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“If You Want To Play, You’ve Got To Pay”

Thank you for the wonderful insight about controlling our sexual desire, Mahatma prabhu. In fact I was reading about Nikola Tesla a few days back, who’s supposedly the father of modern civilization (invention of electricity, etc). Many people tank about Edison being the one who invented the light bulb – but the actual brain behind it was Tesla (and Edison owns the patent).

Little did I know that he was single and completely celibate for his entire life, and did not give much importance to it, understanding well that it’s an energy not worth wasting. Rather, he focused his energy on all those multiple inventions.

This really shows that the principles of our ancient scriptures are flawless – and staunchly practicing the process of Krishna consciousness/bhakti is our only hope to overcome this great force of distraction.

» Posted By shabdas On Jul 28, 2012 @ 7:44 pm

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