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Iskcon Need To Act With Massive Action Urgently!!!!

This goes to show that this world is temporary & full of disaster at every second “bhutva bhutva pralayate” “every moment there is pralaya or disaster” cant avoid this but it is our duty as a movement to bring everyone to the protection of the holy name or harinaam sankirtana and make them fearless of death . This disaster is also an indication from the Lord that do not be attached to the comfortable position since at any time He will take away those comfortable positions this is the time to meditate on ourselves to see how much we are surrendered to the Lord and how many can we try and bring everyone to His shelter .I remember Srila Prabhupada mentioned that when Calcutta was being bombed he was offering bhoga to the Lordships and people were running away in distress he felt very sorry for them but he also prepared himself to leave his body if the bomb going to explode near to him as he said that within few seconds this bomb will become gateway to Sri Goloka Vrndavana at the lotus feet of Lord Shyamasundara.
If this world was very comfortable and permanent then everyone will become attached as it will be as good as heaven but no Krsna has mentioned clearly that this world is “dukhalayam ashashvatam” full of miseries.
So these disasters will come as its destined by Krishna to be we must become strong in sadhana and seva and bring others too .This is the time to preach more strongly as we are seeing what is written in the shastra is coming true . We cant change the suffering of this material world but we can reduce the suffering by preaching more & more & chanting more & more. Hare Krsna

your servant
Pandava Sakha Das

» Posted By pandava108 On Mar 15, 2011 @ 5:02 pm

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