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Ocean of Mercy: Bhakti Benefits for Doomed Cows?

Cows or Gavam are to be worshiped. This worship is part of bhakti. If human society wants to be exalted, the leaders of society must follow the instructions of Bhagavad-gita and give protection to the cows, the brahmanas and brahminical culture. There is a misconception that mortal human beings like us can give sukriti to Cows and help them advance. Few people think they are giving cows sukriti by offering its milk to Krishna.It is not a right understanding. It is quite opposite. Cows give us sukriti to advance in bhakti. Shri Krishna is worshipped with names like Go-Brahmana-Hitaya ca.

Therefore one who worships Govinda must satisfy Him by worshiping the brāhmaṇas and cows.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Apr 20, 2014 @ 5:34 pm

Thank you Devaki Mataji!

“Does this mean that women in the past didn’t rise to the high standards of devotional service like our ISKCON women? That women like Pishima what to speak of Kunti, Draupadi, and Devahuti were only kanisthas and not on the level of our ISKCON women and hence were not qualified to be FDG. Or, were there some other reasons that mahabhagavatas in female bodies didn’t take up the service of being a diksha guru?” A very good question.

infact in the whole episode between draupadi and ashvattama, draupadi was right in letting ashvattama go without killing him. this is since he was born in a high class family. Krishna tests arjuna by provoking him to kill ashvattama saying abhimanyu being an aggressor should be killed. The final teaching is that a brahmana should not be punished even if he is an aggressor(greatest sin).

Thus Srimati Draupadi was right in respecting ashwattama. However Srila Prabhupada makes the following note in ” Women as a class are no better than boys, and therefore they have no discriminatory power like that of a man.” One must be really open to note why Srila Prabhupada made such a statement which looks out of context. He hada all chances to praise a women who was right while her husband arjuna was wrong . Infact SP refers to draupadi as “good lady” all through the remaining purports.

Though there may be many incidents within gaudiya history, the intent is to know what is Srila Prabhupadas opinion in FDG matter. Srila Prabhupada was on a fast track in preaching. He indeed used his female disciples to preach. But why not including atleast one women in the 13 members list . Along with what srila prabhupada said, we must also see what he did. Did he create a system to have his female disciples chant on beads and distribute on His behalf like the way he did through his Temple presidents? A honest look at his books , lectures and morning walks will reveal His desire for woman to be in household.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Dec 4, 2013 @ 6:57 pm

Ironing T-Shirts With Spiritual Images On Them

Few more points to ponder :

1. Can we enter toilets and other unclean places with picture of deities and acharyas on the shirt?
2 Can we eat while wearing those those shirts- when there are chances that some food items may fall from the mouth on the picture ?
3. Can we let the pictures get soaked in our sweat ?

» Posted By scooty.ram On Nov 25, 2012 @ 5:08 am

Preaching With Half Humility

Thank you for the beautiful anecdote. It was a nice srila prabhupada smarana.

“It indicated that he was willing to change or adapt to preaching challenges if necessary, and indeed he was flexible. He still continued to preach. ” I dont see any indication/change in the way Srila Prabhupada spoke in future.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Nov 8, 2012 @ 5:24 pm

Could you please elaborate on “Srila Prabhupada lectured at the local university there. The rowdy students were not impressed with the combination of supposed spirituality and yukta-vairagya. On the way out from the hall some students began to kick at the luxury car he was travelling in. Srila Prabhupada remarked that henceforth he should not conduct ‘open’ programs like that.”
Did Srila Prabhupada meant to say He will not speak such way and change the way/tone He spoke or He will not address a certain crowd?

» Posted By scooty.ram On Nov 6, 2012 @ 11:33 pm

FOOD YOGA book and DVD for sale

I went through . the books seems to have a holistic apporach to food and it does have chapters for offering the food. It does seem to talk about spirituality.I hope the method of offering is bonafied and true to the teaching of Srila Prabhupada.I am not sure if that section is also non-secular.In short this seems to be a big area for preaching that one can leverage.

