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Ratha-yatra Baghdad

Is this for real? This sounds like a futuristic spiritual science-fiction story….. Sincerely, my respects…

This anecdotes should become a book…


Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 19.09.2007 @ 04:18

Ecology in the Dham

I noticed a similar situation when I visited Mayapur last November. I was shocked to see the ammount of plastic wraps and bags around the road leading to the gathas.

It seems that a viable way to help this situation, will be to organise a campaign that addresses specific issues or areas. The usage of plastic bags is something that it is addressed in many places around the world, so there are alternatives that are already successfully proven.

If our temples promote a environmentally friendly campaign, I am sure there will be great success. The option of the cloth bags is one that may not be complicated to organise. It is ‘traditional’, practical and also can bring some remuneration for those local villagers that could be involved in the fabrication and distribution of them. It will certainly be an alternative ‘industry’ just as the clay cups.

I am convinced that particularly foreigner devotees can make a great impact in their ecological behaviour in the dhamas and also -due to the strength of some western currencies- make a great contribution towards funding such campaigns.

Hoping these initiatives make progress for the pleasure of Krishna and the devotees

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 06.09.2007 @ 05:16

When Bad Chanting Becomes the Norm, You’re in Trouble

Hare Krishna Prabhus:

It is very inspiring to hear that this sort of retreats are being realised around Iskcon temples. I think it is an essential aspect in our process of spiritual advancement.

Again, for those who are not able to attend due to personal limitations, it is ‘almost as good’ to hear the audio of these seminars. I have heard those of Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu and also the ones done by Sacinandana Maharaja and Bhurijana Pr over the years in Govardhana. They have worked wonders and to say the least, now I am very conscious when my japa is not up to standard…

It would be nice that one day these activities become integral part of our preaching (and practice) programs for the benefit of everyone. Maybe a page could be started where all these resources are made available for those who are interested.

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 06.09.2007 @ 03:14

Los Angeles Harinam

Some of the arguments in this discussion totally miss the point of Srila Prabhupada’s mission. Although there is an apparent adherence to the “Vedic” style of music, dress or food, this is not necessarily the bhagavata marga that Srila Prabhupada establish as it is claimed by some of the comments. There are ample cases in which Prabhupada adjusted traditional standards to form Iskcon, particularly in the west.

The very fact that SP allowed women living in the asramas and to be engaged in direct deity worship is one that is considered controversial by some advocates of the ‘old school’. The point is that SP mentioned that such capacity to be able to adapt was what it made the difference between him and some of his godbrother’s preaching.

There may be many things that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta did not do and Srila Prabhupada did (just as allowing women in the temple/altar), but that doesn’t mean that we need to take a smarta approach to the practice and preaching of Krishna consciousness. Weren’t somewhat similar arguments that were used against Srila Bhaktisiddhanta in regards of his use of cars, and some western dress codes to try undermine HDG’s preaching?

Come on, these things should be well understood by now. There are plenty of material that inform us of Srila Prabhupada’s practical application of yukta-vairagya in regards of the preaching and practice.

The funny thing is that while arguing in favor of the ‘real’, ‘traditional’ Vedic-orthodox style, allegedly being violated by those devotees (-who are doing the real-thing; harinama-), some of the contributors are definitely using one of the most beloved representative of ‘western’ civilization; COMPUTERS! What about that violation of Vedic tradition? Isn’t this a purely western instrument? (Maybe the Japanese and other ‘orientals’ have a a lot to do with it, but still…).

I really feel for those prabhus in devotional clothes, surely singing devotional songs and most probably with a lot of devotional intentions. However, their presentation is compared to ‘a circus’, questioned if ‘it is approved by a Maharaja or GBC?’, and that they shoudn’t be using an accordion….(because it is in the ‘lower modes’!?).

I wonder who benefits most; those sincere devotees doing the ‘Prabhupada-thing’ (as when he chanted with hippies in the parks and whoever else - talk about ‘circus’ and ‘authorisation’) or some of us comfortably in the company of our computers looking for split hair arguments.

