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Krishna-kirti, Atma Yoga(s), and Sadhu-sanga

one thing that is missing from these kinds of posts is that for devotees to actually get trained up in hatha/atma/gymnastic yoga is that they must have an ACTIVE INTEREST OR INCLINATION to actually do such.

Not only that, but a genuine internal energy teacher has to practice on a regular basis to have the sakti needed to transmit these types of teachings.

The nature of this sakti as well as that of the results of these types of yogas is secondary to bhakti and should not be used as an excuse to preach. It makes one feel healthy, more dynamic and more powerful, not more devotional.

It should be presented honestly- i.e ” I like teaching yoga because I like yoga-not that i just want to preach or make money”, not that we say that we have to adapt preaching to be more effective in this present time and space.

The holy name will act no matter the external circumstances, whereas siddhasana cannot be done by everyone, nor is it authorised by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

The only yoga Mahaprabhu prescribes is Bhakti- Hari nama eva kevalam

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Oct 7, 2006 @ 12:54 am

5th European Leaders Meeting – October 2006 – Participants

this seems like a huge meeting with so many attendees-can someone please share with me what the purpose of it all is?

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Oct 4, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

Questions and Answers about Hatha-Yoga, Atma Yoga, and Bhakti-Yoga

the simple fact is that there is no place for the formal teaching of the gymnastic type of yoga in any iskcon temple that has installed deities especially.

the principle that Prabhupada hammered into us all time and again is that ” we are not this body” , so to teach something like these yogas that encourage bodily consciousness as a lower step on the ladder for those that may not handle direct bhakti is quite simply selling out.

It is akin to the usage of the word hindu to promote ourselves.

the quote from Gaura Keshava wherein he states “I noticed that the founder of Atma Yoga, Atmananda das is a disciple of Bhaktitirtha Swami. Clearly he feels his movement is inspired by his guruji. ” – I do not think that it matters who ones diksa guru is when it comes to these matters, even some disciples of Prabhupada are teaching yoga amongst other things, we should not bring up a well known leader to hint that someones practices are authorised-that is also selling out.

Prabhupada himself never sold out to please people so neither should we. It is not about moving with the times, rather it is about integrity and presenting “as it is” not as “i think it could be for preaching or my own sense gratification”

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Oct 4, 2006 @ 6:04 pm

I agree with Krishna kirti for once! Hatha or atma yoga or kundalini yoga should NOT be taught inside Iskcon premises. We made these mistakes by teaching Steven Covey courses at our temples and should not do so again with the gymnastic yoga.

There are many subtle sexual expressions within these gymnastic yoga teacher/student relationships and it is wise to not get so involved apart from maybe some basic asanas for ones own private health practices.

Somehow, yoga workshops have crept into iskcon temples as has vastu and other related things so that money can be made and some semblance of preaching also.

These things however, are distractions from Prabhupadas own prescriptions of book distribution and Harinama parties which are becoming more and more rare in favor of “moving with the times’

It does not behoove vaisnavas to move with the times as our practices are timeless-those with enough sukriti will of course become attracted to the pure presentation of Krsna consciousness.

Also, some devotees teaching the gymnastic yoga have questionable standards regarding personal habits so the question must be raised-how effective is their preaching?

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Oct 3, 2006 @ 11:25 pm

Yoga Mart

the problem with this presentation and the preceeding discussions is that some major points need to be taken into consideration.

Now, while i definatly do not agree that Iyengar yoga seminars be taught at the Mayapura festival I do feel that if devotees need to do some exercises to keep fit so they can engage in service nicely then what is the harm?

Prabhupada would always sign off his letters with “I hope that this meets you in good health”. Now , now we attain and maintain good health is an individual thing. Right now I can tell you for sure that my own health is pretty bad and although I am a Tai Chi instructor (I have got students chanting previously and switching to a veggie diet) and i watch carefully what I eat as well as take supplements, it is clear that I again need to take some regular exercise. If someone teaches me the external movements of hatha yoga then i do not see it as a deviation, rather it may help me feel better and as such my services may end up being more enthusiastically performed.

