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New Vrindavan Prison Preaching

The reason all of us are in this material world is because we are spiritual criminals. We can try to distinguish between who committed a greater offense such as our mundane courts do with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree levels of felonies but the reality is that if you are in this world you are a criminal.

To look down upon another person for being in a prison within the prison of this material world is not acceptable. What is the difference between this type of discrimination and other types of discrimination based on bodily differences?

I spent twenty years of my life knowing there was something greater in this world but not having the knowledge of what it was. Instead, I came to know sense gratification and economic development as my only solace. This led me to become a criminal and to be sent to prison.

While there I knew I had to find a spiritual life. I found a devotee, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. I spent five years in prison chanting and reading trying to give up these mundane attachments that are stuck to me.

Upon my release, I moved into the temple in Chicago and only by the association of devotees was I able to give up my desires enough as to not continue my criminal ways. I’m still a rascal. Maybe some lifetime I’ll shed that part of me but for now I’m satisfied with not being a menace to society.

Prison preaching is simple; these people are suffering and need something. We have the solution they are looking for. Are criminals more prone to remain attached than the non-criminals? No. I have gone to colleges distributing books and these kids are just as attached to mundane knowledge, beer, burgers, illicit sex and all the other wonderful amenities this world has to offer. Prisoners know that this world is suffering so that first veil of Maya is already knocked down.

If is was not for the mercy of devotees like Mukta kesa Prabhu, Candrasekar Prabhu and Mother Shyama Priya who preached to me through my years of incarceration I would still be attached to my ways of committing crimes. The devotees of IPM changed me and there are a lot of other devotees in prisons awaiting this change.

Please help support Mukta kesa Prabhu in this worthy cause.

» Posted By jerryns On Feb 27, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

What’s Really Going On?

Dear Prabhu,
This article is very well written. It is also very true which makes it hard for even devotees to take a good look at.
I have several questions if you wouldn’t mind me asking. Please contact me at if you have time.

Thank you,
bhakta Jerry

» Posted By jerryns On Dec 26, 2006 @ 10:52 pm

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