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Govardhana’s Sinking

Calculate transcendental height not material height. That is told in scripture. Wrong calculation in material sense.

Comment Posted By srimanta On 12.11.2007 @ 17:14

Respect for Individuality

The individuality that is personified within individual soul is because of the different experience about material nature. It is the whole dynamics of Krsna Consciousness. The illusionary potencies of Lord is personified nature within soul but the inner substance is always submissive and full of pure devotion. One is pure gold and another is ornament that is made of gold and various alloys. When Lord looks to one individual soul Lord can see both amounts directly. The amount of pure gold and the amount of other alloying substance. Similarly when one perfect spiritual master looks at one particular individual, one always tries to find out how much gold and how much alloying substance is there. Once that amount is known it is very easy to understand the nature of that particular ornament within different colorful light. Similarly one teacher must look to one student first to find out how much pure gold is remaining in it. Without submissive and devotion, no teaching can be perfectly given and perfectly taken. The vocational teaching is like mixing alloying element with pure gold and making different ornaments to the satisfaction of Lord. Thus the first thing is that if the gold is less then add some pure gold into the individual such that later any alloys can be added to make one perfect ornament as Lord Krsna likes to see. Thus the core of the teaching of Vaisnava philosophy is to find amount of pure gold in every individual then try adding or taking of extra amount of gold if it is possible to distribute among many. Once this amount of gold is not sufficient than what is the need of finding other alloying substance? The only reason is this material world is full of alloys only and to get some extra piece of some alloying element is very easy but to extract pure gold by finding a gold mines is very rare. That’s why the first and foremost thing for teaching student is that making student one perfect pure gold in devotional platform who is completely submissive and humble and the process of making each student perfect in devotional platforms always one different process and difficult task based on the existence of unworthy alloys within gold. Thus teacher must emphasis to develop pure gold like students and devotees whatever learning they are giving to students such that one student first grows in devotion to accept all pure spiritual knowledge. Later based on the need of the life teacher can add little alloys that is called variety of vocational learning to make different types of ornament in variation to the pleasure of supreme Lord Hari. All glory to Hari! All glory to Prabhupada! All glory to Mohaprabhu and Pancha Tattva! All glory to associates vaisnavas! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 18.07.2007 @ 20:34


The main theme of Mayapur Vedic Planetarium project is constructing one wish fulfilling Chitanya Tree by traveling through it one can see the entire universe and their spiritual planetary system in different circular path. The travel may be automatic or by walk depending on the design that may allow devotees to travel through various spiritual skys. Suppose one is living in the earth and looks down, one can see Patal Loka, Nag Loka, Ashur Loka etc. But if one start traveling upward one can come to see Yoma Loka, Shiva Loka, Indra Loka, Chandra Loka etc. And finally one can reach to the top of the sphere which is Brahmya Loka. Brahmya Loka is like one lotus on which Brahma is sitting and mediating on Lord. And also there is many other pastimes of Brahma including creation, recitations of Vedas, Puranas etc. Thinking this lotus is stem of the Narayana who is sleeping in the water that could be another circular travel like Siddhya Loka, Saptarshi Mandal with seven sages and their abode with ashrams, devotees, Dhruva Loka etc and finally reaches to four handed Narayana with another circular dome sitting above Brahmya Loka with some height from the lotus. Thus the path that is connected to Brahmya to Narayana is the stem of Lotus coming out from the navel of Narayana with goddess of fortune sitting near His feet that is like another sphere of light looks like bigger sun. In this sphere of Narayana has many pastimes that will be visible along with many devotees and their worship like story of Salagram Shila etc and also many incarnation of Narayana like Kapila Dev etc. In the Chitannya Charitamrita it is said that Narayana is the plenary expansion of Vishnu. So above Narayana Loka there should be another spiritual sphere that will consist of various pastime of Vishnu and many celestial beauties including various sages those worshipped Vishnu and with their ashrams,10 incarnations of Vishnu like Rama, Narahima etc. Above Vishnu Loka there should be many expansion of Mohavishnu KńĀranŐ£odakaŇõńĀyńę, GarbhodakaŇõńĀyńę and KsŐ£ńęrodakaŇõńĀyńę etc with different ocean. And also there is another expansions of Mohavishnu as Vasudev, Sankarsena, Pradunmna, Anirudha within many spherical path. As a whole Prabhupada’s dream is the reflection of complete Chitannya Charitamitra with all three leeas like (Adi, Madhya and Anta) in a practical form with different spherical structure one above the another that ultimately looks like a tree with many sun like structures together of many sizes. The current design that shows only three different structure may be redesign to show complete Chaitannya Charitamrita in different spherical structures and finally at the top will be Golok Vrindavan with many pastimes of Krsna. If a tourist travels through this planetarium must see the complete Chaitanny Charitamrita and also Bhagavatam with Vrindavan in the top of the spiritual sky where Krsna is doing His pastime. Then it will be attractive. If complete Mayapur and Vrindavan is not reflected and understood by traveling through this planetarium then the whole purpose of this planetarium is not fulfilled. It is wise to read Chitannya Charitamrita and also Bhagavatam for pastimes of Lord Krsna and Chitannya Mohaprabhu vividly and that will be main attraction in Mayapur. There also be another spiritual sky near by Mayapur which is Nilachal with Lord Jaganntha and Mohaprabhu’s pastime. And similarly top of the Mayapur will be located Vrindavan where Lord Krsna had many pastimes. Near By Vrindavan there should be another 2 spiritual dome that will reflect Mathura and Dwaraka leela.
I am really curious for this project to know details how it finally looks like by including all different spiritual skys that may look like combination of many sun like structure with different color of light together assembled in different height based on their spiritual meaning and the whole structure is like one tree with different trunks and fruits (those spiritual spheres) which may be called as Mayapur Chitannya Tree. Devotees come under this tree their wish will be fulfilled through grace of Lord Chitannya Mohaprabhu by traveling through the entire universe and ultimately dissolving them in devotion of supreme Lord Hari.

