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Aindra Prabhu´s Instructions

previous comment of mine is from my notebook what I found after posting this main story. I briefly wrote down some points based on Aindra prabhu´s maybe 30 minutes talk to us.

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 20.07.2010 @ 15:59

“…managers are often in a 2nd class intelligence platform, in a mode of passion. Nama-sankirtana is too abstract for most of the people…”
” …start going out every day…”
” Srila Prabhupada glorified our endeavours, 7 hours of book distribution and 7 hours of nama-sankirtan.”
” Take the temple to the people, that was Srila Prabhupada´s program.”
” Because you don´t go out every day to chant you only have that many persons in the temple. Kirtan is the life of all transcendental knowledge. When people see it they want to take part.”
“..and Krishna will help, He will send someone to give donation. Like myself, we just chant here, we don´t ask for donations, but still there are never chapati-problems, we are always maintained…”

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 20.07.2010 @ 08:13

Easing Into the 5th Canto

to 10# & 12

I didn´t say western science is based on blind faith, but many people have similar blind faith to science what devotees may have to Vedic philosophy. If someone presents argument against, they don´t want to listen, but judge you as fundamentalist, since you are doubting the absolute truth.

Concerning these moonlanding hoax documents, just seen the typical stuff what goes around. Cannot say how “verifiably proving” they are, but have seen their effects. One them was shown in local tv here last year, and quite a number of people at least started to have doubts.
I believe in these various texts are various nice viewpoints useful in preaching, we should not be shy about the presentation of Bhagavatam, but according to audience we should discuss with intelligent and non-fanatical way, ready to hear the arguments of another party. Although it is maybe not that often when we have to discuss about cosmology, in general it is maybe better to avoid the subject if you are not expert on the field.

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 06.08.2009 @ 19:27

it is interesting to see HOW deep is the faith to modern science, even amongst devotees. Devotees who accept sastra literally, like my humble self, are sometimes said to be fanatics and fundamentalists. But people giving these arguments often have the very same symptoms of fanatism and blind following, but their faith is into modern science, if someone even starts a conversation, that science is imperfect, Vedas have higher wisdom etc, they are already disturbed and agitated.

It is also funny to see, that in devotee camp there are those who have more faith into western science on certain areas and on the camp of scientist there are those who don´t have faith into their own teachings, but to Vedas. Last christmas marathon we met one long time friend of devotees, teaching in university, his comment to us: ” You are very lucky to follow the teachings of your line…everything what we teach in our university…it is a joke…a bad joke.” Once one of our devotees met an astronomist in the street, that devotee was preaching with very straightforward and innocent way, they ended up discussing about cosmology, and astronomer admitted, all their teachings are theories, and other theories could be presented.

General opinion and vox populi seems to influence devotees also, it means our conviction is not that strong. For example moon landing, some devotees have left, or didn´t join the movement because Srila Prabhupada said that we didn´t go to the Moon. But now, when there are various documents strongly claiming that it was a hoax, many many people, like my “die hard-believe into the science” father is now convinced that it is not possible to go there. Perhaps we should read more about the 5th canto commentaries what our acaryas have written, Danavir Maharaja has published some very large books concerning cosmology, I didn´t study them yet, but just the fact that acaryas have written a lot about the subject can give us more faith to the viewpoint of the Bhagavatam.

HOW we preach is another story and discussion, if the mood of the presentation gives fanatical impression, it is generally not good.

Your servant Muniraja dasa

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 27.07.2009 @ 20:39

Summer sankirtana in Finland

Our Sundara Thakura prabhu opened photo gallery in the net, there are more pictures

Yhs Mrd

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 09.08.2008 @ 15:03

Incident update

Please Accept Our Humble Obeisances Jaya Srila Prabhupada

Thank you for sharing your realizations, anyone who reads these will become more serious in his/her spiritual life. Many valuable points which I will share with devotees I know.

Your servant Muniraja dasa

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 07.07.2008 @ 13:44

Radha Govinda Swami Katha in Agra Jail

Thank you for this dear Deena Bandhu prabhu, most enlivening news, glorious seva what you are all doing.

But like Vaisnavas commented, better to be a little careful when accepting previous criminals as members of the movement.

Ys Mrd

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 21.04.2008 @ 15:46

Subtle sex; the scourge of the advancing sadhaka

Thank you Prabhu.

Valuable points.

We were just discussing with devotees how dealing with opposite sex is fine line. For example on book distribution one may make some jokes with opposite sex in order to get them to take a spiritual book. As long as this stays on somewhat formal level, it may be ok, but it sometimes happens that this same mood continues in the temple, devotees try to get attention of the opposite sex, and there is no more aspect which is satisfying for Krsna.

We just heard Bhakti Vijnana Maharaja mentioning, that sex is only the most gross and clear manisfestation of lust, there is so much on subtle level. Like you nicely explained.

On the other hand, even if there are material motivations in our devotional seva, it gets gradually purified, if we just try to continue. Like some devotees have admitted that nice looking ladies in the temple were, if not the main reason, at least good bonus for increasing visits to the temple at the beginning, but later on these same persons have become serious brahmacaries.

Ys Mrd

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 15.01.2008 @ 16:24


“He became a hero of whole ISKCON, and wonderfull example for the Finnish yatra.”
(H.H.Mahanidhi Swami)

“He was a real sankirtan devotee…” (Aindra Prabhu.)

Aindra prabhu explained, that sometimes devotees who are about to leave are sensitive that the bhajans is not too loud, since their senses maybe become supersensitive. In CAd´s case they WERE chanting VERY loudly, after the first session Aindra asked if it was too loud, and Cad shook his head and showed his thumb as a sign of acceptance. Aindra prabhu said this is sign of true sankirtana devotee, that he wants to leave in a middle on chanting, the yuga-dharma.

Aindra had said that he was able to visit CAd´s place only three times that week, his voice could not tolerate more. On the third time Aindra said to CAd, “Don´t leave before we come again…”
Just some 1,5h later (on 7th of August) they were asked to come back since CAd was about to leave. Aindra´s team arrived just 12 minutes before the departure, and Cad left in a middle of intense chanting of Maha-mantra.

Caitanyananda prabhu ki Jaya!!

Ys Mrd

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 09.09.2007 @ 17:23

Departure of Radha Kunda Das and Suhotra Prabhu

Our Humble Obeisances, Jaya Srila Prabhupada

Thank you for your nice words Maharaja.

Due to lack of pious credits I hardly had association with H.G.Radha-Kunda Prabhu, except, that in 2004 I was attendinng Chowpatty devotees Pune-Yatra at a same time with him. I remember his intese and blissfull mood, and how he constantly spoke Krsna-katha to everyone.

In one lecture from India, somewhere 2001-2003 Suhotra Maharaja was speking about transcendental madness, but in a middle he stopped and said:” But now we have here a true living transcendental madman ! Sri Radha-Kunda Prabhu Ki Jaya!!”
H.G.Radha-Kunda Prabhu came to audience.

Your servant mrd

Comment Posted By muniraja dasa On 16.04.2007 @ 07:34


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