If my direct preaching of speaking about Krishna to a person wont work in making him/her a devotee , how would the food prepared by me work ? The consciousness of the cook and the food prepared go together. If we say the food prepared is tasted by krishna and has better potency than myself , the same rule applies to preaching as well. It is krishna who is transforming the heart . He makes one speak in such a way that it reaches the heart of the listener and transforms him/her.

Also Krishna accepts food from a devotee with devotion. Only the devotee, who accepts Kṛṣṇa as He describes Himself, WITHOUT INTERPRETATION, can understand that the Supreme Absolute Truth can eat food and enjoy it.

Hence in my humble opinion, the effort should be in making oneself more stronger in krishna consciousness than diluting/interpreting the preaching methods.
If we expand the activities of eating , clothing , housing etc under the ban of KC, we are only devising methods to get ourselves rid of the guilt of being materialistic.We eventually will end up treating Krishna as a “sin-remover’ machine and use it to our personal motive.

One obviously will have large number of people to eat a free food than sit and listen to Hari Katha. However the success is measured not by the number in the prasadam hall but by the number present in hari katha. If there is no room for hari katha , then we have lost the purpose.

Lets be innovative in preparing foods for Krishna but not show innovation in the way we offer , to whom we offer and the reason we offer. They are already present in Srila Prabhupada’s books.We just have to say it aloud to the people we meet. If we hide them then we have not yet developed the potency of ‘Krishna’s name’ and we rely more on our own intellectual adjustment and interpretation.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 22, 2012 @ 8:52 pm

To Be Heavy, Without The Weight

Real humility is in speaking the truth. To speak the truth in a pleasant way is an art.
However the moment one tries to sugar coat the truth, it has already started to lose its potency/strength. The bitterness of the truth is the real medicine that works and if we attempt to hide it , we have made the medicine lose its capacity to heal.

Main reasons for not speaking the truth are
1. One is guilty of oneself not abiding the truth today or in future.
2. One has not yet understood and accepted the truth.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 17, 2012 @ 5:03 pm

Thank you Akruranatha prabhu for your comments on “On Speaking Strongly in Srila Prabhupada’s Service” book and encouraging everyone to read it.To be honest , I was waiting for your review and I was sure you would have read it.

Seeing your comments , I hope to get myself a copy and read it . Its so interesting to see how the author has addressed the whole issue through a book with lot of thoughtful into it. This way we dont get personal or on a confrontational mode.Books convey the idea but does not embarrass the readers. If all seniors of the movement like this book, it might as well become a good source of reference for next generation and leaders.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 12, 2012 @ 9:51 pm

I am thinking if disciples had discussed this topic (soft preaching methods) while srila prabhupada was present . If so, those information can also be shared. i am sure some disciples might have felt srila prabhupada was too harsh with someone or Srila Prabhupada might have himself justified for his behavior. Those situations can be a guidance at this moment.

But it is pretty evident that Srila Prabhupada followed the style of Srila Bhakti siddhanta Thankur to some extent. Infact during pre-independence time in india, there was high pressure to support the freedom fighting movement and Srila Bhakti Siddhanta thakur had denied such efforts in the most needed time. This is definitely unexpected and it was a golden opportunity to advertise one’s mission but the acharya did not yield to these methods.

During flood in Andhra pradesh , ministers approached Srila Prabhupada for help. They were denied. These are cases where the need was immediate and highly critical. The decision the spiritual leaders took at those moments appear inhuman.Had they yielded to the AP government, iskcon must definitely have been on news paper headlines with a lot of appreciation. It surely appears to be a best means to preach. But it appears the acharyas did not compromise the philosophy even a bit.

Hence if the current situation of the world is aiming towards humanitarian principles (being spiritual and not religious etc), i think this is probably the best time to express the core Gaudiya siddhantic opinions of what real altruism, humanitarian welfare is. Feeding the parrot inside the cage , not painting the cage. Saving the drowning man and not the dress of a drowning man.

It very much needs a very advanced self realised soul to take such non conventional decisions. Even a small compromise of the core principles can bring a huge effect few decades down the line. Infact this what seems to have happened to ramakrishna mutts.

