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Temporary Vrindavan Hospice Update:Vani Seva Prabhu Leaves Body

AGTSP PAMHO I unser this after actually talking with Dina bandu prabhu and telling him the whole hiostory.I just whant to splain the whole situation being me the person
who made all the arregments for the feast .crematin and i was there in the moment of Mather Vani Seva Glorius departer.The feast was sponsor but a devotee beng ask by Vrajavihary prabhu the acoutan of Sri Sri Krsna Balarama Mandir who has being very helpfull in all the legal procesures and Krsna Kumary Mataji for helping in buing all the things needed for the cremation and for her wonderfull suport sharing all her knoleged also Mather Daivi Saktyu give to 2000 rupies to all of them tank you very much.Mather NadiMukhi give 2000 ruies fr the feast that cost 8000 rupies. Also i thing that becouse mather Nadi Mukhi do not speak fluent englhis she misandestood the questoin re Dinabandhuu prabhu did not understood her. Vani Seva in the car goin to the hospital told abaut her diserir to go to Vrndavana parikrama and to Radharanis Abisheka .In the moment of her departure she was tolking to the doctor who was puting questions an her . We where chanting Radhikas name and S Prabhuipada was chanting japa like it has being said she open her eyes in surprise and her mouth wide open whanting to chnt the holy name she did not make it but we were doing it for here then she left so peacfully. She never complain or look like being in disters or pain she was all the time peacfull only compleining abaot pain in the back and dificulty in breathing it was wonderfull to see how the devotees death is a peacfull situation without the stress and pain and fear that normally you cand see in athers persons deaths.Also very auspicus and wonderfull was the fact that she arrive in Vrndavna the 28 of agost and the 1 of september Radhastamy sheleft this world .She was very dear to the devotees here having done multiple services like padayatra preaching and distribuiting books also she was dificult to folow even by yonger devotees she had such energie for serving Krsna. When she live in Vrndavna she was doing vrndavana parikrama evryday .So let me pray to Srimati Vani Seva for her bleasings for me to become atach to Srimati Radharani and Vrndavna Dhama .
All Glories to Srimaty Vaniseva
Yours in the service of the vaisnavas
Priya Sakhi dd

» Posted By pria_azul On Sep 21, 2006 @ 4:17 pm

Temporary Vrindavan Hospice is a Success

Radhe Radhe thank you for the correction is actually very important to know what belongs to what. So i will like to add a few thinks to the articule Bhaktin Rebecca so nicely wroot. This hospice is done by the efert of someny devotees angels that theyare giving donations . Know we are taking care of 2 devotees that they do not have any material facility so all the hospital and medica care is onm the hospice also we are always in need of diferent medicines that we are bying in the pharmacy here in Vrndavana. In this moment we are taking care of Visala whit multiple boils and big infeccion, whe are takin care of Divya Karna a boy from Alachua who got badly bernt know he is much better and only have his problem with hepatatis .One mataji Sri devi with big infeccion in his intestines ,and one lady recuparating from a smoll operation . A part we also takin care of two matajis whith cronic illness Mather Takhurany and Mather Nanda so this is the report for this week and like one month before .
Yours in the service of the Vaisnavas
Priya Sakhi dd

» Posted By pria_azul On Aug 24, 2006 @ 8:15 am

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