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A request for help in starting a new website “For Struggling Devotees”

H G PustaKrishna Prabhu rightly says : ” If you try to solve the existential problems of embodiment by indulgement and suppression (bhoga and tyaga), the result will be more of the same “. The more you talk about this or associate with, the more you tend to act on it.
Instead of dwelling on this issue so much, one could rather do some service for Guru and Krishna, associate with devotees and go out for Sankirtan. There are unlimited services which can be done for Krishna. Then there will be no room for such desires to enter the heart.
The danger of starting this web site is that in future some other group of devotees would feel the need to start a pro gay web site (which is already happening) and would like to discuss on this issue to great lengths. The risk is that since the web is open to all without censorship, it will simply attract the neophytes who otherwise wouldn’t even care for such issues but may get misled.
I suggest – instead of starting this web site, better put your effort and time to start a web site or a blog wherein devotees can be counselled on how to improve their chanting, reading and other sadhana. It will be such a great service for Vaisnava community at large. I promise, i will bear the expense to start this website and i will be the first member to join the conference and will refer you atleast 100 devotees to headstart with.

Gauranga prasad das

» Posted By gauranga On Jun 14, 2009 @ 5:42 am

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