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Interim decision from the GBC executive commitee concerning Dhanurdhara Swami

Recently the outcry of what to do about child abusers and ISKCON leaders who were complicit in such behavior has reached a fever pitch. The time is ripe for a statement by the GBC as to how they are going to deal with these issues. How then do they come out with such a thin proposal merely saying that they will consider restrictions against ISKCON leaders? The CPO’s decision seven years ago was so much stronger. Now, in light of Ananda’s suicide and a chorus of disapproval, they’re toning that down?

As a reminder, here’s what the Official CPO decision said on this. The panel, “concurs with [the] perspective,” that “all of ISKCON leadership was responsible for the abuse and decadence of [the alumni’s] gurukula experience.” They went on to say that:

“In the course of reviewing the case file several allegations of child neglect and physical, emotional, and sexual child abuse against many persons other than Dhanurdhara Maharaja surfaced, as did accusations of cover-up and negligence in addressing reports of child abuse… ISKCON leaders responsible for setting priorities in Srila Prabhupada’s movement grossly neglected the proper care of ISKCON’s children. This neglect did much to bring about the sufferings reported in this case, and therefore all of ISKCON leadership must accept its share of the burden for what happened in the Vrndavana gurukula. Although Dhanurdhara Maharaja is responsible for his misbehavior, he was not singly responsible for the neglect and tyranny in the school. ISKCON leaders demonstrated appalling neglect of social concerns, and this was very apparent in the dearth of resources provided to the Vrndavana gurukula…ISKCON leadership was responsible for gross neglect in the failure to provide minimally acceptable resources for the children of Srila Prabhupada’s movement.”

They concluded that:

“The Child Protection Office will investigate and process all of these cases.”

I urge them to keep their word.

» Posted By mgdasa On Jul 8, 2006 @ 3:59 pm

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