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Astronomical Models of Lunar Position

Dear Prabhus,
Please accept my obeisances.
After spending some time with HDG Danavir Maharaja’s research team I continued working on this problem of the movement of Sun and Moon.
This has led to three possible ideas which are worth consideration.
First, that the Sun at its lowest ebb travels round us at circumference 864000000(winter-southeast), 756000000(spring and fall-east) and 648000000(summer-northeast)
Purpose? Sun is gathering moisture in winter and releasing in summer–therefore we are never seeing sunglobe but rather clouds surrounding it.Therefore sun moves like a slowly ascending thread strung around top half of a globe contracting till it reaches zenith and descends expanding again.Sun appears approx same size because difference of distance though gaining and expelling water.
Moon, I have figures(but not in front of me at moment), let us say 560000000(circumference) and describing an arc just like a figure C practically same distance from earth at all times–However, it passes in front of Sun between earth and Sun(during dark moon-Paksa) and as it losses daily in its approx 12-13 degrees it begins to move away from earth so that by the time it reaches Full Moon it has gone 1,600,000(actually using a verse from Surya siddhanta it is just a little less than 1,600,000) outside Sun’s path. Therefore, Moon does have a position Above the Sun but it does not maintain this position constantly. As moon waxes he moves back to his inside position.
Bhu-mandala is always represented as flat in our drawings but this would necessitate the Sun crashing into Mandara mountain, whereas if Meru lies at center as on the center of a ball(meaniing that Bhu-mandala is roundish from center) then there is a slope to the oceans and lands around Jambudvipa allowing Sun to pass over mandara at an angle as it were. Otherwise we have to speculate that Bhu mandala is composed of a different kind of matter-subtle and this is not confirmed-in fact it is specifically staed otherwise in Mahabharata(I can provide quote)

The idea of Sun above I have extrapolated from Srimad Bhagavatam.Sukadeva Gosvami gives us figures 864000000 and 756000000 in Fifth Canto. That Sun is pulling water from entire universe up to Dhruvaloka is confirmed in Matsya Purana.

The idea of Moon is simply applied mathematics “and” an idea I considered, taken from a book on Angkor Vat, with diagrams.
Your servant,Mayesa dasa ACBSP

» Posted By mayesadasa On Dec 1, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

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