore, no one can know astrology but the Supreme Lord Krishna because every soul in unique, and therefore each of the billions of births and muhurthas are unique. A Vaishnava astrologer recognizing this defect we have,can simply point to trends and impulses, while urging the seeker to ultimately shelter in the Divine Nectar of Hari Nama alone.

Maheshwardas Prabhuji, I bow my head to you as on par with the great pandits I have met. Thank you,

Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 17, 2009 @ 8:38 am


But what is certain that the science of Mundane or Worldly Astrology will be best employed by enlightened rulers. The astrology of Nations is meant for the Krishna Conscious guidance of the leaders of nations. Brahmanas are meant to advise kshatriyas.

It is interesting you mention that sometimes as many as seven eclipses occur in a year. Indeed, that is true, and the years around such times in the past Twentieth Century were horrible, as shown by my research in my forthcoming book Horoscope for Disaster.

This article has sparked a lively discussion, and while asking for a civil atmosphere, I thank each of you form your thoughts and wisdom for Vaishnava sangha alone is the means of sifting facts from fiction and the panacea for arriving at the lotus feet of the Supreme Absolute Truth. All glories to the Holy Names of the Supreme Lord for They alone can chase the fearsome Rahu from the dark skies of Maya. Hare Krishna.

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 16, 2009 @ 10:23 am

Many devotees have been seriously hurt or killed traveling there, more it seems than other places. Sometimes the difference between a fatal collision and safety is a mere second. And that second makes the difference between a bad and good muhurta. I personally turned to muhurta jyotish after being in a car accident, this one not in India, in which devotees on either side of me were killed.

There have been many great Vasihnava astrologers among the acharyas blessing this immortal Shri Gaudiya Vaishnava sampradaya. It is my hope that qualified and devoted pandits more learned than I can ever hope to be will spring up over the next generations so that our members do not need to run to bogus mayavadis for advice.

Incidentally, as predicted by the article—and since it was written a few days back—Mother earth has indeed reacted (and will continue to do so). A volcano in the Philippines has caused the evacuation of entire towns, an air disaster in Russia killed an entire team of sky divers and a wind storm in Fiji has left a swath of death and destruction. And that rock that bloodied the face of the Italian Prime Minister: what an example of Rahu’s terrible handiwork!

I am merely one lone individual without resources or any support whatsoever involved in a Bhagavat-based overview of eclipses. I encourage other qualified persons, such as astrologers or members of the Bhaktivedanta Institute, to come forward with the perspicacity of Vaishnava reason. Seedling research performed by a lone individual like me will have its flaws and can speak only in a general sense, and is therefore subject to such rants as seen above. But when the demon Rahu attacks the very life-giving “eyes of the Supreme Lord” who knows what can expected.

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 16, 2009 @ 10:20 am

Since I am a born follower of my Guru’s follower, most of my words here on Dandavatts have been devoted to the glorification of my dear Godbrothers. Therefore, in their sacred memory, I find it offensive that such words praising Vaishnavas who have gone before us and who have joined the ranks of immortals would be for the mere cause of “marketing.” I am referring by this to my literary glorifications my stalwart Godbrothers Their Holiness’ Vishnujana, Devananada, Suhotra, Shridhar, Gour Govinda and just two days back to Shriman Jayo das for whom I contributed a memorial poem, now posted. The dust of their lotus feet is equal to the Land of Vrindavana. That offensive person who would dare to take the names of such splendid Vasihnavas as a means for personal “marketing”, or who would level such rabid accusations, does so at the risk of causing himself grave harm at the Lord’s lotus feet.

Neither was I concerned with personal marketing when I scribed “No More Car Accidents” and freely offered the Hora Shastra system of personally finding a good muhurta for a safe journey, which a number of devotees, finding it useful, have written to me about. Therefore, my interest is in the sangha of Vaishnavas. It is my hope that that the bona fide astrological science can be studied in the future as subservient to Vaishnava science and theology and that members of this e–sangha do not run to misleading non-Vaishnava astrologers whom Shrila Prabhupada characterized as karmis. Many of these so called “astrologers” have their intelligence stolen away by offensively worshipping demi-gods and material Nature as on par with the Supreme Lord and are therefore not fit for association, no matter how ethical they appear.

