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Tucson’s ‘Feast for the Beast’ Feed the Animals – Don’t Eat Them!

I used to drive a freight truck through Tucson once a month. It was a welcome stop, for both the devotee association and the preaching opportunities.
I was impressed by the number of visitors. The restaurant brings people in every day, and on Sunday there is a constant flow of new guests as well as a core group of regulars. These are mostly ‘westerners’, natives of Tuscon.

One visit coincided with their Harinam day. We went to a park where several people joined the kirtan saying they had been to the restaurant or the Sunday program. Many of these passersby knew the devotees by name.

It is nice to make ourselves accessible to the public, give them some way to step in and take part. That is how most of us became devotees.

» Posted By mitrasena das On Nov 11, 2011 @ 4:38 pm

Local Sustainability Festival- September 25th-Prabhupada Village NC

I neglected to mention the photo of Bhakta Kyle, one of our locally grown devotees. He is shown here working one of his oxen.
Prabhupada Village is a unique community in that each plot of land is individually owned. The only communal land is the temple’s. When we began this community in 1992 the motto was ”Proprietorship turns sand into gold”. Because of this principal, there are several nice homes and a temple about 80% complete. I don’t know of any devotee community quite like this place. There are 20 families within easy walking distance of each other and the temple, a large agriculture area in the center with a few creeks running through year round.
Relations with the outside community has been very good from the beginning. The tourism department sees us as an attractive feature to the county, a valuable resource. Organizing sustainability festivals has gained us even more of their trust and good will.
Last year Carolina Zip Lines set up a temporary Line at our George Fest for festival goers to ride for free. This helped draw more people to our event while advertising a nearby business.

» Posted By mitrasena das On Sep 20, 2010 @ 4:18 pm

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