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Secrets of the Bible

This is a brilliant article, attempting to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Vedic tradition. Although more research is required to verify the evidences presented, the scheme presented by the author is very convincing, which will help us to protect the Vedic system from the onslaughts of evangelical Chrsitianity and other myths about Christ.

The objections raised by Carlos Reis are natural because he believes in the Church doctrine. We should appreciate such criticisms, introspect on them, find answers and address the issue to the satisfaction of the critic. Even if he/she is not convinced, it is better to boldly proclaim theVedic truth, than compromise or dilute the philosophy.

» Posted By saurabha krishna das On May 24, 2011 @ 5:14 am

Political Correctness: WHO started it, WHEN, and most importantly WHY!!!

It is quite an interesting and relevant article. In India also, the subaltern ideologies are specifically targetting Vedic philosophy and social system. The most prominent among these ideologies are: Marxism, feminism, Dalit and Dravidian movements.

Recently, a book has been published: It deals with the specific ideology of Dravidian Christianity and Afro-Dalit movement, which are perpetuating lies in order to weaken the Vedic fabric of India (which already has been wrecked by growth of heterodox sects, Islamic invasions, European imperialism and Nehruvian secularism).

It is very important for ISKCON devotees to understand these issues and protect whatever remnants of Vedic civilization exist, then nurture them and inculcate them within our movement. Thank you.

» Posted By saurabha krishna das On May 24, 2011 @ 4:02 am

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