“Māyā is very strong. In the name of philanthropy, altruism and communism, people are feeling compassion for suffering humanity throughout the world. Philanthropists and altruists do not realize that it is impossible to improve people’s material conditions. Material conditions are already established by the superior administration according to one’s karma. They cannot be changed. The only benefit we can render to suffering beings is to try to raise them to spiritual consciousness.”

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 9, 2012 @ 10:15 pm

Sriman Ramakeli das Passed Away

All Glories to Sri Ramakeli das for his service.
All glories to the hospice team and other devotees helping devotees in the most needed time.

Thank you for the information.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Sep 27, 2012 @ 6:15 pm

Srila Prabhupada’s Memorial Bhajan Kutir Demolished, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India

I signed the online petition. Is there any other way to raise the priority of this issue?
Is this published in all iskcon websites?

» Posted By scooty.ram On Aug 21, 2012 @ 9:27 pm

Srila Prabhupada’s Appearance Predicted in the Scriptures

I appreciate your faith and commitment to Srila Prabhupada. I am sorry to have put you in position where it appears you have to defend for Srila Prabhupada.Per your statement , it is astonishing to know that even Lord caitanya did not fit this poem since he did not “cross the sea”. Even though imperfectly composed, praises on Lord and his devotees are still worshippable. However please note that this pasuram is ear marked to sripad Ramanuja since Sri Nathamunis period.
As mentioned, along with this poem Sripad Ramanujas deity was also made years before His birth and this stands as proof to the words of Sri Nammalwar indicating Sripad Ramanujacharya.

Finally if number and seas crossed is the yard stick to measure , I am sure current pioneers/sanyasis/preachers of Iskcon movement better fit this poem since they have made more disciples than srila prabhupada,they have traveled to new cities and made disciples in those cities where srila prabhupada did not travel,they have opened more centers than srila prabhupada.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Aug 10, 2012 @ 7:51 am

With humility and all due respects to Srila Prabhupada, please stand corrected that the reference to Tiruvaimozhi as predicting srila prabhupada is incorrect. All previous acharyas had commented that this verse foretells the appearance of Sripad Ramanujacharya.How and why it is Sripad Ramanujacharya must be learnt properly from an Acharya.

AzhvAr Thirunagari is the birth place of Swami Nammazhvar, the leader of all devotees of the Lord.The deity of Ramanuja here is known as “bhavishyad AchArya”vigraham, or “the Teacher of the future”. It is said that srImannAdamuni obtained this idol when he was at thiru-k-kurugUr. Our elders also say that in the thiruvAimozhi pAsuram “poliga poliga
poliga”, the reference is to Swami Ramanuja. AzhvAr in that pAsuram says that the age of Kali will be conquered due to the birth of great devotees of the Lord,Sripad Ramanuja.

Achievements of Iskcon Founder acharya Srila Prabhupada is indeed a blessing to the whole world. Such an acharya and his activities are self effulgent.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Aug 8, 2012 @ 4:32 am

OPEN LETTER TO Bhakti Vikasa Swami

To not share food with hungry people or animals amounts to theft.

If ISKCON has the capacity to feed poor people, they should do it. A vaishnava should have minimal qualification of feeling others pain and helping them.We should remember the isavasyam idam sarvam verse. It applies to all resources viz spiritual and material.Vaishnavas do not accumulate objects or save food and money more than necessary.We should give away the wealth that is in excess. Only persons in sattvic nature will get the mindset that what they have is enough. Normal humans will think any amount of wealth acquired is insufficient or that it can be used for future.If an iskcon center thinks that it has enough resource/wealth, it should extend arms to the society around itself. To accumulate more and more wealth is no better than investing in shares or life insurance firms. One should imbibe the basic lesson that God gives food and shelter to all living beings. Animals do not accumulate.We should accumulate only that much which is necessary.Its individual call to determine if one has enough funds to distribute to needy part of the society. Afterall the nature produces enough food. It is humans who accumulate and this results into hunger and poor part of the society.

Iskcon often quotes Steve Jobs speech about his exposure to hare krishnas. Afterall he seem to have had free food.It turned out that he became a big icon and iskcon likes to use this for its preaching. Nothing wrong!

