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The synthesis of the Puranas and the Siddhantas (Mythology or Science)

Dear Adbhuta Hari Prabhu,
Thank you prabhu for bringing out the similarity between Puranas and Jyotisa regarding the material world (eka p√§da-vibh√ľti). Both texts are also in harmony regarding its Primary and Secondary creators. Below are the details…

tasyah pare para-vyoma
tri-pad-bhutam sanatanam
amrtam sasvatam nityam
anantam paramam padam

(Padma Purana and Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya 21.51)

Lord Sri Krishna or Vasudeva is the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Him (BG 10.8, SB 1.1.1). The Absolute person is the Isvara, or the supreme controller, by His different energies.
The spiritual world is considered to be three fourths of the energy and opulence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whereas this material world is only one fourth of that energy (CC Madhya 21.55, Padma Purana, Purusa-Sukta (Rg-Veda 10.90.4)). Spiritual kingdom of tripad-vibhuti or seventy five percent is transcendental, whereas the pada-vibhuti or twenty five percent is mundane; tripad-vibhuti is eternal, whereas the pada-vibhuti is transient (SB 2.6.18 Purp). This division of energies of Lord Krishna or Väsudeva in to three-fourth and one-fourth as given puranas like padma Purana is also described in the exact same fashion in twelfth chapter Surya Siddhanta. It is stated there that Väsudeva is the Supreme Brahman and that He is the creator of the universe (SS 12.12-15). Surya Siddhanta also states that Three quarters of His energy are hidden [in the blissful spiritual kingdom] and only the material world is manifest as the fourth quarter (SS 12.20). So we can see how both Puranas and Surya Siddhanta are united in declaring Lord Sri Krishna or Väsudeva to be the primary creator of the universe and how His energies are divided in to three quarter spiritual and one quarter material category.

Surya Siddhanta, after declaring Lord V√§sudeva to be Supreme Person beyond the twenty ‚Äďfive elements (12.12), in a series of verses from 12.22 to 12.26 describes how Lord Brahma empowered by the Lord (SS 12.21), creates the material elements, the planets, nakshatras, demigods, human beings and the entire animate and inanimate universe (SS 12.22-26). From the above references, we can clearly see how Jyotisa sastras and puranas are in harmony about the description of primary and secondary creators of material world, which is eka p√§da-vibh√ľti of the Lord.

your servant,
Kali Charan.

Comment Posted By krishna_kali On 29.11.2008 @ 17:11

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