Now for few words on good and bad muhurtas, if you do not mind. Recently a friend asked me to get him a proper muhurta for visiting India. His previous journey there had been marred by travails of various sorts, and I pointed out the unfortunate stars under which his earlier journey had been undertaken. So I gave him a suggestion, which he followed. When he returned a few months later, he called to say that his trip had been a dream in every way, He had even met an old friend from America in a remote village in the Himalayas. There are hundreds of such examples. India is a dangerous place, with a full 6% of all road accidents occurring on India’s cow-trails turned into motorways.

Continued, please

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 16, 2009 @ 10:18 am

Relax, Prabhus,

It is only an article which points out the fragile cycles of natural activities and is therefore it is nothing to get so disturbed about that we should begin mud slinging and name calling. No one denies that such disasters are not concomitant with life in the egg of Brahma.

That we are agreed upon the Vedic science of planetary cycles is worthy of modern scientific analysis is not subject to debate. We have established above that this is a body of natural wisdom approved by the holy Bhagavat, one that deserves further systematic attention. In this forum we have examined not only eclipses but the retrogression of Mercury vis a vis world events or Mundane Astrology as seen in my previous Dandavats contributions on “Astrology of the Gita” and “Astrology of the Bhagavat”. For example, the influence of Mercury moving in retrogression in separation from the Sun, as described in the Bhagavat, gave torture to the Earth as recently as last October just as the spotless Bhagavat proclaimed 5100 years ago! If I, a lone voice, have called attention to such auguries as foreshadow certain events which tend to gather under certain astrological phenomena, with language that is deliberately not bland as seen in this article, it should be no cause to cry “thug”, and that, too, in bold letters! As far as this writer is concerned, if the scientists can name Hurricanes, then astrologers can name eclipses. If I have any contribution to offer, it is this!

However, it is not true that my sole business is marketing myself and I view this accusation as wholly unjust and cruel bordering upon character assassination. I stand on my Krishna conscious writings which the editors of Dandavats have been kind enough to run since earlier this year. My goal is to preach the message of my spiritual master to the world e-community through writing as ordered by His Divine Grace Shrila Prabhupaada. Those who do not like my approach are welcomed to avoid my writings. I am not the only writer who appears regularly on Dandavats. Life is nothing but the choices we make, and I invite others to choose to avoid my articles if they find my style offensive to them, although I promise an identical conclusion of Krishna’s lotus feet with each contribution. There can be no other purpose for taking pen to hand.

Continued, please…

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 16, 2009 @ 10:16 am

From your answer it seems that your problems are with your personal astrologer, and these are not issues that I am qualified to discuss since they are between you and him. However, you do give him some credit. Shrila Prabhupad told Pradyumna (regarding astrology) “If you know it is going to rain, then carry an umbrella.” Sometimes you take along the umbrella uselessly because it did not rain as expected. Is this to be lamented? Forewarned is forearmed.

To understand astrology means understanding Krishna consciousness first. Astrology is a Vedanga or “limb”. A limb without a body is useless. Hence 99% of all astrologers, since they are not Krishna conscious, are utterly useless. It is a given that this is a field riddled with mayavadis. An astrologer first and foremost should be a Vaishnava, but this is true of any occupation, not just astrology.

Shrila Prabhupada spoke of astrology as “lost.” Yet His Divine Grace also enjoyed the reading I prepared for him and to this day his servants in Vrindavan will show you that horoscope and tell you “Shrila Prabhupad said that this is the correct one.” (Dhanush lagna).

However, due to ayanamsa miscalculations of the planetary positions even in today’s Vedic version , astrology has lost some efficacy. Further, inaccurate times of birth are a factor. It is like ayurveda which has suffered in Kali Yuga but still has some value. Next, and this is obvious, the astrologer is also a conditioned human being with the same defects as others. Hence, the use of astrology is of a general value, though that general value is there. A flashlight with dim batteries is better than no flashlight. And as in all things, Vaishnava philosophy is paramount. We are all individuals and are responsible for our own decisions. Those who leave their fates up to other conditioned souls are doomed.

My personal astrologer, the illustrious PN Oak (who, incidentally, I arranged to meet Shrila Prabhupada), did provide me with invaluable guidance when I really needed it and I still remain grateful. So if a good thing is there why should that good thing not be shared?

The pure and perfect Vedic shastras are multi-faceted and appeal to all classes for an infinite variety of reasons. One who is attracted to some other facet of Krishna conscious wisdom should by all means cultivate that attraction because bhakti yoga is universal. However, it is we who are imperfect in the final analysis.

