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Brihaspati in the Horoscopes of Devotees

Hare Krishna Mataji,

This is a very interesting article, You mentioned about Jupiter in 12th house is Moksha in Sattva guna. I have a friend who horoscope has

Tula – Lagna
Mars – Vrishchika (2 nd house in retrogression)
Moon – Dhanu (3 rd house)
Rahu – Meena (6th house weak)
Shani – Mesha (7th house debilitated)
Shukra – Mesha (7 th house)
Bhudha – Vrishabha (8 th house)
Surya – Mithuna (9 th house)
Brihaspathi and Ketu in Kanya Rasi (12th house)

I want to understand how ketu affects as it is known ketu is also considered as Moksha karaka
being in the 12th house causes the loss to the first house (lagna) which can be interpreted as loss of ego. However 12th house itself is considered as house of losses. So can you please explain how jupiter, ketu in the 12th house affects what it alludes to.

Hare Krishna
raghunatha priya das

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