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Keshava Prabhu left his body

Buddhimanta the first big book distributor- always spoke very highly of Keshava prabhu(the SF temple president)-and how he made so many expert arrangements for the Sankirtan and SF rathyatra
your servant,
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On May 6, 2013 @ 2:28 pm

The greatest book distributors – Bhakta Carl & Radhika Ramana Prabhus

Thanks for all the info about Bhakta Carl. Indeed he and Stella are very special.
your servant,
Pandava vijjaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Feb 27, 2012 @ 4:20 pm

HH Romapada Swami in hospital

Hare bol,
All devotees over 45 should get their blood pressure checked by a doctor and take medication for high blood pressure if necessary. So many older devotees get heart attacks or strokes that can be prevented by proper blood pressure medicine. -especially over weight devotees….

your servant,
Pandava vijaya dasa
Dallas Texas

» Posted By pandava On Feb 19, 2012 @ 3:54 pm

New life sprouts in Old East Dallas neighborhood

It is amazing the effect a garden can have- I live in Kalachandji Dham and see the community garden daily. It is astounding how much is produced and how many devotees
go over there and grow some veggies. PLant and be happy is the garden’s slogan.
your servant in Dallas,
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Apr 20, 2011 @ 11:16 pm

Reporter reviews Dallas’s Kalachandji restaurant

Hare bol,
To make this restaurant so successful in bring prasadam to the masses requires a tremendous amount of effort. Great prasadam has to be cooked for the western palate everyday, constant cleaning of the restaurant itself, cleaning pots and dishes, repairs to the building itself from the constant flow of customers, shopping for quality fresh vegetables, besides the constant consistent cooking over and over of a vast variety of rice dhal and assorted subjis including bar b ques, lasagna, stuffed peppers
It is so much work that it is mind boggling to me.
Durasaya dasa ,his wife Padma and son Hare dasa are like farmers-working hard from sunup to past sunset. Kalachandji’s restaurant is very busy every night and everyday for lunch
your servant in Dallas
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Feb 22, 2011 @ 2:33 pm

Remembering Jayo Prabhu – The Jayo Slide & Jayo Santa

Thanks-I cannot get Jayo Santa and the slide out of my mind…
I would see his emails and never contacted him in Oklahoma city-I was told he was a reclusive MD . to bad.. I live in Dallas.
thanks for the great great story about Jayo santa.
your servant behind the Dallas TV show,
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Dec 19, 2009 @ 4:23 pm

Tamal Krishna Goswami Bench memorial

I wonder who else has a memorized bench at Clare Hall in Cambridge.
Looking at these people-it is very impressive how Goswami was being/preaching with these people-they loved him and thought so much of him that they are finishing up his Ph.D. dissertation and make this memorial bench in his honor.
Proud of Goswami’s preaching . He spoke to me (fresh out of Law school and made me a devotee)
your servant behind the Dallas TV,
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Dec 1, 2009 @ 3:11 pm

David Carradine

Hare bol,
I also met David Carradnine 3 or 4 times while walking in Laurel canyon-this was about 1973- before I became a devotee he lived near us in laurel canyon.- He was very very silent- a bit too silent kind of a haunting silence-He may have just started Kung fu-not a friendly person- I thought he had inner demons- I was with my best friend a famous drummer for Carole King, James Taylor(more famous than David at that time) and it was weird bumping into him. I could understand his not coming in the pyramid house.
Pandava vijaya dasa

» Posted By pandava On Jun 7, 2009 @ 1:47 pm

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