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Urban farming and self-sufficiency

Hare Krishna.Nothing against this idea but its not the real deal .
The whole idea of cow protection is the self-sustainability example.Its all to do with fertiliser,composting and energy.The individual gardener is good but it does not demonstrate a sustainability from a farming,agricultural point of view.Veganism does not work because its not sustainable because you have to use animal products for fertilizer and energy.
The example we are supposed to be demonstrating as Iskcon is an agricultural life style based on land and cows through a symbiotic relationship with cows in a community based economy.Its not hard really.
The great advantage of cow protection from an agricultural point of view is the cow manure mixed with straw and urine,its just magic that veganism cant have.Nor can the individual gardener demonstrate this example of self-sustainability.
The cow protection programme is perfect and complete in itself and needs no outside or external help whatsoever.Our relationship with cows is symbiotic and the cows provide three major things.
1Milk. 2.Draught power.3 Manure and urine.With these three utilised in a symbiotic relationship we have the fountainhead of wealth and then we base our community lifestyle on this economy with all the associated integral skills that it needs which never leave the economy.So we just get more wealthy the longer its practiced,its a simple but effective practice.
There is also room for individuals to exchange goods for labour and vica versa to your hearts content but the main point is wealth never leaves the community because you get whatever you need fron the community.Farmers,carpenters,plumbers,builders,flowers,honey,cow manure,milk products,basketry,labour etc all can be exchanged inbetween the members based on symbiosis with cows and the associated needs therein.So we get the simple life because all we need is right there and we get to demonstrate the lifestyle too.
Devotees living in cities and towns can interact with such communities as much as they want to.Everyone is happy.
But it all has to be based on Cow Protection and relationship for it to work as intended by nature or Krishna.We have to start thinking about the stuff that comes out of the back end of cows,this is where the wealth is big time,or else it just evaporates into thin air and all the profit is gone.There is not much profit in milk and draught power.
We have to base our economy on Go Bar.The rest is just playing games at cow protection.

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On May 25, 2009 @ 5:05 pm

Why Do Cow Protection Programs Need Donations?

hare Krsna.
What Iskcon devotees still have not been able to figure out is that our relationship with cows is symbiotic.We have not been able to develop our relationship with cows.There are two sides to a relationship.First the cows side is always going on because they dont have a choice.They give milk and draught power and go-mutra and go-bar.The second part of the relationship is from the human or devotee side.This is the part of the symbiotic relationship that doesnt happen.We get milk and utilise,not very well but there is some effort here.We get bullocks and utilise,again pretty badly.We get go-bar and go mutra and we dont utilise at all.
If a farmer is dependant on cows and bullocks for economic development then the farmer makes it work or dies.We milk cows and utilise and milk pays for cows life and small profit.We get bullocks and we work them and produces food and grains and haulage etc. Bullock pays for himself and small profit.We get go-bar and go-mutra and we dont utilise.And this would ALL be profit.Cow products can be turned into all energy we need.This is throwing away all profit and economic development into the air.To work properly with cows we have to change our lifestyle dramatically and introduce community dynamics for symbiotic relationship.Otherwise we are just playing cow protection games.Its not serious.
Proper cow protection is symbiotic in a community based lifestyle that economic development thrives on.In Iskcon we havent even started on this project yet,that is why there are so many who question it.We dont have farmers who know what they are doing,and we dont have devotees who want to live a simple lifestyle based on cow protection.So it dont work.
But that doesnt mean it cant work.But it takes a farmer with alot of courage in Iskcon to show the blueprint and then devotees may follow.But we have to get over things like ,money,cars,tractors,supermarkets,airplanes,investments,banking,corporate business,employing others to work for us and so on.its the whole organic lifestyle thing.Devotees just dont do it yet.Even the better examples in Iskcon Farming are not based on cow protection symbiosis,they still use tractors and buy in food when things go wrong therefore depending on others still.
Its not hard to set up a farm and work the land and make good profit but who wants to do it?Evidently no-one to date.

