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Tory leader to visit Hindu temple

For Krishna devotees not to understand or appreciate being a Hindu, is the same as denoucing Krishna himself. People appear to have become so narrow minded in their pursuit of ‘jnana’ that they have forgotten the essence of the message. Every human is a Hindu. Every human is bound by the laws of Karma – it there becomes irrelevant what you call yourself. Only good positive Karma survives – everything else is but illusion and ones ego. So might I suggest – be what you want to be, call yourself by whatever name – but do your karma………leave the technical detail of what HDG may or may not have said, or might have meant. In essence, only he knows and everyone guesses. Why pursue an illusion, when the lord of HDG, Krishna has said – do your duty and deeds correctly – karma.

» Posted By karmayogi On Nov 16, 2006 @ 12:09 am

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