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Hare Krishna (old age) Ashram

dear pragosh prabhu and devotees at,
hare krishna. all glories to srila prabhupada.

thank you very much for publishing our article on your site few days ago about our project ‘hare krishna (old age) Ashram’ at goloka dham in south india. we are getting good response from the people, the folowings are few testimonials that you please kindly publish to encourage other needy persons around the world. we like to keep this news current till every one knows about its purpose.

thanking you,
syamasundara das




It is unbelievable experience at goloka dham!
It is a nice idea and we get the good oppertunity to serve the devotees in a community. we need to form lot of such communities of devotees all over the world because the materialistc communites are fast advancing to go to hell and we need to save this planet as a means of service to srila prabhupada’s movement……..
It is a nice concept and wonderful place to experience the joy of living with the devotees and with nature. it is the ideal investment at the ideal time with right promoters.
goloka dham ki jai……..

vedanta caitanya das


hey, this is really really really a good news and needs to be promoted amongst the devotees who want to spend their retired life and practice k.c. in a community of devotees in a peaceful atmosphere in south india……
it is a great idea indeed……..the purpose of this project is that the devotees can find shelter and create self-sustaining life while inspiring the people to live better lives. it is to maintain the balance between social mission and spiritual goals. visit the website for more details:

vijay govinda das


it is true and it is happening at …..i was there at the invitation of the devotees who are incharge of the project and witnessed the reality by myself being there…this concept needs to be encouraged amongst the devotees, because every one is getting old and need a place to spend our old age in K.C. i really want to thank the devotees who are working on this project.

poornabrahma das

» Posted By syamasundara das On Sep 28, 2006 @ 4:06 pm

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