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Abdul – The Transcendental Tailor

15) Krishan Kumari Devi Dasi ACBSP(Vrindavan, India)– this is really great story. I will ask my friend if he will coach you, yhs, kkdd

16) Priti Sinha–pr ji its very inerestng n very inspirng as well.

17) Deeen Bandhu Prabhu ACBSP (Vrindavan ,India)– saw it, what was the use of mentioning the price of maharaja silk??no need totally unnecessary!! otherwise article was nice. go ahead!

18) Poonam Pandya(Mumbai, India)– Hare Krsna… I read d story… really very nice story… short nd sweet … thank you.. !!! aap itna acha likhte ho Really

19) Vishnu Murti Das (Septon, Luxembourg, Belgium)– a nice article. Thank you for writing it. I see you like writing. Maybe one day you can write an article for vanipedia.

20) Giridhari Times(Bangalore, India)– Hare Krsna pr,
Thank you for the wonderful article. Is it ok if we can publish your article in our next issue?
Giridhari Times editorial team.

21) Ajay C(Mumbai, India)– His Grace Abdul Prabhu ki. Jay. we have Three Goswamis/Acharyas… who were practically Muslims most part of their lives..

22) Divya Khatnar (Jaipur, India)– Yes prabhu ji its very nice if you meet Abdul prabhu ji again please say Hare Krsna from my side.

24) Damayanti Devi Dasi (Mumbai, India)– Thank you so much Prabhuji!
I really needed it.
Thanks a Lot!
Very nice.
Hare Krsna.

25) Ashish Mittal(Gurgaon, India)– Read it.very nice.

26) Pranay Shah (Mumbai, India)– Awesome article prabhu!! Keep the gud work going…..

27) Unknown Devotee– Premanjana Dasa Prabhu ji! I have read half the article, it is very much appreciative.

28)Jagatam Dasi (United Kingdom)– Wow, that is an amazing article re the Muslim tailor. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! How can I share it, Premanjana Prabhu?

29) Gunjan Gupta (New Delhi)– very nyc prbhu

srsly very nyc

i m jst a fallen soul.very nyc article


» Posted By pranjal280 On Dec 30, 2012 @ 2:46 pm

1) Taraka Dasa– Fabulous article, Premanjana Prabhu. Thank you very much.

2) Benu Kumari(Phillipines)– Wow!!! Indeed very inspiring prabhu!!!! I shared your article to all of my family members! They too are amazed with the fact that at this era we still have wonderful people around us! Thank u for sharing! Hari Bol!!!

3) Cat Ji(South Africa)– very nice. does matter he does not change his name…he is effectively converted anyway.

4) Jatin Kumar(Karachi, Pakistan)– I HAVE GONE through your article
my dear elder bro, no doubt the shardha is pure for that tailor
but i’d like to mention here is
based on my knowledge, a heavy sum is spent on these clothes all over the world, though we have shardha but it is better to spent such amount on the welfare of needy
KRISHNA WILL love it more, rahi baat mere Krishn k kapron ki to us ko prem se ek white simple dress pehnaen to woh in heavy dresses se ziada barh kar hai.

5) Kashyapi Karan (New Delhi, India)– HARI HARI BOL,,THIS IS NOT AN ARTICLE THIS IS KRISHNA S LOVE THIS IS KRISHNA S INSPIRATION TO ME AGAIN BY U ,,thanks a lott prabhuji u really did a grt job by highlighting the creator behind those divine dresses and thanks again keep writting..HARI BOL

6) Krsna Kumari (Ohio, USA)– This is such a beautiful and inspiring story. The Lord’s love extends past all boundaries of color, race or customs. Thank you sooo much Premanjana Dasa prabhu for sharing this wonderful story. It is very inspiring and uplifting!

7) Krishna Hari Pandey (Mathura, India)– Yes , I read, it is the greatness of our Vedic culture. If you find reverse examples , no Marwari will react like this story.We must appreciate them who extend their support to other but we. Must also have the courage to condemn others who do not accept the people of other religion. Abdul is not only example, there are thousands people in Brijbhoomee who are serving this and that way to our deities.

8) Roupa Manjari Devi Dasi (California, USA)– Truly marvelous and inspiring pieceYou are touching Srila Prabhupada’s Words to all of us “Just add Krishna: it does not matter, Hindu Muslim Christian…just add Krishna. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to more of your work and offer our blessings for your progress toward public voice.

» Posted By pranjal280 On Dec 30, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

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