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News flash — kindly pray for Subhag Maharaj – updated

Hare krsna, please accept my obeisance humble.
all gloriesto Srila Prabhupada.I visited maharajd 2 days ago, I feels sad to saw maharadj in that condition, because i meet maharajd last time 2006 when mahardj at SRI SRI KRSNA BALARAMA in denpasar ,when instalation ceremony with Sripad maharadj. I work in surya husadha hospital ,place where maharadj was hospitalized, so i can saw maharadj ,even from far away, one time i meet maharadj walk by wheel chair, with Prabhu Trata(dr.Tri astawa SpPD), and 2 brahmacari, maharadj looks very strong,even many equipment.
this morning brahmacari(Saci Pr) prepare prasad for maharjd,I visited only in outside.
Now all equipment already take it off,except dc.
Hospital where I work very fortune because many devotees and maharjd came.

hare krsna
all glories to Sri guru and gauranga
jai sri sri krsna balarama ki jai
your servant

» Posted By sati On Nov 23, 2009 @ 4:14 am

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