All glory to Prabhupada! All glory to Pancha Tattva! All glory to Mohaprabhu! All glory to Mayapur! All glory to Associate Vaisnavas! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 17.07.2007 @ 01:50


Any action that is performed and glorified by other for the mood of highest spiritual love towards Lord is action of highest reputation. One must perform such action always in loving mood. Thus only goal of performing such action is to pleasing Lord Krsna and His devotees. Whatever action that could be and whatever negligible it could be in the material eyes but these actions are always admirable. These are the actions of repute which draw others mind towards Lord. Lord is the central point and drawing others mind towards Lord by performing even one negligible action is always transcendentally pure. Such actions only can be performed in mood of loving services towards Lord and His devotees. If one can distribute 100s of Prabhupada’s literatures only thinking that Prabhupada and Krsna will be happy, in that mood of service, Lord always remains present in the mind of such devotees. Thus all such actions are completely transcendental and pleasing to Lord and His devotees. Such actions automatically draw others attention towards Lord because of Lord’s presence in such actions because of loving serving mood. In that case, if such actions are glorified, then it is not because of the performance of any individual devotee but because of Krsan‚Äôs favor to such individual devotee. Such action though it looks competitive in nature to one unripe devotee who is living in material mode of life, but such action is completely free of completion and spiritual to devotees who are Krsna conscious. That is because without Krsna‚Äôs favor such glorified action can not be performed. Since Krsna had mentioned in Bhagavat Gita that whatever in this universe has been placed to highest glory, there Krsna is existing, so if one devotee achieved highest glory by performing any spiritual action, definitely Krsna‚Äôs presence is there without any doubt. Thus such devotees must always be glorified for such spiritual action that always draws attention towards Krsna without being doubtful of thinking materially competitive action. All glory to Krsna! All glory to Prabhupada! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 11.07.2007 @ 07:44

