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Milk Does a Brain Good, But where is the evidence?

The problem is that there are some of us who either distrust the milk outside that which is provided at the temple, or should not be drinking milk because of lactose intolerance or other bodily problems.

Personally, I am not supposed to drink too much milk because my body produces twice the mucous as a normal person would. Therefore, I am very glad that I have another variety of vegetarian milks (soy and rice milks which are absolutely delicious) that can satiate my thirst and dietary needs.

Although I strongly disagree about PETA’s actions, being that they are very militant, the supposed ‘Vegan movement’ is unorganised in itself. Many vegans are vegans for differing reasons, and not only because of ethics. I have even heard that some Vaishnavas, knowing that the cows are not generally treated well in the West, refuse to drink the milk. Others argue that milk is still pure because Krishna likes milk.

In Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, there is a temple in Mexico where the people subsist of a vegan lifestyle for Krishna. What is more important, in my most humble opinion, is the consciousness and compassion behind offerings to Krishna, not simply because the dish was made of butter and milk or soybutter and soymilk.

» Posted By madanbhakta On Feb 19, 2008 @ 7:44 pm

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