PAtita Pavana Das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 14, 2009 @ 8:18 am


And thanks for marketing your opinion, Somayaji das,

The concept of “marketing” has sprung upon society since the 80’s, when it became fashionable and hip-sounding to turn nouns into verbs. Athletes now speak of “medaling” in the Olympics. Raising children is now “parenting”. Such “Verbing” of nouns was not so common when Shrila Prabhupada opened the market of sankirtan in 1966 in America. Back in India, his countrymen had only ridiculed his efforts to “market” Krishna consciousness in the bazars of Delhi, so His Divine Grace opened his shop in the market place of America where purchasers of the holy name could find themselves transformed into devotees of the Lord without sales tax.

The concept of “marketing” carries with it a sense of “profit-for–motivation” and implies therefore greed. But Shrila Prabhupada taught us that the tools of the karmis–their dollars, their buildings, their computers–can be used in such a way that marketing Krishna consciousness becomes an act pure and unsullied. It is a question of dovetailing our desires, not negating them. Therefore the connotation of marketing in Krishna consciousness, if that is what it takes to distribute books or Vedic knowledge or merely to join the world wide e-sangha of devotees, is not a sinful activity. Shrila Prabhupada often spoke of the marketplace of the holy name. The idea is that people are going out to the market to purchase so many things simply for sense gratification. Why not make Krishna consciousness available in the same marketplace? Would you call that marketing? See this:

“The dancing features of His face surpass all other full moons and expand the MARKETPLACE of full moons. Although priceless, the nectar of Kṛṣṇa’s face is distributed to everyone. Some purchase the moonrays of His sweet smiles, and others purchase the nectar of His lips. Thus He pleases everyone.”

CC Madhya 21.130

Undeniably savvy marketing is required to to interest others in this wonderful philosophy of Krishna consciousnss. The senses are like poisonous serpents, but by engaging them in the marketing of Krishna consciousness, then the fangs of the serpents are broken. Hence marketing for Krishna is a transcendental activity as every devotee who has marketed books to the public from his/her shoulder bag will tell you. Try it you’ll like it.

Thanks again for your interest.
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 14, 2009 @ 7:48 am

My dear Suresh das,

Shrila Prabhupada has settled the issue of the “pessimists to whom you are grateful” with his famous quote, “Optimism is a dog’s life.” Therefore, all glories to the Pessimists Amongst Us who understanding that this life is perishable, and who therefore take shelter of the Eternal Spiritual Domain by surrendering to Vrindavana Shri Radha-Krishna through the medium of Their Holy Names.

I am glad that “you believe in Vedic astrology” but one man’s belief does make a thing so. People believe in so many things, you can meet people who believe a rascal is God because he pulls a watch from the air. Still their “god” is subject to the four fold miseries pessimists like me acknowledge.

Everything I mentioned in the article is in the Bhagavat, eclipses, nakshatras, rashis, vakri Shanideva, etc. So where is there a question of either belief or objection to these truths? This Krishna Consciousness Movement is not a belief, like other mundane religions. Krishna consciousness is the Absolute Truth, beyond faith, speculation and belief.

Neither have you asked for specific information in either letter, but now “this is all you want. ” If you had wished for such information, then why did you not contact me at the e-mail at the end of the article?

You have said that knowledge of forthcoming events is counterproductive to a healthy life. Can you say you are healthy? Where is there a question of health when the souls is encaged in a bag of stool and doomed for millions more such bags of stool unless he surrenders to Hari Nama? There is no health here. You can see so many joggers, so many people exercising for health. Eating health candy bars, Which one has escaped disease, old age and death? Not one. So health here is a fallacy. We are not here to promote bodily health. If you chant Hare Krishna and understand the spiritual nature, you will automatically feel healthier.

So I have noted that you like astrology. Therefore, regarding the effects of eclipses, may I suggest that you read my book when it appears. For example, if the Crown of England had known what is inside this book, they could have avoided a century of scandals and tragedies. The assassination of Kennedy might have been avoided, and even great wars. And that is why more important that the clouds of Rahu is the Sunshine of the Bhagavat.

