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Sri Sri Nitai Mayapur-Chandra lead the Harinam Party in Mayapur!

Thank you for sharing this, Mataji .
Reading the activities and pastimes of Dham immediatly brings back Dham consciousness. Earlier I used to visit Mayapur Navdip Dham quite often. Now I am not able to go much . But it is my desire to go there and receive mercy of Lord and devotees and I am prayerful to Lord for this reason ,.
Haribol ,. Sri Sri Gour Nitai ki Jay, Sri Sri Nitai Caitanya candra ki Jay .

Your humble servant.

» Posted By radhe108 On Jan 25, 2008 @ 7:26 am

Face to face with death

Hare krishna , this description is scary infact . Hope you and your comrades are always safe by Lord’s grace . Thanks for sharing the incident ,.
I also wish to join army, I will get job from coll. but if I get into army ,I will go .
Haribol , and Happy New year 2008 . pranams.
Jaya Sri Jagannath.

» Posted By radhe108 On Jan 4, 2008 @ 4:19 pm

Does Sex Attraction Bring People to Krishna?

dandavats , All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.
IMHO, it depends on how these activties are performed , if they are performed under the guidance and authority of Pure Vaishnavas then they must be auspicious . Otherwise , they may prove harmful . Same goes for the name of the event as well(as it is said ‘Rasa Lila’) . Whatever is the name, so be it. It is mostly a question of potency and spiritual strength of the leader who takes the initiative . During Srila Prabhupada’s time also , many lady disciples also danced in temples and in public as well. So it is not up to us to decide what is right or wrong. It is up to the Pure empowered Vaishnavas who can take charge. It is their decision their discretion.
Haribol, pranams.

» Posted By radhe108 On Dec 10, 2007 @ 7:19 pm

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