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Dangers in Vrndavan

Hare Krsna prabhus,

I have been to Vrndavan recently just a few days after the sad incident regarding
lila. I give my condolences to her family and I feel really sorry for such an
incident to happen.

However I don’t want to find faults with anyone but one taxi driver who does regular services for devotees was mentioning some points to me that I was feeling so bad that they have such an impression about our devotees. He was saying that our devotees are dressed up in saris with tilaka etc but actually we are not chaste.

He mentioned to me some incidents that were not at all good. I don’t want to take his word s seriously but I myself observed a group of lady devotees joking with a taxi driver. I’m sure it might have been some innocent exchange and I’m sure the taxi guy might have enjoyed it too but then in his mind he having a different thought about the ladies. I agree with suggestions from devotees that we have to be more conscious of the place that we are in and in the mentality of the people.

As is common people tend to judge a whole movement by one person’s behaviour. So we have to learn to impress upon people what we really are according to our dress. Just like a theif if he wears a police man’s dress he is arrested so if we want to wear devotional attire then we should reflect the same.

Of course we have been always hearing that our dress doesn’t make us a devotee but our internal but obviously if we are dressed as devotees people expect a certain behaviour from us. I’m sorry if I am commiting any vaisnava aparadha please forgive my offences.

your servant,

» Posted By radhagovindadd On Mar 2, 2008 @ 5:45 pm

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