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Looking for evidence to convince my family that eating eggs is bad for health

The menses of lady hen is the egg, and when she unites with a cock she produces a viable egg which she later hatches to produce the chick. So to those who feel that there is nothing more better and tastier to eat than the menstrual waste of a chick…what is there to be said?
Here are some scientific facts to further the case. The egg contains all the components needs to produce a chick and so is loaded with cholesterol. An egg a day will sure keep the doctor away because soon you will be dead with all the fat in your body. Not to forget avian virus and other such nice diseases to be gained from the egg which could terminate your life faster if you are lucky to eat such an infected egg. Oh by the way I am a vet and i am not sure if death is only due to virus or there are other harmful chemicals and disease causing organisms that may enter your body via the egg and produce the inevitable.
So stay away from the eggs and the chick will thank you and you will thank your lucky stars.

» Posted By madan manohara On May 30, 2012 @ 6:01 am

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