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Big Houses or Self Suficiency

This poster speaks as though he attended the recent FOI at New Vrindaban. I’m assuming that the generalizations that he makes are in regards to N.V. devotees and N.V. community.

6 families have built 7 new homes from the ground up. 5 of the homes were constructed with alternative technologies/architecture: passive solar heating; straw bale construction; logs; A-frame; earth-banked. 4 other families built homes on existing foundations, including a former chicken coop, two garages, and a place so run down it should have been razed. Only 1 NV family built a conventional home and this was because they needed a bank loan. Banks want a house to have a market resale value (no log homes). Another family is constructing its own log home.

These families include sankirtan & temple devotees who spent their devotional lives in vans/ashrams/NV temple building, or being shifted from temple to temple around the world. One family worked hard for years in NYC in order to afford a move to NV.

If you would speak with ISKCON gurukulies/second generation youth, you would understand the importance of establishing a stable home. All of the ideas you mention–greenhouses, gardening, etc., require the efforts of devotees who are physically fit, stable, and intelligent. Stable personalities come from stable families. The continual influx and departure of people through various communal projects in NV and ISKCON did not lead to success for the projects.

Communal doesn’t work. It didn’t last in the former Soviet Union, it didn’t last in the kibbutzes, and it didn’t last in ISKCON. Time will tell if the Hungarian farm will endure.

There is a community greenhouse in NV. The cost to heat a greenhouse with propane through a NV winter would be huge. Due to the gurukuli settlement, I don’t think that there is much to be spared for either starting new community projects OR employing devotees at LIVING wages.

No society or peoples in the world is “self-sufficient.” The term is “self-reliant.” Those devotees in NV who are making strides along this path are doing it on their own, as a family endeavor. Ruchi & Sankirtan: gardening,flower craft business. Balabhadra & family: ISKCOWP, gardening, food preservation. Ghosh family: gardening, gourd craft business, food preservation. 1 family has planted fruit trees, 2 have their own greenhouses, many others grow small amounts of flowers and vegetables and offer surplus to the deities.

I’d write more but I’ve reached limit.

» Posted By mudakari On May 16, 2008 @ 4:10 pm

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