The fact is that health is such a big issue these days with senior devotees dying earlier than they should and getting weaker due to austerities and bad diets etc… HH Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja hardly drunk water for years because of his prostate problem. WHen he visited me in Ireland in 2003 he said he only drinks about half a glass a day and was contemplating increasing his water intake. However, he was advised not to and then one fateful day he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. It is common knowledge that one of the main causes of this type of cancer is dehydration.

Many, many devotees have weak bodies and could strenthen them with proper exercise. There is nowhere in Prabhupadas books that states that exercise to keep fit for services is bad. Prabhupada himself would walk vigorously every day and have full massage-we all know this.

One thing about Iyengar though, and the GBC would do well to consider this is that he is known to not just be a mayavadi but he also has a liking for his young female students, so i think the amount of siksa iskcon takes from him should be very limited indeed.

Overall, I think Danavir Maharaja is just concerned that we dont take Iyengar and the like too seriously and I appreciate his concern.

Cheers-heres to good healthy individuals and a more dynamic Iskcon

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Sep 27, 2006 @ 5:57 pm

A little misunderstanding

Dear Sastvarupa Maharaja

I was there amongst the many in New Vrindaban who applauded you and gave thanks for your past, present and future services to Prabhupada.

It must have been hard for you to come to the festival of inspiration but you came, and that required much courage. You wrote a book called “Vaisnava compassion” . I would urge devotees to read this book and analise this quality deeply and see how it can be applied in daily life.

Also, another important quality is forgiveness and that means that we are not to hold grudges against those that are trying to better themselves. Too many times we have seen devotees “vomit” online and not use the above mentioned qualities so I thank you for your genuine vaisnava approach.

When we are angry, we have to be careful and ask ourselves wether this is a vaisnava sentiment and in most cases it isnt.

So, Satsvarupa Maharaja, I applaud you for coming back on the Iskcon “scene” and very much appreciate how you have stood up to the challenges of social culture and again be embraced by the vaisnavas.

Thank you
Hari dasa

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Aug 24, 2006 @ 1:45 am

Further reflection

Dear Praghosa prabhu

As a self confessed victim of getting attracted to internet debates I appreciate your move to keep the front page as a positive source of the nectar of Krsna Katha and exstatic announcements.
This will keep an image of positive and progressive sanga for our movement and localise the unfortunate need to discuss issues that we wish we never had to.

So, by reserving the front page for nectar you will also keep a higher calibre of devotee to the site- those that hanker for the Krsna Katha instead of the warmongers! In this way I also am assured of high quality instruction and inspiration.

Thank you for your continued efforts in this regard.

Hari dasa (NV)

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Aug 6, 2006 @ 3:41 pm

Gaura Purnima 2007: The Festival of Loving Exchanges

What a wonderful concept! “The festival of Loving Exchanges “!

Just when I thought Mayapura dhama couldnt get any better, I am reminded by Janmasthami prabhus advance notice that next years festival promises to be the best ever.
Mayapura is the spiritual world, and loving exchanges between the Lord and His devotees take place there. But we must also remember that it is even more important for sadhus to engage in loving services and reciprocations with each other?

It is a fact that Sri Sri Panca Tattva have increased the mercy potency of Sri Mayapura dhama a thousand times over!

It is a stone hearted person that reads this news of next years festival without tears of happiness and anticipation in their eyes!

Who says Iskcon is a sinking ship? The critics should go to Mayapura during festival season and float right back towards the spiritual world with us!

See you there!
Hari dasa anudasa (New Vrindaban)

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Jul 28, 2006 @ 3:36 pm

A Nap that Nearly Lasted Forever!

was that Manu prabhu who was with you Praghosa prabhu?

Editor – No you’ll have to keep guessing :-)

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Jul 28, 2006 @ 3:37 pm

Festival of Chariots graces British capital

wonderful to hear about this years Ratha Yatra in London, I wholeheartedly agree with Janmasthami who you may not know is a key organiser of the Irish Ratha Yatras, like Titiksu, he and Manu prabhu put many hours in and arrange so many devotees to pull these festivals off!

ALso, in picture number 3 above is that Manu i can see next to Prabhupada with the harmonium??

Hari dasa

» Posted By hari.dasa.nv On Jun 21, 2006 @ 7:38 pm

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