My email address appears below.
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 13, 2009 @ 8:34 am

Suresh das: My article nowhere advises running and hiding as you admit to doing before taking shelter of Krishna consciousness. The article merely says that things get a little worse, as if they weren’t bad enough, under an eclipse. Read it again, you’ll see that it is not a doomsday prophecy, but offers sound hope for devotees. The disaster for Ravana was a victory for Shri Ram.

Jugal Kishor, You like the “Bhagavatam aspect” of the article. But even the Bhagavatam is not easy to read. One must think over each verse, and the Bhagavat is also replete with astrological data here and there. Ultimately the purpose of the article is to get devotees to travel safely so that we do not hear of any more car accidents after the festival. They are heart breaking. Be safe, Prabhu. Devotees are precious.

Varahanarasimha: Your view is correct. IF only I was advanced enough to follow your advice. Of course, devotees will be protected, but in traveling some circumspection is called for. Eclipses are rarely auspicious, but this one on Jan 15th will have a very Golden lining for devotees and the cause of Krishna consciousness. Thanks for your input.

Sankarshan das, Since you do not live in Somalia, I am sure you will be protected. Obviously Krishna is watching over nice devotees as you who shelter yourselves only in His Holy Name above all other things. The astrological aspects are from the Bhagavat and will become clear to you in time, I assure you they are very simple. It is not hocus pocus. Jyotish means light.

Madhusudan Prabhu, You see the practical side, since you are from New York and understand the basics of any situation. I recall our forays forty years ago from 61 2nd Ave. to Times Square each night with Brahmananda banging away on the mridanga, Jayadwaita preaching to everybody,me dancing out front (as per Prabhupada’s order!), you selling pamphlets to the crowds, Kanchanbala a high school teenager completely transcendental as the crowd looked on with awe. So as far as exemplary service is concerned, I look to you both. This eclipse, is also a special event occuring just at the time of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s 500th aniversary of accepting sannyasa. The Supreme Lord demonstrating to a world of body-attached people the need for renunciation to achieve the transcendental realm. Both you and Kanchanbala demonstrated an understanding of that renunciation 40 years ago and that is “How I Came to Krishna Consciousness.” Thank You. -PPd

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 12, 2009 @ 10:03 am

And I am grateful for your gratitude, Prabhu,

…For “Pessimist” is my middle name. My spiritual master, the World Acharya His Divine Grace A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada informed me that I am the greatest of fools because I consider that this perishable lump of matter I mistake to be my self will live eternally. He advised me that my fate is to become either the stool of worms or of savage animals. After being so enlightened, I found very little cause for hope as far as enjoyment in this fool’s paradise is concerned.

He said that even though I am the greatest of rascals, nonetheless, there is indeed cause to rejoice because I am part and parcel of Shri Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and therefore am entitled to the eternal bliss of spirit if I can just forego my attachment to the lump of waste matter I have been mistaking as my self.

My spiritual master ordered me to go forth armed with the holy name of God and try to entice other fools sleeping on the lap of the witch Maya to chant the Hare Krishna mantra. We are in a very dark interval of world history, and only the holy name of God can awaken the sleeping masses foolishly thinking that they will eventually squeeze a droplet of pleasure from their dead bodies. At last I have become convinced that the world is indeed inhabited by rascals in the dress of learned men parading their discoveries based upon mental speculation as solutions to all the world’s problems. For every convenience they create, Guru Maharaja said, ten more inconveniences are required.

Shrila Prabhupada even credited sankirtan with stopping the awful war in Viet Nam. Now, a generation later, history is repeating and only the brave and spirited souls preaching on the street corners armed with the message of Bhagavad Gita As It Is can open the dark cloud of Rahu overhead and bless the suffering world with the soft, gentle Moonlight of the Golden Avatar. There is no other solution, and those who look towards science, mental speculative processes, material adjustments, body-conscious religions or accumulation of wealth are all on the path to the handshake with the Yamadutas. Only a nincompoop changes his bedsheets when the house is on fire.

I have recently completed a study of every eclipse of the Twentieth Century including a look each disaster that has occured concomitant with each eclipse. However, this study only proves the spotless veracity of the Bhagavat’s version.
Your servant,
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 10, 2009 @ 4:27 pm

Vrajamandala Padayatra Kartika 2009

What a blissful article! This is the stuff that really makes Shrila Prabhupada’s heart pound for joy. Sankirtan in Vrindavana, books and prasad, with the bulls for a solid month. Krishna ppoured His Yamuna on you to start you off in god fashion. All glories to Shri Parashuram das Prabhu and the wonderful devotees on Vraja Parikerama.
Your wretched servant,
Patita Pavana das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Dec 12, 2009 @ 6:32 pm

7, Bury Place

Dear Patit Uddharana,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and his followers.