Why not take the positive attitude and expect that there will be more big icons benefited by the food relief program in the future.?

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 30, 2011 @ 10:44 pm

“I do not want to be a woman in varnashrama”


Gaudiya acharyas do not show any difference to what you have stated from other acharyas.
You can refer apasudradikarana in Govinda bhasya.

Also refer Srila Vishvanatha’s commentary to 18.41 as follows.
However, the living “body filled with the three gunas” becomes successful by worshipping the Supreme Lord by prescribed activities according to his nature. This is described in six verses. These activities or duties, designated precisely (pravibhaktani) by the gunas of sattva, rajas and tamas, which manifest by birth (svabhavena), are prescribed for the brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas and sudras.

The gunas are tied to body and not soul.They are tightly integrated to gross and subtle body.

Please refer Srila Baladevas commentary to 3.35 where he reconciles the case of change in varna by sri vishvamithra.

So I do not think Gaudiya acharyas are in anway against these sastric code of varnashrama

Akruranatha ji,
Please refer slokas 18.45 onwards “By following his qualities of work, every man can become perfect. Now please hear from Me how this can be done.”It is very well explained how worship of lord and attaining the ultimate goal is possible by staying within varnashrama.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Aug 3, 2011 @ 8:20 pm

Gauranitai1 ‘s post are sastrically sound and well presented.Appreciate if he can share his email id.His posts viz Part 4 and 5 is very well analysed.

“What the Bhagavata religion did was to open the doors to mokSha for all varNas by saying that devotion to Krishna can make one transcend the guNas and karmas.” sums it all. I dont know why would one argue of jAti or any bodily designation.

With the advancement in genetic sciencec, we will soon agree that jAti is driven by birth.
We will have ability for people to choose the geners or partners based on genes.

Infact I saw a TV program about ‘warrior gene’ and the doctors mentioned that one’s behavior is determined by the gene and the environment, something like a pistol where the loaded pistol is the gene and trigger is the environment.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Jul 27, 2011 @ 1:12 am

“Acceptance and Legitimization of four (legitimate) goals of human life (not just one Krishna Prema) is essential to the institution of Varnashrama principles.” — Very Profound.

Accepting the need for dharma artha kama in a society is a must and inevitable.

» Posted By scooty.ram On Jul 12, 2011 @ 2:12 pm

Live From Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir! HG Urmila Mataji

From my exposure to western women, I do not see any sense of discrimination between men and women in west and women are successful leaders in many places in west.

Being born from such a backround, Iskcon women has shown good nature exceeding expectation in their obedience and chastity. It is very tough to go beyond the acquired nature from birth and society. Iskcon women or srila prabhupada disciples have shown pristine purity and obedience in this.

Demanding much more things or being more strict to them is definitely a kind of harassment to women who have sacrificed so many things.They need to be given a chance and this will surely benefit a larger part of society

» Posted By scooty.ram On Aug 5, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

Also Manu describes vivAha as upanayana for women, pathisevA as gurukulavaasa and gRihakRitya as agnihotra.

Obviously not all varnas are eligible to do agni hotra and when a women is said be doing agnihotra through performance of household actvities, it logically implies that the husband is doing those and that he should be a brahmana.

A women married to sudra man is not her upanayana. if so then ALL married womens are brahminis.

To what varna does the chaste wife of a kshatriya belong to?
Obviously Khatriya and not brahmana.
Hence marriage decides the varna of women which is obtained from the varna of husband

» Posted By scooty.ram On Jun 1, 2011 @ 4:02 pm

Response to #240

“So I repeat again: If wife is taking the varna of a husband, why are shastras talking about MIXED varna marriages? ”

Just like a boy doesnt become a brahmana until upanayana, the girl doesnt become brahmani until marriage.

Inter caste marriage means varna sankara.This is abominable.
Inter caste marriage means marrying a brahmana’s daughter to a sudra’s son.
So technically, the birth too plays a role in choosing the husband.

Also Manu describes vivAha as upanayana for women, pathisevA as gurukulavaasa and gRihakRitya as agnihotra.

Obviously not all varnas are eligible to do agni hotra and when a women is said be doing agnihotra through performance of household actvities, it logically implies that the husband is doing those and that he should be a brahmana.