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On May 20, 2009 @ 5:07 pm

Adopt a cow

Hare Krishna.As a committed farmer for over 30years now i have seen the different ideas behind cow protection.There have been many well intentioned devotees trying to run the cow protection programmes.The idea of adopting a cow meaning sending money to maintain a cows life and protection is not new.I think this is a cop out.
My insight to cow protection is purely agriculturally,as a farmer.And i speak on that level.Firstly we have to understand our relationship with cows is symbiotic,we depend on each other.I believe we can take our relationship to the point of economic development with cows.Not that they need subsidising by donations per se.Thats ok.
Symbiosis is the key to our relationship.Relationship is two way and cows are always giving their part of the deal but we humans let them down by not keeping our part of the deal.Because we dont know how to protect cows through symbosis and relationship all our cow protection schemes have never worked.
Cows give us 3things.Milk,Draught Power and Go-Mutra,Go-Bar.We utilise these 3 offerings.But we dont do it and let the cows down all the time.They offer but we dont accept so our symbiosis and relationship are not complete.
When we eventually establish communities based on cow protection then we have to be serious about our symbiotic relationship until that time comes we are just playing at cow protection.Cow protection is our basis for economic development and stable rural community living life style which can be a fabulous example of not killing animals.But we have to have the living example to show people for their eyes to see.
Just imagine going to the hare Krishna farm where everything revolves around our prized possessions,the Cows and we make a living out of it and its self sustainable and we have a community built on Cows and the most amazing thing is that it is do-able.
The point is that what is stopping it happening is the human side not the cows.
We have to utilise the milk and process.Use the Bullocks for all our Draught need but the secret in the economic development is to utilise the Cow pooh and urine for all out energy and fertiliser needs.Cows pooh is specifically designed for this.Its the best pooh for methane gas production and the resultant fertiliser is the best for the earth.
We are sitting on a gold mine with cows that is self-sustainable and now more than ever is relevant.
I remember reading “somewhere” the goddess Laxmi lives in Go-Bar.

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On Mar 26, 2009 @ 5:26 pm

Self-sufficient farm communities – a real answer to global crisis

Hare Krishna.I have been visiting the Hungary farm for over three years now and bought a house in the village next to the farm with a view to rendering service there and living there full-time.I do appreciate the good work being done there as i am an experienced farmer in my own right and worked at Bhaktivedanta Manor for ten years.
Although on the surface to the untrained eye the apperance looks good there is alot of scope for improvement.There is still alot of use of tractors for example and there has been no investment in the production of energy from cow manure.
For example in the above article there is no provision for cooking at all.This could easily be remedied by a plant converting cow manure to methane gas with a by-product of compost for the vegetables,flowers and grain production.
The use of cow manure is critical in food production and energy,for self -sufficient goals.The ammonia in cow dung is extremely important to utilize.The nitrogen can be used for fertilizer and the methane gas as a fuel for many purposes.The specific role that cow manure can be used has never been enhanced and its role is vital.All our energy and ferilizer requirements can be met with this wonderful product.Indeed apart from milk from cows,grains and foodstuffs from bullocks the next important feature of cows is cow manure.This manure management has never been capitalized on to the high cost of energy and fertilizer.Indeed the main symbiosis of our relationship with cows is to manage their go-bar production otherwise it just evaporates into thin air within 2-3 days.What a waste!
With this proper symbiosis with our bovine friends they never become a drain on resources, this is our part in the symbiosis deal that we make with cows,but we have to uphold our part of the deal not let them down all the time.This is what proper symbiotic management is.We dont just have cows eating grass and passing stool and not utilising.This would be a gross mis-management of our human relationship with cows.
We have to learn there are three important contributions from the cows and to utilise all three.Milk,Draught and Go-bar,Go-mutra.
When we put all three to use then our economic situation will start to take shape and our friends the cows become positive contributors to their own retirement and to human economy.Without cows we are just playing games at self-sufficiency and therefore our community cant expand,stabilize and be wealthy.Cows give their part,when do we give ours?

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On Mar 16, 2009 @ 1:33 pm

Silk – should we wear it or not?

