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Ratha-yatra Baghdad

Having just read this article again I realise that I also didn’t read it properly. It does actually state quite clearly that Parthasarathi Prabhu does want to hold Rathayatra in Bhagdhad. Whether that means in the city itself or his camp, I don’t know but either way, I stand by what I said before and wish him full success and the protection of Lord Nrsimhadeva and Lord Balaram – the ultimate warriors – in his endeavours. May he recieve the full blessings of Srila Prabhupada .
Jagannath ki jai!

» Posted By mayapur On Sep 23, 2007 @ 4:14 am

Cidanandas Prabhu, first of all, maybe you should read the article again. Parthasarathi Prabhu is preaching to the AMERICAN TROOPS!!! Not preaching to the local people. Though I’m sure as a compassionate vaisnava he will try to give some prasadam to locals if he is able. And I’m sure, given the chance he would preach to them too.
It’s very easy to sit in front of a computer screen and issue proclamations about how the preaching should and shouldn’t be done. But I’d like to see you preaching every day in the face of death. Plus you should consider to whom he is preaching. American soldiers are very tough, often hardened individuals. While he is having success with many, I’m sure there are as many who may ridicule our beliefs. Soldiers tend to make the staunchest christians!
You say “fearless devotees” should be doing the preaching. Well what would you call Parthasarathi Prabhu? A woos!!! Do you realise the danger those soldiers face every day? Every time they leave their camp they don’t know if they will come back in one piece or not. Who would be preaching to the troops if he wasn’t?
Parthsarathi Prabhu is doing a wonderful service according to the time, place and circumstance in which he is situated. Which is exactly what Srila Prabhupada did. Was Srila Prabhupada any the less a pure devotee because he head to keep his bhoga in a fridge alongside meat when he first came to America? Of course not! He did what he had to do.
Lastly I would like to say I am in full and total agreement with Sita-pati Prabhu. I will also make a contribution to your airfare. Put your money where your mouth is and get out there and do it yourself. Unless you are willing to put yourself in the line of fire then shutup and stop criticising those who are! Get a life! Go preach! Then Srila Prabhupada will take the dust from your feet…..
Yours in the service of the spiritual warriors.

» Posted By mayapur On Sep 22, 2007 @ 5:09 pm

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