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Service Opportunity: Divisional Directors to the GBC Executive Director

I like the direction the GBC is going with these new services.

I would humbly suggest that the same positions be created at the temple management level since the temples should be developing dynamic visionary plans as well. In this way the Divisional Director of Devotee Care on the GBC level could work in tandem with the Divisional Director of Devotee Care on the temple level to ensure transparency and unified purpose throughout the zone/region.

But i have one doubt…
My question is: Why create the service of Executive Director? Isn’t a temple president supposed to work with his GBC to implement policy? Furthermore, I have always thought that the temple presidents were supposed to, “serve the GBC by ensuring that GBC members fulfill the fundamental assignments Srila Prabhupada gave them, implement the GBC’s resolutions, and make progress in activities related to strategic planning.” (GBC Strategic Planning announcement)

If above said is true, then it seems that Divisional Directors would be best situated on the temple level instead of the GBC level. They could then hold regular meetings to in order to unify the GBC zone in purpose as well as to improve the quality of their service by association. Yet, in order to remove an excessive burden of service on a GBC member, I can see how this implementation will be very helpful. Maybe someone could remove my doubt by providing me with some further explanation?

In the same vein, I love the idea of each department creating a mission statement and a strategic plan to achieve the goals of the mission statement. If our temples could establish within their core departments, leadership to develop and implement mission statements with strategic plans that satisfy healthy professional standards, I feel that our movement would gain much internal and visionary strength. It only takes a few dedicated devotees to provide and improve vision and leadership for a whole department for years. This means having divisional directors for each essential department in a temple. Thus I think that if we can responsibly spread the leadership power of the temple president around, that would be very good.

Overall, I like this post for the same reason. This GBC announcement shows how the GBC is ready and willing to spread their leadership powers around in order that we can improve ISKCON as a whole. In good faith, I think this is the right direction.

Your servant
Trikalajna das

» Posted By trikalajnadas On Aug 27, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

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