Hare Krishna.Just like to draw your attention to Srila Prabhupadas Srimad Bhagavatam Canto3 Chapter29 Verse 15,dealing with Violence in food production.
Here we find the emphasis not on Ahimsa but natihimsrena,minimum violence.We have to commit violence,that is a natural law.We should not,however,commit violence extravagantly,but as much as ordered by the Lord.
Please read the whole purport by Srila Prabhupada,its very interesting.
Doesnt look like we can get away from violence somewhere in our lives.How far do we want to take it?Do we become Jains?Do we stop driving cars and riding bikes?Do we stop taking bath?Do we stop eatin and breathing?Who draws the line for us?
I agree with the sentiment being expressed about the silk worms but what about the earth worms and ploughing and cultivating the soil?
What about the house we live in?
We cant escape Violence.
The problem is not just the pain we inflict but the karma we recieve.
Can we live without inflicting pain and without recieving karma?Doesnt look like it!
Every activity in Kali Yuga is covered with a fault.
Surrender to Srila Prabhupada and Love the Lord.Krishna burns our sins for sure,and thats the blessing.Bhagavata Gita 18.66.
There are so many external concerns is it possible to cope and deal with them all?

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On Mar 6, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

First ISKCON EU Farm Conference

hare krishna.Just as a matter of infomation from1983-1987 i attended European self-sufficiency meetings at different Iskcon farms in Europe.There were about 15-20 devotees at each meeting.We met at Villa Vrndavana,New Braja Mandala,New Mayapur and Manor.
From records in my diary from 1983-1989 at the Manor we were totally self -sufficient in flowers for deity worship and ratha yatra and for visitors deity worship.At that time we were spending £310 per week on flowers so the saving was immense.In fact i started a thriving business alongside flower production.Gaura Chandra was looking after the cows at that time and we recorded 16 UK gallons daily for over 5years,another huge saving.I also had 7 beehives which produced enough honey for Balaramas appearance day and we were able to donate 36lbs to Soho street Temple. During those years we produced masses of vegetables,we had a self picking business on Sundays and sold huge quantities to Soho street.I have recorded 700 tomatoe plants,Zuccini Loka,Chard for each season,Sweet Corn,Varieties of Pumpkins and Squash,Lettuce,Yellow Cucumbers,Melons,Coriander Leaves and seeds,All types of Brassicas,Potatoes for 3months,Eggplants,Peppers,Ladies Fingers,Green Beans,Beetroot,Carrots,Wheat Grass.The first of everything was offered to the Deities.We also were able to make flower outfits for the Deities and on Sundays would regularly offer over 1000flowers.
Thanx to all the devotees who contributed their service through all those years.The Manor never looked so good.We had something like 30 hanging baskets and the whole place was swept daily with an electric sweeper.
Self -sufficiency is only a mystery if you dont know what you are doing.Just look at all the farmers round the world who produce food for the world,they are not rocket scientists.All we have to do is do it in a Krishna conscious way thats all. Your servant dusyanta dasa.

» Posted By dusyanta dasa On Jul 21, 2008 @ 8:51 pm


Hare Krsna.In Srimad Bagavatam Canto3 Chapter29 Verse15 purport we see that Srila Prabhupada clearly explains that we cannot avoid violence in this world especially applied to food.So the theory of Total Non Violence cannot be applied to anything Agricultural,Horticultural,and Gardening.The idea that just not killing Cows and Bulls is TNV is incomplete and misleading.I have been farming for well over20 years before becoming a devotee and at the Manor and at a devotee run farm.Our approach to this matter is described in this purport that we should commit violence to the minimun amount or by the amount ordered by Krshna.
To try to apply TNV to any food producing concern would be impossible.So from a practicable and pragmatic approach we need to adopt the method that Srila Prabhupada has outlined very clearly in this purport.Of course we would not kill Cows and Bulls but TNV is simply not a way forward in Farming.
I am concerned that if we do not read Srila Prabhupadas books on all of the issues that are before us then these sorts of ideas are accepted.In ISKCON we have had so many discrepancies unnecassarily just because we have NOT been vigilant,open-minded and read Sria Prabhupadas BOOKS.
Of course we are cow protectors but until and unless we base our Economy,individualy and collectively on the land and milk ,just like the example of Vrndavana,this type of project will not happen.We have to progress not just from Agriculture but to Self Sufficienty and then to our Economy based on Cows and Land.There is a whole array of issues still to be decided that have not been thought about yet.We need a workforce with the proper skills, the knowledge, the capabilities, the community spirit,the transparentcy,the investment ,the techniques,and so forth.Your humble servant Dusyanta dasa

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