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Driving in India!

Hare Krishna! This is slightly off-subject, but it shows that the Hare Krishna movement seems to have developed the reputation of a legitimate representative of positive spiritual values in the UK. I am posting this because I found this excerpt from an article in a British car magazine (Don’t ask me what I was doing reading that!) which was discussing poor road manners. The point of this post is not to critique Indian driving patterns but rather to demonstrate that, at least in the mind of this nationally syndicated automotive writer, Hare Krishna devotees are bona-fide representatives of religion.

From Nov 2006 “EVO-the Thrill of Driving.” by Zoltan Scrivener (an article about poor road manners.)
….”Forget tougher driving tests. An intolerance of selfish behaviour drummed in at an early age has more impact on road safety than a dozen lessons or airbags. Look at how polite the Japanese and Swedish are–and look at how good their road safety stats stand. Think about it: when were you last tailgated by a bunch of nuns or CARVED UP BY A KRISHNA? (emphasis mine.)”

» Posted By ndasa(Columbus) On Dec 13, 2006 @ 8:23 am

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