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The World Acarya

Dear Rupanuga Prabhu


Nice to hear your pure glorification of Srila Prabhupada. It is important that we remind each other how fortunate we are to have had the rare opportunity of meeting such an empowered representative of Lord Nityananda. It is our sacred duty to try to repay Srila Prabhupada by cooperating together in spreading his mission.

Looking forward to hearing more of your inspiring words.

Your servant,

Trivikrama Swami

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 23.08.2011 @ 21:19

High Court rejects ISKCON, Bangalore, plea for stay

Thanks Locanananda Prabhu for your concise explanation of what the problem has been and the simple remedy for solving it.

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 29.05.2011 @ 18:33

Book Review: Miracle On 2nd Ave

Thanks Maharaja for the inspiring endorsement. I do plan on getting the book.

Don’t mind but it would be better if you ran a spell check before you sent things out for publication.

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 13.05.2011 @ 00:46

A Last minute decision!

Instead of having the Gitas stolen from the rooms why not put a sign on the book saying; “Please do not take this book, if you would like your own they are available from the front desk!”

Then charge them something.

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 20.12.2010 @ 03:55

Proper Gender Roles in ISKCON Must be Authoritatively and Clearly Defined

Here two words are very significant. Devahuti served her husband in two ways, virambheŠa and gauraveŠa. These are two important processes in serving the husband or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. VirambheŠa means “with intimacy,” and gauraveŠa means “with great reverence.” The husband is a very intimate friend; therefore, the wife must render service just like an intimate friend, and at the same time she must understand that the husband is superior in position, and thus she must offer him all respect. A man’s psychology and woman’s psychology are different. As constituted by bodily frame, a man always wants to be superior to his wife, and a woman, as bodily constituted, is naturally inferior to her husband. Thus the natural instinct is that the husband wants to post himself as superior to the wife, and this must be observed. Even if there is some wrong on the part of the husband, the wife must tolerate it, and thus there will be no misunderstanding between husband and wife. VirambheŠa means “with intimacy,” but it must not be familiarity that breeds contempt. According to the Vedic civilization, a wife cannot call her husband by name. In the present civilization the wife calls her husband by name, but in Hindu civilization she does not. Thus the inferiority and superiority complexes are recognized. Damena ca: a wife has to learn to control herself even if there is a misunderstanding. Sauhdena v€c€ madhuray€ means always desiring good for the husband and speaking to him with sweet words. A person becomes agitated by so many material contacts in the outside world; therefore, in his home life he must be treated by his wife with sweet words.
SB 3.23.3

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 24.12.2010 @ 16:59

Sita Rama Prabhu has said:

“Still Krishna consciousness will go on. Therefore with a realistic understanding of the nature of material conditioning, and in accordance with the spirit and desire of Lord Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada I teach that the essential point for couples is to chant their rounds, follow the four regulations, and somehow or other get along. No one can tell me that this preaching is incorrect.”

Your preaching is good Sita Rama Prabhu. We have to preach according to time and circumstances. However why not gradually train our young men and women, BEFORE they are married that there is a better system. A system that has been tried and tested for eons of time in which the husband vows to respect and protect his wife and in return the wife vows to be chaste to and serve her husband.

The simple point is that in order to protect someone they have to be willing to be controlled to some degree. If the wife insists on going to a night club with a girl friend at one in the morning , on the plea that she has her rights, then how can the husband protect her?

It is out of love and concern for women that the Vedic culture has posted the husband as a protector of his wife. Unfortunately men have abused their position and therefore there is this agitation for equal rights.

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 24.11.2010 @ 23:07

We call it grhasta ashrama. Ashrama implies that there is discipline. Just like in the temple, the temple commander, and temple president, have some authority over the devotees who are living there. So the husband is the natural authority in the grhasta ashrama. Not that the wife has to worship him, but she should act in such a way that he is not displeased with her. Otherwise the marriage becomes chaotic.

Srila Prabhupada mentions in this regard that the male psychology is that he wants to be posted as superior to his wife.

Just like in the temple; we don’t have to worship the temple president, but we are expected to submit to his reasonable instructions.

Ys Ts

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 20.11.2010 @ 20:10

How Much Can You Tolerate?

Thank you Omkara devi dasi for your powerful comments. I was also inspired by Giriraja Maharaja’s timely article which he has presented so soberly. We all know that death is approaching, but as Yudhistira Maharaja said, the most wonderful thing is that somehow we think we can avoid it.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada for giving us his personal example and repeated instructions on how to face this inevitable condition with dignity, courage, and a steady humor.

Your insignificant servant,
Trivikrama Swami

Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 22.10.2009 @ 02:14

Puri priests up in arms against ISKCON

This can be turned into a positive opportunity to glorify Srila Prabhupada. If we organize a large group of devotees from all over India to travel to Jagganath Puri and have continuous Hari Nam it would surely attract attention of the media. Also leading life members could approach the media as well a their local politicians to protest this affront to Srila Prabhupada and his Iskcon movement.

I wish I was there in India to help. Don’t let this opportunity pass to make everyone know that we are all loyal to Srila Prabhupada and won’t tolerate this insult to our Founder Acarya

Imagine if an effigy of the prophet Mohammad was burned. What kind of reaction would we expect from his followers?


Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 15.11.2008 @ 23:48

Wages for Sages

I find I am not able to follow the discussion as the sound is not clear. Can we not have it in written form?


Comment Posted By trivikramaswami On 09.10.2008 @ 08:48


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