A women married to sudra man is not her upanayana. if so then ALL married womens are brahminis.

Its upto individuals to look for sastric references to match their stand or accept the sastric injunction and make a stand based on it.

» Posted By scooty.ram On May 31, 2011 @ 9:32 pm

Response to #240

“So I repeat again: If wife is taking the varna of a husband, why are shastras talking about MIXED varna marriages? ”

Just like a boy doesnt become a brahmana until upanayana, the girl doesnt become brahmani until marriage.

Inter caste marriage means varna sankara.This is abominable.
Inter caste marriage means marrying a brahmana’s daughter to a sudra’s son.
So technically, the birth too plays a role in choosing the husband.

Its upto individuals to look for sastric references to match their stand or accept the sastric injunction and make a stand based on it.

» Posted By scooty.ram On May 31, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

Reponse to #234/235 :

I have not gone through the complete posts or thread to have an opinion.

However I saw the following post for which I think I may have a response:

“provide a quote or example from the shastras where a wife takes on the varna of her husband”

Sthrinam upanayanam sthaane vivaaham meaning for women marriage is in place of upanayana.
During marriage the scarfs of the two people are tied. This is an indication of varna mix where the wife gets the varna of husband.

There is also a section in marriage ritual where the gotra of the girl changes from her father’s gotra to husbands gotra.

This indicates once again that the girls simply own the gotra and varna of the man they are with. It could be father or husband or sons.

Aniloma and prailoma marriage results into a new varnas which are explained in manu smriti or other sutras.
An ideal marriage is between same varnas.

“Where exactly does it say in Bhagavatam that Devahuti or Sykanya became a brahmani? ”

Wrt to jAti or varna of Kardama or Devahuti, it is little tough since kardama is a rishi created by brahma.Brahma splits into FIRST ever male and female entities as Svayambuva manu and satarupa.

As we know devahuti was born to these 2 people.
The first marriage ever conducted was between Kardama and Devahuti , I believe and the marriage rituals has a svAha for devahuti.

I would at best leave both of them into a category as “sages”

» Posted By scooty.ram On May 27, 2011 @ 1:15 pm

Krsna Answers All of Arjuna’s Questions

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: 53. Oh, I’ll finish this sentence. “Persons in Kṛṣṇa consciousness transcend the limit of śabda-brahma or the range of the Vedas and Upaniṣads.” 53: “When your mind is no longer disturbed by the flowery language of the Vedas and when it remains fixed in the trance of self-realization, then you will have attained the divine consciousness (BG 2.53).” 54: “Arjuna said, ‘What are the symptoms of one whose consciousness is thus merged in transcendence? How does he speak and what is his language? How does he sit and how does he walk?’ ” (BG 2.54)

Prabhupāda: This is very important thing. The symptoms, the characteristics, of Kṛṣṇa conscious persons, they are described there, item by item.

From this it is clear that each question was answered item by item which will include the question about walking(if one intends to take this literally)

However by providing these quotes i do not intend to anyway indicate that one should reject Previous acharya’s comments based on Srila Prabhupada’s opinion.
Nor do I provoke anyone to look for such supporting statements for establishing one’s stand.

An inconsistent and contradictory opinion(If any) between acharyas will make the sampradaya weak.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Feb 10, 2011 @ 3:17 am

Debunking the Equity Myth

It is true that Iskcon is catering to a larger community and people.Nothing can change overnight.We can not expect an ideal society with all varnas and ashrama in place.
It takes a lot of effort and understanding.

I feel that it will be a difficult task to implement varnashrama when we eclipse ourself with ideas like “A devotee is always on liberated platform or beyond the rules of varnashrama”.

I feel these kind of concepts and theories are irrelevant to a beginner and sometimes even cause distraction and chaos.These concepts may be the siddhanta of bhakti but not taken with correct understanding,I feel.

The bottom rule or symptom of Krishna Consciousness is to “Always remember Krishna and never forget Him”. This is common for all people in all varna and ashrama. But there are other rules which one must follow.

