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A French Revolution?

I have read the enthusiastic reply to the new temple of sri radha paris isvara and i would like to thank all devotees of the world for their blessings .
When the temple will be ready we invite all devotees to come and give their association.
such a wonderful mouvement that srila prabhupada created so that the all world can come and live .
Actualy he built this house (krsna consciousness) because he knew that in material world people are alone and sad .
So temples and centers are shelters for all people .I remember first time i visited temple was in london (bury place )i have offered my obeisances to the deities radha london isvara,
and few weeks later my life changed.
in conclusion we can say : temples are transcendental !
your humble servant gaura bhakta dasa

» Posted By gaura bhakta dasa On Oct 8, 2007 @ 6:18 am

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