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Gratitude from Anandalila’s family

Even though one should see material events with a spiritual perspective, Lila’s story is heart-rending. Such a young life taken in such a mindless, brutal manner..
Being from an area close to Vraja, I also feel ashamed and tortured by this act. I feel Vrindavan is becoming too commercialized and thus losing its holy atmosphere and devotional culture. What we as devotees can do is:
– refrain or drastically reduce buying anything from Vrindavan or the Vraja area like clothes, jewellery etc.
– Support exemplary programs like the Care for Cows effort, Bhaktivedanta hospital health clinics, tree planting and others.
– Maintain good relations with local religious, political and cultural organizations and participate in local civic programs.
– obtain firearm licenses and other weapons. I am not advocating revolution but this incident does show the need to remain alert. This will also force authorities to take devotees and their well-being more seriously due to its serious consequences. This is Kali-yuga….

» Posted By kirtan On Feb 13, 2008 @ 11:22 pm

Iraq Ratha yatra

Hare Krishna!
Your bravery and kindness in organizing the Lord’s yatra is greatly appreciated. Recently, this was the topic of conversation in our circle of devotees and non-devotees and everyone was staggering in happiness afterwards.
This is certainly a transcendental adventure!

“I am also the gambling of cheats, and of the splendid I am the splendor. I am victory, I am adventure, and I am the strength of the strong.” BG10.36

» Posted By kirtan On Dec 3, 2007 @ 6:15 pm

A glimpse of hell and then the mercy of Lord Krishna and His devotees

Thanks for sharing your story. This will help devotees make better decisions like avoiding private taxis like the plague. There are comfortable buses that could take you from New delhi to Vrindavan. They are a little inconvenient but I am sure they are much safer.
Also, please try to report your story to the local press and higher ranking police officials. Although this make be traumatic for you initially but it would help track down the robbing taxi driver and the molester.

» Posted By kirtan On Oct 3, 2007 @ 6:09 am

In regards with the preaching efforts in Iraq

Just as discussing the activities and questions of Arjuna on the battlefield gives one peace and direction, so too for Partha Sarathi prabhu. By serving as he is in Iraq he is helping not only the soldiers and people there but people like me and the ones I discuss this with in future, as well.

» Posted By kirtan On Sep 26, 2007 @ 5:18 pm

Calming. Inspiring. Hare Krishna.

» Posted By kirtan On Sep 26, 2007 @ 4:56 pm

Happy Hare Krishnas

I completely agree with the comments on keeping the basic and low-cost things in order like the restrooms, shoeracks, paint and a little bit of landscaping. Some cushioned seats/benches may also be provided as a lower priority but the kirtan should not be impeded by such an arrangement.
But there is no need to lament for the lack of big crowds at the temples. At least here in California, temples seem to have a lot of visitors o the weekend and the level of the discourse/discussion is just mind-blowing. When I compare this high level of discussion with what is seen on even PBS (what to speak of church channels), I am left amazed. I am an Indian person living in America for more than a decade and I am constantly surprised that western devotees expect this toughest of religions to be exactly practiced by vast numbers of people. Even among Vaishnavas, the ‘Hare-Krishnas’ is one of the toughest techniques to practice with 2 hours of chanting, strict eating habits etc. The person who follows such a spritual life is exceptional among the general population and devotees at the temple should welcome and encourage people of all levels of devotion rather than scare them away with their towering expectations and aggressive, disparaging attitude. This was exactly my situation 11 years ago when I met devotees for the first time in India.
Also, money and fully dedicated devotees will come increasingly (as I know they are in my neighborhood) now that the sannyasis and leaders like Ravindra Swarup prabhu are old and much respected, rather than the boys and middle-aged people they were a decade or two ago. Another critically important positive is the strength of the society in India. The reason Prabhupada asked his American disciples to preach in India was to create a strong base which could then be built upon everywhere. Today ISKCON is truly a huge society (if you kindly count lay people like myself in) and cannot be percieived as an American fad.

» Posted By kirtan On Sep 11, 2007 @ 6:46 pm

The Sunshine of His Mercy

How I wait for the next installment of Indradyumna Swami’s diary.
These diaries are spiritual science applied in a modern context so it is most useful to read and learn from. In the living tradition of Vaishnavism, the future generations will use these diaries as we use the works of earlier acharyas.
Unfortunately, except for Indradyumna Swami and Devamrita Swami, none of the Swamis are publishing their diaries. I appeal to all of them to publish their diaries as often as they can.

» Posted By kirtan On Jul 29, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

Los Angeles Harinam

Hare Krishna,
Congratulations to the LA devotees on their daily effort in spreading the chanting of holy names.

» Posted By kirtan On Jul 24, 2007 @ 4:18 pm

They Said it Was Chance Debate – video

sivarama maharaj was absolutely calm and clear during the presentation, no sales pitches and cheap sound bites. He personified depth, practice and realization. With acharayas like him leading the vaishnavas, there is no doubt about our bright future.

» Posted By kirtan On Jun 11, 2007 @ 5:58 pm


I am completely in favor of using hatha-yoga as an introduction to the yoga system which peaks in bhakti-yoga, inside iskcon temples.
4 years ago at age 31, I twisted my back and was completely bed-ridden for 2 days and in severe pain for a couple of weeks. In such a situation it was certainly very difficult to do any service to Krishna. This situation has since not recurred due to practice of some hatha-yoga.
Devotees who are healthy and fit are best able to do service.

» Posted By kirtan On May 29, 2007 @ 4:51 am

ISKCON and Varnasrama-Dharma: A Mission Unfulfilled

kulapavana prabhu,

Sage Valmiki is well accepted as a person from lowly dalit status. Here is a page from Wikipedia:
A name like agnisharma does not necessarily signify a caste.
Later on of course sage Valmiki’s status was much more exalted than mere brahminhood. It would be an offense to regard sage Valmiki as a mere brahmin.

Same goes for sages Viswamitra and Ved Vyasa, whatever some scholars may say.

About your point of making a real kshatriya out of a birth sudra, an ultra-famous example in India would be king Shivaji in the 17th century. Although some may nit-pick, his status is well accepted.


» Posted By kirtan On May 23, 2007 @ 3:31 am

Kulapavana prabhu,
Three famous examples of transformations in nature are:
– Sage Valmiki becoming at least a brahmana (his position is too exalted) from a robber and murderer (outcast)
– Sage Vishwamitra becoming a brahmana from a kshatriya.
– Ravana becoming a demon from brahmana.

I think a ‘real kshatriyaor sudra’ is one ho displays those qualities. I personally am able to recognize some sudra qualities in myself lke laziness. I have to accept it and do bhakti, hoping for a transformation with time or birth. It doesn’t bother me now since the prctice of bhakti-yoga is the method for transformation of nature.

» Posted By kirtan On May 18, 2007 @ 5:11 pm

Support for 1st Ratha Yatra in Iraq

Hare Krishna

That is an awesome idea! I would like to help out with money. Please provide details….
Remember to take a lot of pictures and videos and post them on Youtube.

» Posted By kirtan On May 14, 2007 @ 11:23 pm

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