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Curing Depression with Spirituality

I just had a big surgery and then, after recovering a little, a serious chemical imbalance surfaced. I only want to add that while anchoring themselves to Srila Prabhupada and Supersoul, everyone should be aware that many people suffer depression, fuzzy-headedness, sleepiness, intolerance of cold, hoarseness, and other problems due to thyroid disfunction and doctors OFTEN test the thyroid but do not recognize problems because they neglect the more subtle indicators that characterize more competent and comprehensive thyroid treatment. It isn’t so hard to treat this either. Serotonin levels and pituitary can also be involved. All of these were factors in my case and I am relieved to be in the process of being “tweeked” with various suppliments including thyroid support. I’m glad that it was pointed out that depression isn’t always due to psychological or external circumstances. I would like to also point out that it takes considerable fortitude to deal with the astonishing intensity that a chemical imbalance can display. Suresh is an amazing example and I appreciate anyone who struggles to maintain their spiritual life, no matter. Mukunlalji once told me, “Don’t accept illness”. Hare Krishna. (BTW, “Ultra-metabolism” by Mark Hyman MD offers a comprehensive scoop on thyroid and its treatment)

» Posted By dvard On Jan 13, 2007 @ 2:18 am

Draupadi Instructs Satyabhama

Shyamasundara’s comment, “I found Mother Urmila’s choice of words to be unfortunate unintentionally (I hope) suggesting that Draupadi was like a modern independent career minded woman who seeks after political or corporate offices” incomprehensible. Is he suggesting that unmarried women who are career-minded or independent are BAD BAD BAD? Hmmm. Bad=unprotected. So in kali-yuga, who are these BAD women to depend on if they have no husband or “Vedic” family AND what if their varna happens to be engaging in politics? Or, in other words, despite Draupadi’s incomparable capacity to inform herself of goings on, to supervise, to organize and delegate work and money, and to make laws and guidelines..that is Queen Draupadi said, “It was I, however, who regulated them and established the rules to be observed by them.” (Establishing laws, supervising, delegating…what else do politicians do?) Does Shyamasundara imply that political activity is out of the question for women? Additionally, although the obvious has been noted again and again, it must be repeated that it is very nearly impossible to expect very capable and intelligent women to be other than independent, what with the very irresponsible men that abound everywhere (even within some spiritual movements) in this age. The point is that women need protection, not stifling dictators. Honestly, I am perplexed that many men don’t stop at dictating to their wives (see the comments above on oppressive spouses) but they even put limits to those women that are not under their very oppressive “thumbs”. Women need Krishna consciousness, not male dictator consciousness. The gopis didn’t care for anyone who would “instruct” them better as to where to put their love. The wives of the Brahmanas also knew better whom to serve, despite the dictation of their husbands who wouldn’t feed the cowherd boys. Supersoul is also in the hearts of these unmarried women so fear not, and don’t dictate that they “can’t do” this or that based on bodily considerations, less ye be dictated to and squelched in your desire to do your service in your own way, which is not enacted against any religious principle. Srila Prabhupada didn’t unnecessarily curb and restrict women-he simply protected them– so maybe we should chastely follow his example. Yes, it is extremely obvious that men also need chastity, so as not to let the love of lording-it-over take precedent over women’s need to express their own free will. This kind of protection will give women the emotional clarity and yes, freedom that they need to make the best choices. Clearly, we will not convert women by force and we will not impress them by forcing them into varnas that they have no inclination for. Different strokes…

» Posted By dvard On Jan 13, 2007 @ 12:24 am

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