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A guest should be treated with proper respect and honour

Excellent lecture. All the life members department Managers should be trained to respect the guest, who has paid to become life members. Personally I have been life member for more than 8 years from Mumbai, Mira Road Centre and whenever I have gone to seek the facility promised, I am not only flately denied but rudely treated. Especially in Kolkutta ISKCON, The manager is so rude that in my humble enquiry for the room when I was with my small kids, once , and once alone, he treated me so badly that , I am sure that he is not doing bookings for life members but doing his own bookings in hell.

ISKCON should immediately stop life membership program and that way stop fooling public, otherwise all these or more money will be spent in the court cases all over the world. As when a guest comes , he must be treated gently, then what to speak of who has paid money and was promised to get the service and treated so roughly.

I am sorry to write this , but this is the frustration of twice being treted so badly at Kolkutta ISKCON by the Manager himself.

I am trying to forget that I am a life member of ISKCON.

Life member, BHY2019.

» Posted By pradipudecha On Jul 11, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

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