Report from the parallel lines of authority GBC committee

Krsna Consciousness is like a river that is always flowing towards the ocean of Krsna. It can be compared like the river Ganga. River Ganga itself is the container and the water that flowing is Bhakti. Similarly GBC is the container under ISKCON and Guru- Siswya parampara is flow of Bhakti through disciple succession. Most of the times, the river is unchanged in its path of travel but the flow in the river changes with season. In rainy season more water flows through the river but in summer less water flows because of heat. Similarly the devotional system that is preached and taught by spiritual master through disciple succession depends the personal relationship between spiritual master and his disciples. If the master is absorbed in Krsna completely then so his disciples follow the master and more waters of devotion flows from the source that from its master. These are the spiritual masters like always one rainy season. But other way, if the spiritual master remains dry like in mood of summer in devotion to Krsna, then his disciples are also dry in mood of devotion. But to river whether water flows more or less, the contour of the entire river traveling across vast land is always same. Thus authority that is given to GBC as governing body will always be same and unchanged based on the contour of Krsna Consciousness river traveling. But the power of devotion that creates amount of holy water will always be with the individual spiritual master and its own devotional energy. By creating third body for imparting spiritual training and learning etc, it looks like one reservoir that will store water coming from different spiritual sources in different amount but as a whole the flow will be regulated most likely with same current without getting disturbance from season that is devotional power of individual spiritual master. So the goal of spiritual training must be how to manage and control the flow of water in seasonal changes effectively such that unnatural flood or scarcity of water does not happen. The location of the reservoir must be in Mayapur because that is the supreme abode of Bhakti under purview of supreme Lord Mohaprabhu. All glory to Prabhupada! All glory to GBC and ISKCON! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 09.07.2007 @ 18:02

Emotional Freedom

How can one reach to inner consciousness? How can one know knowledge about self? Is it possible to reach to inner self with any of the material actions, performing material duties and achieving material opulence? The answer is no. By reaching to any of the extreme that is related to material world one can not reach to supreme Lord Hari who is residing within. Thus neither one can become perfect in material duties that is related to material life, nor can one achieve all perfections in material actions that can bring every material success. Even one can not achieve extreme material opulence that could be end of all material achievements. In every history of material life no one could reach to the end of any of the material related activities to achieve supreme material goal. Thus to become supreme in material world not possible by anyway. But one can achieve supreme goal in spiritual world by getting mercy of supreme Lord Hari. To achieve that supreme goal one needs to be merciful and full of kindness in heart. One needs to remain thoughtful towards one’s inner self by practicing goodness in everyday life. In this way one can reach to the extreme of goodness and can reach to the supreme Lord who is embodiment of supreme goodness. That’s why time and again proved that one can achieve supreme goal that is mercy of Lord Hari but one can not reach to any supreme of material goal in life. That’s why it is always suggested, one Krsna Conscious devotee must try to understand that any material success that is too extreme is not achievable in this material world. Thus one must try to control all emotions that is related to material nature and should not try to dependent on other emotionally for material success. Krsna always favors emotional dependency on Him that is always spiritual in nature. This kind of dependency are about supreme spiritual knowledge and how to overcome material emotions in this material world, even becoming not too successful in material life. Once devotees completely understand that this complete Krsna Consciousness movement is for getting success in spiritual life that by controlling all material emotions which is always imposed by external potency of Lord through actions of Maya, then one devotee always look for the spiritual success that is reaching to Krsna and getting His mercy. Once one achieves that inner consciousness, one need not to depend emotionally on other. One can completely become free from material bondage of life with one’s spiritual knowledge and spiritual strength of Lord who is within. One can meet even Lord personally in the extreme end of goodness and can get His mercy. All glory to Lord Hari! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 06.07.2007 @ 02:02

Interview with Chair of the Committee on Succession and Leadership

To Shiva,

Yes, you are right. Everything is there in Bhagavat Gita As It Is written by Prabhupada. Why not read it?

