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Srila Prabhupada was not alone to claim the monlanding was a hoax

Two years ago the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, sent a space vehicle in orbit around the moon with a number of scientific missions on it’s agenda. One of which was to make a topographic map of the moon using special cameras.

What they were able to do with those cameras was make a 3-d image of the moon’s surface for the first time. One of the side effects of that achievement was that it proved the Apollo missions were not faked. How? By proving that the pictures taken of the moon’s surface by Apollo astronauts were in fact exactly what they should look like if they were actually taken on the moon.

There was no way for that to be faked, the technology for 3-d mapping of the moon didn’t exist back than, there was no way to fake what the moon’s landscape actually looked like from the moon’s surface, or even to know what it looked like.

In the following video you can see a picture taken by an Apollo astronaut on the moon showing a specific lunar landscape with a mountain and hill in the background, you will also see the same exact location rendered in 3-d by the Japaneses SELENE moon orbiter vehicle taken recently. You will see that they look exactly the same. The picture taken by an Apollo astronaut of the moon’s surface is exactly what that place on the moon actually looks like, the only way for that picture to have been faked is to have the technology and capability to create a 3-d map of the moon, which did not exist at that time. Here is the video:

You can see pictures of that at

In 2009 NASA sent a craft to the moon and for the first time was able to take pictures of what was left by the manned Apollo missions from decades ago. Previously that had never been done because the most powerful telescopes on Earth couldn’t resolve objects as small as what was left on the moon by the Apollo missions. The recent NASA vehicle took a powerful telescopic camera and orbited the moon, it was able to take the following photo, at:

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