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Cherry Pie, Raspberry Jam and Action Plan at Saranagati Eco Village

Reading “Cherry Pie, Raspberry Jam and Action Plan at Saranagati Eco Village” on was a surprise to me. As a devotee for 40 years and a former resident of Saranagati, I found 22 points that were not properly represented. To make it short, I will give you a few.
1. Saranagati Eco Village–no such place. Only name is Saranagati Villge or Saranagati Village Holdings Inc. No name change has been brought before the board according to board minutes. Also what does Eco mean–is it ecological or economic?
2. Sriman Bala Krishna operates a 160 acre farm–he owns 160 acres that is mostly woodlot and farms about 4 acres.
3. Saranagati is 3,500 acres–Saranagati has always only been 1,625 acres.
4. 30 families live at Saranagati–17 families at present live at Saranagati while a few more use it as a vacation place.
5.New Goshala at Bhumi farms–no cow after 5 mos and a donation from a devotee. This means there are 2 Goshala’s at Saranagati. One of them still has a bull and perhaps still a cow. They are not new–been there for years. Does a barn or shed need a cow to be a goshala?
6. “we had an istaghosti”–only 2 devotees from Saranagati Village were there. No one else knew about it, it was by invite only I guess.
7. Bhumi Farms, is not a part of Saranagati in any way. Bala Krishna does own land and a share in Saranagati but Bhumi Farms is completely separate from Saranagati, both physically and legally.
8. Bhakti Eco Village Foundation– Part or all of this foundation’s mandate seems to be to focus on the water project. Bala Krishna’s last foundation for the same purpose, the “Venables Valley Co-op” is still $10,000 in the red and the Saranagati Board of Directors fought to have it kept off their books.
9. $200,000 has been spent so far on the water project but this was with a government grant, and with inflation the remainder of the work should be close to $1.8 million.

Saranagati is Not an ISKCON project. It is independent of Iskcon. There is no spiritual leader and no one goes to the only Iskcon temple in the valley. There is a board of directors who decide what will be done and fees and dues are levied to all shareholders. Don’t get me wrong with all of this, the devotees there are all trying to be Krishna Concious and the association of other devotees in near proximity is sweet. But don’t believe all you read or hear. You may contact me at Hare Krishna and Hari Bol!

» Posted By jaigovinda On Jan 23, 2012 @ 7:57 pm

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