Just like a devotee is bound by the local laws of government and that He must pay his taxes , he is similarly well bound by laws of karma and varnashrama too.

Grihasta devote remembers Krishna all the time , so does a sanyasi too. But this doesnt warrant a sanyasi to marry.The rules of sanyasi and grihasta are eternally different irrespective of they being Krishna conscious.

We consider a Krishna conscious Sanyasi as fallen if He has desires for marriage or gets married?
We might find such devotees still continuing to practice Krishna consciousness .
If their KC has not dwindled, then why do we consider those sanyasisi fallen?
We consider them fallen because sanyasa vows were part of their sadhana in Krishna consciousness.One can revive one’s KC at any status of his life irrespective of His varna and ashrama.However rules of varna and ashrama are integral to the rules of KC.

Just like medicine has a diet, so does KC has varnashrama.

To consider a devotee in terms of their varna and ashrama is a big offence.
But this doesnt mean a devotee keeps changing varnashrama or not follow at all according to his/her whims under the pretext of serving a higher purpose.
Indeed even sanyasis and babajis have their own rules and regulations apart from this bottom rule.

Religion means dharma. Dharma means Sva Dharma.Sva Dharma means Varnashrama Dharma. Philosophy without Religion is mental speculation.Krishna Consciousness without Varna and Ashrama is an imagination.And hence I believe Srila Prabhupada indicated that establishing Varnashrama is the other task in His mission.

We are not babajis.The society needs brahmanas, Kshatriyas ..

» Posted By scooty.ram On Jan 17, 2011 @ 8:52 pm

The Great Moon Landing Hoax

I like the “Comment on #28:” by WilliamV.(post 32)
I am afraid what will happen to all the arguments if some day later we see another moon trip by scientists.
Will we say they were siddhas in previous life and hence they made it ?

I believe the very idea that none went to moon should have been informed by disciples to Srila Prabhupada. Hence we see Srila Prabhupada accepting the journey to moon in some places and denying the same in other places.

Comments on 36:

Wrt “The mere fact that something is mentioned in these scriptures does not make it an absolute truth.” I agree with the statement but not with the examples provided.

Purana is an historical account. It could be flawed.However Srutis are never flawed.
Infact Bhagavatam had many versions.

Supremacy of Vishnu is a well established fact and with proper logic we can reconcile the statements in Siva Purana.If some statements are contradicting, we give prejudice to the previous text like Ithihasas or srutis.

“The earliest manuscripts of the Mahabharata do not even contain the Bhagavad-gita.”
We will have to rely on the parampara than printing press on these matters.

“Did gemstones really originate from the blood, bile, teeth, fat, and intestines of Valasura (Garuda Purana)?”
The original constituents came from this blood which became rocks.
If Krishna is the seed giving father, it doesnt literally mean that my father is Krishna Himself(wrt this current physical body)

The following text is from From Sri Haridas Sastri:

There are six ways to understand that purpose of a sastra: 1) To analyse the introduction of the book, 2) the concluding statement, 3) what is repeated, 4) what has been established with logic, 5) what is the most extraordinary thing and 6) what is the fruit which has been stated in it. These six items have to be analysed to understand what is the sastra which he has written and what he wants to convey with it. Otherwise one will just misunderstand it, trying to take the literal meaning.

There are three ways the instructions are given in sastra: 1) One is like the vedas, which speak like the king, codana, that They just speak like that, they don’t even explain why it should be done. 2) The other is the puranic style, where they speak like a friend. 3) And the third is the sahityic style (implied meaning). And sahitya means that you make up things in it, there may be exaggerations, there may be different ways of saying it

» Posted By scooty.ram On Jan 5, 2011 @ 8:12 pm

‘Realizations on the jiva’s ‘fall’ from Vaikuntha

There are statements made by Srila Prabhupada which mean that we fell from vaikunta and there are statements which mean that we are eternally conditioned and that we were never in vaikunta.

It appears that one could not possibly arrive at a conclusion from these statements.

In such cases ,the best way is to refer to the commentaries of previous Acharyas.
I am sure that one will be able to find the answer easily and precisely.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Dec 27, 2010 @ 10:24 pm

Raghava’s Reincarnation Myth

Dear Akruranatha prabhu,

Thank you for the response.