Comment Posted By srimanta On 04.07.2007 @ 17:36

Prabhupada’s core teaching is developing Bhakti and practicing Bhakti within every day’s life following Krsna Consciousness. Thus spiritual knowledge must be delivered to confirm Bhakti and to develop Bhakti within heart of devotees. That is always Supreme spiritual knowledge. Bhakti always needs love within heart towards everyone and how that love can grow within heart of devotees and also non devotees towards ISKCON must be ultimate goal of deliverance. So training must be imparted how devotees within ISKCON become lovable and those lovable by others, they will automatically be respectable. Love and respect always goes together. That; what ends with love that always respected as Bhakti. On the other hand, if something is not lovable by devotees that are not respectable within heart of devotees. And that must not be taught or delivered within disciple’s succession. In this context ISKCON must find within heart of all Prabhupada’s devotees and grand devotees, what is most respectable within ISKCON and what is not? What is most lovable within ISKCON and what is not? Those definitely all outgoing direct devotees of ISKCON can find out easily. These are the root causes that are not agreeable to other devotees and must be resolved through discussion and with solutions. That is called complete deliverance. In that context Prabhupada’s all wishes will be fulfilled when all devotees of ISKCON and Vaisnavas become agree with most respectable and lovable things within ISKCON that must be delivered to the next generation of devotees. Other wise everything has to be left to the mercy of a Brahman who preaches astrology and whenever doubt arises, always takes shelter of astrology and position of planets. But supreme spiritual knowledge about devotion is not astrology. That is always truth and absolute truth. That is path of Bhakti and love of Bhakti towards devotees in the form of love of Radha Krsna. All glory to Prabhupada! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 02.07.2007 @ 09:31

How Your Beliefs Affect Your Commitments

What is the existence of life? Where does it exist? Does this life cease after this body perishes? Where do we exist after death? Do we take another birth in this material world again and again? How to get rid of this birth and death cycle? Many questions have been asked previously and many sages tried to find out this final existence of life? But still this search is going on and will continue. No one can tell perfectly about that existence beyond life? But Lord Krsna assured that this material life is not everything and neither the end of everything. After death this soul exists and before death also that soul existed. Thus soul is imperishable truth that always exists. Then question arises why not one soul can remember all that existing before and after death. The answer is when soul exists in this material conditioned of life within this material world; soul is living within some conditional form that is controlled by influence of superior conditioner that is Maya. Thus when one soul exists within certain condition related to material world, the soul is fully controlled by that material conditions and due to that, one soul can not exhibit its full potencies and can not remain free. Because of this reason one can not remember everything that is happening in this present life and happened in past life. But by practicing reverence, devotion and love towards Lord and His devotees, one can overcome these material conditions of life and can become knower of final existence of soul and its full potencies. Once this is known, one can become free from this material condition of life and one exists within one’s full potencies as becoming one realized soul. And that is the ultimate goal of every soul to become aware of its full potencies and its final existence, thus becoming free from material condition of life forever, one can return to its origin.

Comment Posted By srimanta On 23.06.2007 @ 15:18

Love Yourself!!!

Whether in happiness or in hopelessness, in everything Lord’s mood is prevailed throughout this universe. Lord is supreme controller of happiness and joy. Again Lord is supreme source of hopelessness and despair. Thus without love of Lord, none can become loveable. Neither one can fill with love for one’s self nor can one enjoy within one self. Thus loving relationship to Lord is only source of happiness and joy. Despite all practices to control one’s happiness and joy within one’s self, in this material world every self goes through numerous sufferings and hopelessness. No one can remain full of joy and enjoyment all time within one’s self. Thus it is proved in this material world that no one can remain constantly within joy within self though one always tries to become. Unless the universal soul that is Hari filled with joy there is always shortage of hope and joy. Thus one becomes hopeless and despairs for love of Lord. How can one bird fly if there is no air? How can one swim if there is no water? How can it rain if there is no cloud? If there is no source of Rasas, how can one enjoy Rasas? Thus every source of happiness and enjoyment is only Lord Hari and His devotees. Only through association with Lord and His devotees, one can remain with full of joy and happiness. By making loving relationship with Lord and His devotees, one can love one’s self. Without that one can not get happiness or joy. That was only suggested by Mahaprabhu and all other elevated Vaisnava spiritual masters. Devotees must love Krsna and His devotees. Devotees must remain in association with other devotees and love them thinking Lord is always with them. Then only one can love one self otherwise not. All glory to Lord Krsna! All glory to Mahaprabhu! All glory to Pancha Tattva! All glory to Narahari Narashima Dev! All glory to Prabhupada! All glory to associates Vaisnavas! Hare Krsna! Haribol!

Comment Posted By srimanta On 20.06.2007 @ 13:57


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