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UK CEO of Worlds Largest Bank Gives Swami a Standing Ovation

Extraordinary! Srila Prabhupada must be very pleased by HH Radhanatha Swami’s representation of his mission to such influential personages. Of course, the glories extend to all the devotees whose intense desire to spread Lord Caitanya’s message has fructified in such a magnificent venue. I’m thinking of changing my account to HSBC unless the same kind of event happens with Axis and Bank of America. Maharaja is preaching a new currency - love of Krishna. May the world adopt that universal exchange.

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 29.11.2013 @ 03:33

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s 2013 Diwali greeting (2 min video)

That’s cool. Prabhupada wanted devotees of Krishna (he didn’t specify the institution to which they were associated) to hold public office. Perhaps the umbrella of Krishna consciousness can be seen to be ever more inclusive of other paths that carry the essential message of understanding Krishna as the Supreme Person. Tulsi’s prayer is heartfelt and direct. May it resonate in the hearts of others so that more people can open up to the treasure house of the Holy Names.

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 05.11.2013 @ 15:58

“Oh My God!” ISKCON Indore youth festival receives excellent response

All glories to the ingenuity of Preneshwar p., Mahaman p., and all those involved in this creative preaching venue. This is a prime example of “taxing our brains” to broadcast the message of Lord Caitanya. Theatrical movies provide an abundant platform for preaching; there have been uncountable missed opportunities throughout the years. Decades ago, LA devotees used to distribute small books to the big movie crowds outside such films as “The Exorcist” (Sri Isopanisad), “Star Wars” ( “Easy Journey”), and others. Business was brisk. That was in the day when book distribution was practically every devotee’s occupation. In Los Angeles, we were looking for ways to expand the field. Unfortunately, the practice waned. Now HG Caitanya Caran p. has exploited the popularity of the insidious message of OMG, and his idea has had a ripple effect. Hopefully, more Indian temples will pick up the tempo of using this blockbuster to bust the myths that the film perpetrates. In fact, Janardradi p. and I have obtained the remake rights to “Yehi Hai Zindagi”(This is Life),” a 1977 hit starring Sanjeev Kumar. OMG has provoked parallel’s between the two films - In the updated script of “Yehi Hai Zindagi,” we engage the protagonist in the vocation of software development and have one of his sons become an Iskcon devotee - much to the distaste of his father. We are currently looking for a professional scriptwriter to rewrite the old version according to our ideas. Just imagine what a megabit feature film in India would do for increasing the demand for Srila Prabhupada’s books! Our Indian company, Uplifting Cinema Pvt Ltd., has a number of projects in development to accomplish the goal of exponentially multiplying the interest in the proper understanding of Krishna consciousness. Anyone interested in our efforts can contact me for further information, business plans, etc.:

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 08.09.2013 @ 16:40

Documentary Children of God

The filmmaker saw the essence of spiritual life: free will. He is a keen observer of the human spirit that yearns, even as a youngster, to find his own way. Parents (I speak from my own experience) would do well to heed and nuture that call for individuality throughout the maturation process. This “little student film” has many big things to say in a very understated manner. Domen Martincic is a budding talent. And Bhagavat Dharma p. and Mother Jambavati-priya dd have beautiful fruit growing on their family tree.
PS How is it that the grass is green and the trees are laden with snow? I thought that I was seeing some special effects!

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 14.05.2013 @ 03:14

HH Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami Complications

Prayers for HH Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami full recovery. I’ve had Singles three times. It is a nasty disease. I know one devotee who had it in the muscle sheath in his face; he was in agony. I had it in my back, but didn’t know what was causing the pain because the rash didn’t show up for two weeks. I couldn’t sleep. My health deteriorated. Only the vaccine relieved the symptoms. After the third time, I got a Shingles vaccine. It is 90% effective. I haven’t had the disease since. If the disease does return, it is reduced in its intensity if you’ve taken the vaccine. The vaccine is recommended for bodies over 55 years of age. Again, prayers for Maharaja. May the kind Lord Dhanvantari heal you quickly.

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 07.02.2013 @ 02:32

New Film does ISKCON great justice

The trailer looks very professional and profound; can’t wait to see the movie. Glad to see the media used to broadcast the message. Prabhupada said, “Make Krishna conscious films the most popular.” Congratulations!

