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The Mayapur Nagar Sankirtana Party visits Ekacakra and Katwa

pamho please tell me where this story of nityananda prabhu earring is found in the scriptures

Next we visited Kundalal Tala, “the place where Lord Nityananda used his earring to block a snake in his hole, stopping him from disturbing the residents of this area.”
His Grace Doyal Baladeva Prabhu described the pastime. This snake was actually an arrow-weapon given by Lord Siva to Arjuna. Arjuna fired it to kill Bakasura in order to help Bhima who left alone on that mission. By the time the weapon arrived on the spot Bakasura was already dead and therefore the snake weapon could not complete its mission. Since then the snake remained in the area and would disturb the locals. When Lord Nityananda heard of this he blocked the snake in its hole with one of his earrings which magically expanded in size. When the snake asked Lord Nitananda how he would get his food Lord Nityananda told him that a temple would be built here and people would regularly come and make offerings of milk and other things. This pastime is the reason why Lord Nityananda is seen with only one earring in pictures that depict His later pastimes.

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