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The Diary of Ratnavali Devi Das

I would like to say that this kind of articles should not appear on a serious Vaishnava site for it sends out the wrong signals.

The fact is, the shastras frown upon such sensationalized crystal-ball rebirth ideologies. Although it is true we are reborn, the chances of a person finding out who he or she was in a previous life is 1 in a trillion.

The above story is full of holes.

Dandavat does itself a disservice by subscribing to such nonsense. And if it wants to then it should also post comments like this one.

Vaishnavas do not die; they are not so cheaply reborn either. Shame on you dandavat.

» Posted By jeevanmukta13 On Oct 4, 2010 @ 6:36 am

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