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HG Sanjaya Prabhu ACBSP passed away

hare krishna sanjaya prabhu
nothing touches me more than the departure of my sankirtan general, mentor,leader,friend,sanjaya prabhu, i could envision his smile,class act devotee, his way of aproaching life itself, hes very fond of lil radha krishna deities in new york city ,he dress them in the morning, when radha govinda move to 7th avenue,always singing softly, the altar in 7rh avenue was so close to the temple room,it was a far cry from 55 st,it was only seperated by a thin red curtain, i remember at one time the small deities,fell , u could hear the thump sound, sanjaya immediately run to the altar, hug the deities like a faher hugging a lil baby , cradllng the deities in his arms, he train me to be a sankirtan devotee,what to say,what to eat,how to be neat,i could see him wearing his rolex watch, we would go to brooks brothers to get us gray pants,suit and tie,he tried to teach me how to play the drums, being hard headed never learn it lol, i would do whatever he wants me to do, i was his assistant,i love doing it, one day he said to me, now you be a sankirtan leader, i remember looking at his soldiers, yaduganguli,kavidatt,janmastami,jad bharat,mahaprabhu,ram ray,amritamsa,vidura,to name a few,rupa sanatan, the ever great sankirtan helper,and everything, , looking at then nervous, somehow i hold on to that position for 7 different times in new york city,yes i did make lots and lots of mistakes, but the thing about it we distributed lots of srila prabhupadas books, thats all due to sanjaya way of training us up, glorious days cause its all due to your expertise my good friend sanjaya prabhu, i just did hope i was able to talk to you when you were in england,my last contact with you was in brooklyn temple,we laugh together remembering our good days in 340 west 55street,you dont seems to bothered by anything wrong happen in new york at all, always got that irish smile, you will be miss forever,my prayers and respect to your family, hare krishna prabhu!

» Posted By namsankirtan On Dec 2, 2007 @ 12:11 am

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