All glories to the Sankirtan devotees!!!

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 29.07.2007 @ 14:11

Concerns Raised over the production of Ghee

Could you please post a link to check the information about such article?

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 24.07.2007 @ 04:18

Interview with chairman of the GBC constitution committee

Maybe a more ‘organic’ approach would be to hear from the Iskcon citizenry about what does it mean to be ‘a member of Iskcon’.

The intend of this motion (creating a Constitution) appears to be contained in the opening statement of the GBC chairman; relationships and understanding.

Even though a fancy and thorouh consitution could help to improve both, I sense that it would not be enough in itself. These movement is made of people and in the same proportion that such people represents the mission of Sri Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada, relationships and understanding will improve.

That’s why it could be useful to hear from ‘our people’. This could be achieved by requesting devotees to write submissions regarding the question ‘What does it mean to be an Iskcon member?’. It cannot be assumed what is the current understanding of an average Iskcon devotee unless it is somewhat surveyed in the different areas.

To have an idea of what people (regular Krishna dases & dasis) are thinking would give a ‘reality touch’ to a document that may well ‘regulate’ the lives of every devotee in Iskcon. If the proposed document lacks the required connectedness with the members of this movement, it may become just another source of discrepancy and resentment.

If the purpose is to obtain a ‘more formalized relationship between ISKCON and the members of ISKCON’, the initiative needs to consider the views of those involved. To some extent there maybe a recognised distance from Iskcon leadership and many of the devotees. Although there are established working relationships (as in temple managament or in discipleship), in general terms we may need to improve our communication channels. If this is not done, the distancing between ‘authorities’ and the Iskcon community at large will only grow more and more.

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 24.07.2007 @ 05:41

Ratha Cart Photos Wanted

There is a manual (brown cover) produced by an Iskcon devotee (forgot his exact name) that provides you with all the details of cart construction and the figurines that adorned the Lord’s chariot.

It is a well known book and someone may have it there. Maybe put a note on the notice board or make an announcement requesting that manual. It is quite detailed. I have used twice in different temples so it is quite probable that you find it there. That Prabhu has done all the research and produced graphics, drawings and pictures so no need to do it again. Hopefully you find it soon. I think the name is Rasananda dasa (ACBSP) or something like that.


Ys, Id

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 15.02.2007 @ 05:47

Day Seven of the G.B.C. Meetings

A film of such event or rather a show touring some temples will be a’total ’sold out’. Wonderful to hear how our seniors are enjoying so much their Krishna consciousness.

Ys, Id

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 15.02.2007 @ 05:56

GBC Open Door Day

This is a praise worthy initiative by the leaders of our movement.

It could have a more elaborate format where proposals are submitted before hand to be analyzed by some GBC committes or delegates. This sort of idea can greatly serve to the objective of “creating and enlarging the faith of the members in the movement” -as discussed in they 3 and 4 of the meetings- by obtaining realistic feedback at grassroot level.

The timing (5 minutes) for each presenter sound as insufficient to present and explain a proposal. Maybe a practical way to facilitate this could be the opportunity to present a question, suggestion or proposal to the local GBC or another GBC member or deputy to be read to the body. Maybe an office (or a devotee) assisting the GBC can set certain guidelines for devotees to elaborate petitions to the GBC body during the Mayapur (or other) meetings. Some of the valuable proposals could be added to the GBC agenda.

It is understood how busy the GBC members are with all their responsibilities, but it is encouraging that they are intending to openly communicate with Iskcon citizenry in an unified way.

Your servant,

Iksvaku dasa

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 11.02.2007 @ 17:49

If Krishna does not accept my Chocolates, Who should I offer them to?

Jaya Govinda Charan Pr:


Seems that your article has generated some peculiar comments and exchanges. Although I’m not interested in the choco-debate. I would appreciate if you write to my email I assumed you are from Ecuador and we spent time together in Mayapur. If you are tha ‘Jaya Govinda’… pls write to me soon.

Tu sirviente,

Iksvaku dasa

Comment Posted By iksvaku dasa On 04.02.2007 @ 07:06


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