All material evidences are destroyed by time.
Hence we stress on Veda since they are eternal. Whenever the ‘text’ of the veda or its ‘purport’ is lost , Lord incarnates as Sri Matsya or Sri Krishna.

Ultimately the presence of soul or any other spiritual substance can never be proved scientifically .

BG 2.25
“As far as the soul’s existence is concerned, no one can establish his existence experimentally beyond the proof of sruti, or Vedic wisdom. We have to accept this truth, because there is no other source of understanding the existence of the soul, although it is a fact by perception. There are many things we have to accept solely on grounds of superior authority.”

The knowledge of birth and death is always a secret.No amount of material testimony can prove these things. It is the will of the creator to keep them as secret .Only few yogis can tap to the hidden past.
Faith is a spiritual gift that is obtained by a fortunate soul.

Intermittently we can resort to ‘material’ evidences to get the preaching/ faith going for sometime. The real test is passed when we accept veda as the words of God and abide by it word to word in mood of pure devotion.

Never will astrologers, lawyers, scientist, munis(sages)agree things on a common ground.

Garuda purana and other text talk about the travel of the soul.
Just like development of a child in a womb is scientific and each stage of growth has a specific time , so is the journey of a soul.Its time is predefined. We can not use the case of Gandhari or Jada bharatha or Sri Sukadeva since they are exceptions


» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 29, 2010 @ 7:49 pm

Dear Akruranatha prabhu,

You had menioned :
“It is possible that such empirical evidence does not tally with what we can learn about the mechanics of reincarnation from our revealed scriptures. If so, what should we do, as a preaching strategy?”

Satyam Vada, Dharamam Cara is the vedic statement.
Srila Prabhupada never encouraged empirical philosophers.

At this juncture , we have to resort to “Athato Brahma Jijnasa”
And the jijnasa should take us to Veda. This is called Faith.Faith means faith in Sastras
When we are confused about something , we should resort to our scriptures which will clarify the Adrishta, the unseen.

It is the same revealed scripture which talks about re-incarnation as well as the process behind it. We should accept both with equal faith.We should not accept re-incarnation ignoring the science behind re-birth.We should accept the information on how a soul is born.We should accept how a soul leaves a body and gets a new bidy.It is all well defined and it is a science.

To accept some part of the scripture and reject something else is not a good proposition.

There is no limit to intepretation.
We can interpret Srila Prabhupada’s comment on Sri Raghavas death to mean that Sri Raghava would take birth in the same planet where Sri Krishna takes incarnation and in the womb of a Pure devotee.This could also mean ‘Being in Krishna consciousness’

My personal opinion is that the time for transfer of a soul from one body to another is much more than the gap between Sri Raghava’s death and Matajai’s birth.


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The Diary of Ratnavali Devi Das

Dear Vibhava Krishna Prabhu,

I noted your response.

I too agree that the devotees get a special handling.

Infact my calculation is based on those special handling scenarios.

1. I didnt not include the number of years Raghava should have lived .He passed away due to an accident and technically a soul will have to wait for its destined time of birth

2.I didnt include the number of years this soul should have spent in heaven or hell as part of the karmas.

I would think it is too much of wishful thinking to expect a devotee will get all exceptional treatments.
If it is so, why should it take 10 months for a soul to be born from womb.

Hence when it comes to natural laws there are certain rules which cant be by passed.


» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 6, 2010 @ 6:24 pm

I too believe in reincarnation.

However Sastric references (like Garuda Purana etc) shows

1. it takes a min of 1 year of earth time to reach the Yamaloka to receive a judgment. Once it is received then the soul is given a new body.
Every soul MUST goto Yamaloka before they get a new body!

2. It will take 6 months for grains harvest which would be eaten by the husband before actual conception

3.It will take 10 months for birth of a human child.

This comes to a minimum of 28 months.

However the time between Sri Raghava’s passing away and birth of Srimati Ratnavali mataji is only 22 months.

I could be totally wrong .

» Posted By scooty.ram On Oct 4, 2010 @ 4:16 pm

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