I am your fallen godbrother from Canada, Gaura Das. THe devotees took me to meet Srila Prabhupada from my home in WInnipeg, Manitoba on the summer of 1975 to greet His DIvine Grace at O ‘ Hare Krishna Airport in Chicago.

I started out reading your article , having read some of your other reminisences, thinking it was just going to be a wonderful nectar session.

As I went through it, I started to become overwhelemed with spiritual emotion, and I could not hold back the tears that started to flood my eyes. Im not even getting my rounds done these days, so its not like Im on any kind of spiritual platform, but you completely captured the greatness of Srila Prabhupada in this article, and glorified Syamasundara , Tribuvanatha, George Harrison and others so wonderfully my hard heart started to melt a little.

I had read the quote of ” you should be killed” years ago from a collection of quotes from Ganapati Swami when I travelled with him thru the midwest of the US, but I had no idea that you had been the target for that quote. I think many of us would have blooped to have such a ppwerful astra thrown at us, but you took it on the chin. You had me laughing out loud, when you asked if I should be killed, who will do it ? Maybe you didnt mean it as a joke, but I found it to be such an innocent question.

TO hear how SP told Syamasundara that he had been his guru in a previous life, and to hear how SP said that you have delivered all the souls in the universe and now at last you had delivered his made me cry uncontollably. Perhaps it is mental and physical exhaustion living in my van , driving along the east coast of Canada,the past 4 months, 18 hrs from any devotees I may know, and your article was jsut a big release for me, but this is one of the best things Ive read in ages.

THank you very much for this amazing article. Our godbrother Padmapani prabhu has many wonderful things to say about Tribuvanatha prabhu at

Hoping this finds you in the best of health

Your aspiring servant,
Gaura Das

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Nov 27, 2009 @ 7:45 pm

Before the Temple,7 Bury Place used to be the H.Q. of the S.P.C.K or “Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge”. Now it’s the Society for the Promotion of Consciousness of Krishna. (still SPCK). -Brian Wooley (met Shrila Prabhupada in London in 1969)

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Nov 27, 2009 @ 6:04 pm

BBC Radio 4’s coverage of 40 years of the Hare Krishna movement in the UK

My dear Kartik Kandwala,

Please accept my greetings. As you have pointed out, the celebration of the Fortieth Aniversary of the Supreme Lords of London, Shri Shri Radha-Londonsihwara, is a remarkable event, and I hope that you will enjoy my input also here on Dandavats.

I am writing to you with a gentle correction of your comments. The success of the ISKCON in London is due to the fact that the “six married sannyasi” disciples never considered themselves as “Founders” of the temple as you have written above. Rather, their success right up till today and into the future has been based on each one of them considering themselves merely an insignificant, atomic servant at the lotus feet of the Founder-Acharya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the illustrious and pure devotee under whose guidance they worked the London miracle.

ISKCON centers are not run like ordinary church organizations with interested parties sitting on boards and deciding novel policies. Our basis has been built for us by the great chain of disciplic succession. The London Six encountered such huge success because they managed to each one become mere instruments in the loving service of their Guru Maharaja. In other words, they were empowered to serve in that capacity, but they are always quick to point out that the success has come from Shri Krishna’s personal representative operating through them. Otherwise how could they accomplish what great yogis, swami and politically-motivated religious organizations could not do? This is the great chain of parampara or disciplic succession. which they represented so well.

Indeed, Shrila Prabhhupada often mentioned that his success is due to his simple ability to present the philosophy of his own Guru Maharaja Shrila Shri Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur without change, adulteration or personal ambition. Therefore, because the London Six have each followed the example of their Guru Maharaja, the unlimited potency of Shri Krishna has manifest from within each one. This is the great open secret of the Hare Krishna Movement, and to clear away any confusion, you may read more about our Shri Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya line in Shrila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad Gita As It Is. Even Shri Krishna Himself emphasized this system (4th chapter) to Arjuna on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra.

I hope that this meets you well,
Yours in Shrila Prabhupada’s service.
Patita Pavana das Adhikary

» Posted By dhimana_krishna On Nov 27, 2009 @ 9:51 am

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