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Violence and Religion

Hare Krishna!
Dear Editors,
Please correct me if I am wrong. However, on reading Satyaraj Dasa’s article, it seems that he was implying that Islamic terrorists were responsible for the attack. However, no one else (at least at the time of the writing of his article) seems to have been aware of who perpetrated the crimes (and it is quite unlikely that it was terrorists(Islamic)). I think that the author should offer an appology and a retraction of his statements. Unless, I am the only one who perceived the Manipur -Islamic terrorist connection in the article.
Also, I thought that it was rather one sided (an American perspective) and was rather inaccurate in it’s depictions (“bin Laden’s Taliban”) it’s like saying “Pat Robertson’s Republicans”(Pat Robertson is a TV evangelist who called for the assasination of Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela, a year or so ago). Anyways, no matter how much we may dislike them, most scholars would acknowledge that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two distinct organisations however closely they may work with each other (one is an international organisation and the other is a regional political party/reform movement). There is a significance destruction between the destruction on 9/11 and the destruction of the “Bamiyan”Buddhas. However, the author found it convenient to overlook the thousands of civilians killed(and that continue to be killed) by Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, and what to speak of the American sanctioned (and funded) destruction of Lebanon. The US is mostly a Christian country (the evangelical Christians are a very powerful political and economic force) and it is widely known that George Bush regards himself as a Chrisitan and has mentioned that he is doing “God’s work” fighting evil(he initially referred to the aggression against Afghanistan as a Crusade). Well, the author should rightly denounce George Bush as well for all the destruction. He has caused much more than Osama bin ladin has caused.
Finally, not to sound like a conspiracy buff, but despite what the general public thinks, the FBI (on their website ) have not listed Osama Bin Ladin as responsible for the attacks on 9/11. So again, it could be regarded as spreading misinformation, however widely believed (right, we all know that it does not make it true, or does it?)
I am not trying to nit pick. However, if devotees want to address current socio- political issues, then the presentation should stand up to scrutiny. I do understand that the author’s intent could be seen as trying to distinguish between the inner and outer dimensions of religion. However, it seems like it was also quite focused on attacking Islamists (or so called followers of Islam). If we just take a look at the three most recent large conflicts in the world, from a non-american (neutral?) perspective, we could see the hands of the Christians and Jews in the destruction of the lives and property of the thousands (and hundreds of thousands).
It is also interesting that the author is a supporter of Dhanudrdhara Swami…..a whole other issue on religion and violence could be addressed there.
Peace, Shanti, Salaam

Hare Krishna,

Haribhakti das

» Posted By haribhakta On Aug 21, 2006 @ 1:47 am

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