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 06.05.2012 @ 08:04

Remembering Nitai Das

Thank you, Tukarama prabhu, for your eloquent eulogy. Though Nitai was my “junior,” I looked up to him as my “senior” because he was the emblem of enthusiasm for spreading Krishna consciousness in America. At Bhaktifest this year, I told him that Iskcon would expand like wildfire under his management; I had great hopes for his generation due to his determination and capability to share Srila Prabhupada’s gifts to young and old. Who can understand the mind of the Lord to have taken him from the preaching field? He was so confident, knowledgable, and “wildly” in love with guru and Gauranga. His spirit was active and alive; he was a sparkler amongst devotees. I was comforted knowing that he was leading the charge for the next generations. Now I feel the world vacant by his absence. I pray that I can honor him by doing something that is a speck as wonderful as what he accomplished in his short stay with us. Jaya Nitai das prabhu!

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 07.02.2012 @ 14:31

Hare Krishna YMCA prank

When I produced the first edition of “Hare Krishna in the Movies,” I appeared on-screen in an end comment in which I expressed the hope that KC and the devotees would be taken more seriously by Hollywood (and the entertainment industry) in the coming years. Those years have come and gone, and we continue to be not taken seriously in the mass media. In the second edition, I updated it with twice the number of film and television appearances, but only a handful took a deeper view. Now I am embarking on a project to bring Krishna consciousness to the screen ourselves. The Christians, Mormans, Muslims, Buddhists, New Agers - they all have done it successfully. Yadubara, Janardradhi, and myself have a business plan for making five feature films including a political thriller, comedy, drama, and classic remake. Anyone interested in investing can contact me: The “Hare Krishna in the Movies” (updated through 2008) can be obtained via in the “Iskcon” category.

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 13.10.2011 @ 06:53

Gopiparanadhana Prabhu ACBSP left his body- updated 2 -pics from the cremation ceremony

Gopiparanadhan prabhu lived at the Pyramid House here in Topanga in 1980 working on translations. Ramesvara had moved him here out of the hectic pace of the city because Gopi liked the tranquility of the country/forest. He prospered in a peaceful atmosphere which he found in Goverdharn years later. He was like a lamp in a windless place - perfectly steady in his service. He spoke eloquently at our Sunday feasts, and he attracted many newcomers to become devotees. When he left here, we felt vacant in his absence though we understood that his service had called him away. Now we feel the same again only with much more intensity and finality. He remains an exemplary grhasta sadhu and has shown what was thought to be impossible for Westerners to achieve, to, indeed, be possible.

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 17.09.2011 @ 03:05

Yadhunath Das Comedy and A Fish out of Water

Some of the best preaching that I’ve seen/heard since I last talked to somebody. No, really, prabhus, this is funny stuff, and Caru’s proximity to the mic gives a clear signal that he enjoyed every joke, too, or was he just being polite? I disagree with the reviewers that Hindi subtitles would have made the jokes more understandable though Sanskrit with diacritics would have lent some authenticity. When my children grow up, I’d like them to take initiation from Yadunath. After all, a parent just wants his kids to be happy. I’m looking forward to Yadu’s appearance on what should be an upcoming talent competition - America’s Got Standup. I’m sure that he’ll take the house down and make it into one in which everybody can live. He can’t help but be more successful than we were with Iskcon. Hard to believe that he writes all of his own material; he must get the bulk of his inspiration from his guru. He did capture the essence of devotional service - it’s joyfully performed. And he did look like he was having a good time despite no shots of the audience. Was anyone else laughing or even there? Maybe this was the rehearsal? My favorite part was about his wife. Apparently, she was too shy to appear on stage with him or was busy in prayer: “Please, Krishna, make people laugh.” Like any good performer, he left me wanting more - but, apparently, he wasn’t able to give it. Anyway, he had me in stitches; thank God for the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. He delivers his lines like a seasoned sankirtan devotee. Check how much you’ve changed after the show. I would be available to write more material, but, on principle, I can’t. I only do spiritual. In conclusion, a big round of applause for the best male comedian in Iskcon - in fact, the only one. :) :) :)

Comment Posted By nrsimhananda On 13.10.2011 @ 07:56


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