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Limit the volume of kirtans in ISKCON Temples?

Dear Ameyatma prabhu
I want to make it very clear to you that we are not against loud
kirtan/bhajan as you have amply quoted from scriptures.
We want to move away from:
A. Loud and ear shattering cacophony of whompers/kartals being played
mindlessly in our kirtans. An almost compulsive habit to bang the kartals
as loudly as possible has caught up with many devotees and these devotees are blissfully unaware of the effect it is having on other
B. Loud amplification which compels the audience to move out of the temple
to protect their ears
C. Playing musical instruments so loudly that the holy name is drowned
When the musical accompaniment is done nicely, it makes the kirtan much more
relishable, but the accompaniment is just that, it is meant to support the
chanting of the holy name.On the day that I remember noticing that very few devotees were chanting, the lead singer was amplified very, very loudly through the microphone,
and the mrdanga was miked at the top end. It is interesting that other religious groups that perform congregational chanting, also discuss the important of balancing the volume of the leader with the congregation.Curt Taipale, a sound engineer who specializes in installations in
Christian Churches writes:One thing you’ll find when the sound system gets too loud is that the
congregation starts to lose a sense of corporate
worship. In other words, congregational singing is a very different form of music
than performance music. It requires a fine balancing of the volume of
amplified sound with the level of the congregation singing.
As fragmental portions of the Supreme, we can understand why we have such
a wonderful experience in kirtana when we are singing as just one voice
among hundreds, but creating something much bigger than ourselves.
So the level of the sound system is very important is setting the scene
for devotees to be inspired to chant loudly. If they feel the leader is
too powerful through the mic, then subtly but surely, the congregation
will be uninspired to sing. HG Aindra prabhu is known for his kirtans
and he would have mridanga players perfect every note otherwise he would
stop them or chastise them. Devotees who are affecting people all over the
world with the holy name are the ones who insist on playing musical
instruments correctly. Kirtans should be regulated so that the Lord will be pleased; thus devotees will be pleased in return.
Premvilas das

» Posted By premvilas On Jul 8, 2011 @ 5:27 pm

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