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Please Pray for Siddha Vidya Prabhu

Dear Siddhavidya Prabhu,

Thanks for all the wonderful kirtans, inspiring classes, and association! I was soooooooo fortunate to have joined in Miami and got to be in the bhakta program designed by HH Danavir Maharaja. Everyday, minus Sunday, for the first month, i got to go on hariman with Siddhavidya, his wife Krishna Seva, Bhakta Paul Ignozza, and the other bhaktas in the program. WOW! How fortunate am I to have that amazing experience i sit and cry now for the experiences were the best i have ever had. Beautiful weather, amazing chanting, and the best association! Siddhavidya Prabhu you know so many melodies for chanting the holy name! You are like an encyclopedia for different melodies. Soooooo many kirtans you led in the temple. In the evening you would bring in your harmonium if you were going to give class. you would lead a bhajan first and then read the translation with just a few insights. Amazing. it is my honor to serve your lotus feet. Unbridled in your love for the holy name may we again be fortunate to have your company as you shower passerbys with the holy names and the prasadam from your sleeveless kirta pocket!

Aspiring to be your servant,
Jnana-caksusa dasa
(bhakta john)

» Posted By jnanacaksus On Mar 12, 2013 @ 10:37 pm

GBC special meeting report

Dear Prabhus,

It would be awesome if all the GBC members will go on harinam, book distribution, and prasadam distribution. I have Btg’s from the days when you all where on the streets together. A family that prays together stays together. When the GBC particiapants get together wherever in the world, they should go out on book distribution for the day and have some friendly competition. Then the next day a whole day of sitting harinam and some walking harinam in populated areas. And on another day have a full onslaught of prasadama distribution that they cooked. It feels somewhat dead when i look at the picture of the GBC together compared to the pictures of the same people when they were doing the above mentioned activities. I have BTG #36 with Romapada Swami on the cover levitating because of the ecstasy. And inside is phonomenal pictures of Giriraja Swami, Hrydayananda Swami, Romapada Swami in harinam vans, on hariman, and so forth in bliss. I know that there are pictures of all the members of the GBC in those scenarios. I have to say that it would help the moral of the students of Iskcon to see these situations again. Albeit the bodies are older but this is not a request to carry those bags all the time or walk hours on end doing hariman, just sometimes. Leave the lugging and chugging up to the generation you want to pass along those feeling of enlightenment you experienced while in public. And we in turn will try to do the same.

Your servant,
jnana caksus dasa

» Posted By jnanacaksus On Oct 29, 2006 @ 7:15 pm

Hinduization of Iskcon?


I find it interesting that a person is commenting on a situation that they have no experience of. I am in a 29 year old male caucasian body. America is comprised of many persons who are ready and anxious to take up Krishna consciousness. It seems that a statement initiating that there are less fertile grounds now than that of the sixties is from a person who is not going out and preaching in America. I have been going out and preaching for the past several years via harinam, book distribution, seminars, etc. The fact of the matter is that the temples are not ready for the newcomers who are blossoming into the brahamcarya state.

Addressing the point that i mention above and to help get a picture of the general American temple i will illustrate. Right now most temples are housing Indian immigrants who have association with Iskcon. It is time and time again that once that exchange of Green card for service is done the immigrant is on their way to better themselves materially in the United States. This is having a major flaw for screwing up the soil of the Iskcon temple for the new seeds.

While in the temple the immigrant is very absent for relating with newcomers of non Indian descent. Even to the point of making themselves rude to the visitors. There are many who say this because the immigrants are trying to secure their position and if newcomers come with an attitude to surrender and serve it may comprimise the temples need for the immigrants service.

I want to note the term immigrant is being used because i feel that the service=green card reward program will be examined. I have many friends who are in that or where in that scenario. I have travelled extensivly all over the United States and i am telling that there are over a dozen temples with this service-green card program going on.

Now for those of you who are still reading i will tell you from my perspective what it is like to go to the Sunday feast. A program set up with Srila Prabhupada’s approval to expose outsiders to the practice of Krishna Consciousness. A person walks in and in barely greeted if at all. They go inside for a kirtan or class whatever comes first. The programs are usually attended by 3/4 persons of Indian descent and the other 1/4 a mix of black, white, persons of spanish descent, and maybe a few other persons from different familial origins. Okay if you are not Indian you immediatly feel as an outsider. The Indian congregation in general sticks to inself. This is not bad if there are other groups going around and reaching out to the visitors but this in generally not the case.

Okay back to the Sunday Feast. During class or kirtan a unfamiliar person is just taking in what is going on, usually not even talked to by other persons in attendence. I have met people at various temples during a Sunday Program who say that they have been coming for several or more programs and nobody has ever spoken to them. And lastly the feast which because of the toned down vibe of the general preaching is, with regards to my spiritual master who told us to only say that prasadam is transcendental, is transcendental.

I don’t need to spell it out for you. The subpar program is nothing compared with the other several days of the week. Minimum particaipation in any preaching from many temples in America. I am talking about practical preaching and Harinams and book distribution, the type of things that make a temple go blast and have and explosive effect on anyone involved.

There are numerous persons who are alway being born and raised who have a brahminical tendency. It is the duty of the temple authorities to keep the bus running. Even when there are no passengers the bus driver still makes their rounds. The majority of the temples in America have stopped the bus. Now with many temples being serviced by the rotation of immigrants many waiting passengers are walking elsewhere.

It is appropiate to point out that the persons of Indian descent are helping with their financial resourses. The temples need to utilize the money to make money. Fry the fish in it’s own oil. The cycle is damaging to the temple and the donor. Every week, every festival, every repair, etc. the donors are getting the notice please help us pay for this. After a while this wears the pocket thin. As a person who is trying to reach out i ask some of the Indian men and women about what they think about this constantly being asked for money. They want to the temples to be better managed and to pool resourses from all sides.

The temples were given a business by Srila Prabhupada to distribute his books. Also prasadam distribution is a very lucrative business. There is no devotee power for these because the temples are not hastening to cater to the up and coming brahacaries and brahmacarinis. It is cyclical. The persons who in the mindset at a certain time in life to live at a temple and study Krishna consciousness should be given the advantage to. After sometime such persons will move out and pursue their careers with the Krishna conscious base. And as we are seeing now in the system of the first generation of Iskcon participants they are taking up a more interactive duty with their Vanaprastha stage.

Of course you will have some persons who are not going to go through the above two stages and stay in the renounced order. We see having their company is alway enlivening and inspirational to our Krishna consciousness.

Please see this as a plea to return to the system Srila Prabhupada set up in America. He knew the temples would have more contact with persons of Indian descent as the century ended and another started. He advised us to go and preach to these Westerners and the rest of the world will follow. If we are involved only with a particular group from a place where this knowledge originates aren’t we alienating the persons who Srila Prabhupada wanted us to preach Krishna Consciousness to.

Your servant,
Jnana caksus dasa
oct. 29 2006 bensalem, PA, USA

» Posted By jnanacaksus On Oct 29, 2006 @ 5:14 pm

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