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Blessing in disguise

hare krsna mataji ..
i have just started reading ur book vaishnav teaching in sikhism .
as u have shown in that guru nanak dev ji has refferd lord sri krsna as god .
before reading ur book there were some thoughts in my mind like to write book about different relogion describing that in every holy book or scripture saints have described something that which totally matches with the qualities of krsna . i have searched lot of material in net about different religion but that is not enough to write a book . i wil try to work hard on that
and trough that i want to tell people of religion that god is one and that is lord sri krsna …….
after seeing ur book i was eager to meet you , now i have seen u in net and i know that god will make an arrangement one day i will b meeting u and i need ur blessings so that i can get more and more material to wite books ……….
though it wil take some years to write that because it is just one year that i have joined with and currntly i m undergoing my bhakt vriksha classes ,.
please pray to lord and prabhupad ji and maharaj ji that i will getting enough material to write over that and due to the lord’s grace they will b coming to iskcon ….

» Posted By gaurnitai On Dec 3, 2009 @ 9:02 am

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