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Bill Clinton Gets a Bhagavad-gita

I do agree with the notion of monks (brahmacaris and sannyasis) having to wear a certain uniform (saffron-coloured, or apricot/pink/orange, whatever, clothes). But what about people who are not monks? Are they supposed to dress up like monks? Or can they just appear as ordinary people, the way they appear at their respective workplaces, in their everyday jobs…?

I remember two incidences when I wore a dhoti in public. “What kind of guy is that one over there?” “Some kind of monk…”
“Oh, those monks again…”
I am not even an aspiring monk and nevertheless people thought I was a monk. So actually in that cases, my dress was even misleading. So why should I wear those clothes and not some kind of decent (with that I mean clean, and chaste) “karmi clothes”?

The temple is a place of worship, a place to acquire knowledge and cultivate spirituality, not just a mere opportunity for wearing clothes that you would not wear outside of the temple. I have seen people come to the temple thinking it was not much more than an opportunity to wear a sari or other Indian clothes, and to eat Indian food. Spiritual progress/affiliation with the temple is, in the (subconscious) view of some devotees, seen on the basis of clothes. I have observed that newcomers to the temple are met with much appreciation when they are seen wearing a dhoti/sari for the first time. Would it not be better to express more appreciation for people giving up bad habits like smoking, meat eating and so on?

Would it not be nice to be seen as nice and decent people and not as exotic curiosity? Yes, we should make people think of Krishna, can this not be done by chanting Krishna’s names and by spreading his glories. Why do the non-monastic ISKCON members/devotees have to wear a special dress? Is it not the INTERNATIONAL Society for Krishna Consciousness? I have seen pictures of the Balinese Ratha-yatra with devotees wearing traditional Balinese clothes. They looked very decent and were nicely dressed (the Balinese culture is, as far as I know, a culture of meat-eater, although many are Hindus, so these clothes were not so spiritual but well-respected and appropriate for the occasion, i. e. a festive celebration). Would it not be nice to see people throughout the world taking part in Ratha-yatras/temple functions wearing their respective traditional, well-respected attires?

» Posted By vaishnava108 On Jul 4, 2012 @ 9:04 pm

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