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Vaisnavism in Sikhism

I beg to disagree. Nanak was a wandering mendicant who concocted a religion from bits and pieces borrowed from here and there. The religion he founded has a foundation of fundamental Muslim ideologies of ‘one God’ and other basic tenet and an overall flavor of goody two shoes morality.

For instance, ‘Ek Omkar,’ is a combination of ‘Ek’ or one, the fundamental Judaic-Muslim monotheistic realization of ‘one Supreme,’ with ‘Omkar,’ which is the elevated sound representation of the Supreme, and borrowed from the Vedic literatures. The incongruity here is, while the ‘Ek’ may be said to have been borrowed from nursery rhyme textbooks, the ‘Omkar’ is definitely from a PhD paper! This inexpert juxtapositioning expose the exponent as a novice spiritualist.

‘Wahey Guru’ does not have the convoluted explanation that you have given it! In truth, ‘Wahey’ in ‘Wahey Guru’ is merely an exclamatory declaration of faith in the guru as in ‘Jai’ in ‘Jai guru dev!’ and unfortunately has little spiritual significance as a name to represent the Supreme. Bewilderingly, the Sikhs call God ‘Wahey guru.’ And when you consider that the Granth Sahib does in fact contain numerous potent and wonderful names of the Lord, such as Ram, Hari, Govinda, etc., you realize that corruption has reached the core and it time to find another religion.

But yes, the Granth Sahib does have some very exotic vaishnava ideologies enshrined in it! They found its way into the Granth Sahib because of its open-door policy of borrowing ‘vani’ from various spiritual teachers.

And if the question is asked, just exactly who borrowed these vaishnava tenets and from whom, a very wonderful answer emerges! Unbelievably, the Vaishnavaism contained in the Granth Sahib comes straight from a most exalted Vaishnava acharya! They are genuine twenty-four carat verses from Jayadeva Goswami himself! Guru Nanak had been to Puri, and there he came into contact with Jayadeva’s poetry. Nanak was quick to realize that this was pure gold, and assiduously drunk in Jayadeva and happily incorporated some of his verse verbatim in his texts!

All glories to Jayadeva Goswami!

» Posted By jamini On Aug 3, 2009 @ 12:22 pm

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