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USA Brain Drain

Good points and true. I am a Corporate Recruiter in the US for one of the largest Indian outsourcing firms in the world. About 1 out of every 2 candidates I interface with is motivated to join Infosys in the US so that they can transition back to India in a few years time. They definitely see US as a sinking ship.

I also see that our congregations and preaching is expanding dramatically in India. Unfortunately materialism is growing at a faster pace. In my office, I can barely find an Indian that is vegetarian. And the sad fact is that many used to be but accommodated to Western lifestyle upon coming to US. Same is happening in India. I sense as globalization increases materialism in India, the concomitant problems will also and more dramatically than in the US because the social and economic disparities in India are greater. Once the fissure of suffering goes deeper and wider, the prospects of preaching will increase also as they are in the US.

» Posted By vedicson On Apr 11, 2008 @ 12:47 am

Television: The No. 1 Public Enemy of Devotion

Dear Kaunteya Prabhu,

Thanks for your thought-provoking posts on this forum. You certainly add value to the much needed discussions that go on here.

I read Jerry Mander’s Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television a few years back. To say the least, he lays out powerful arguments to remove any hint of TV from our lives deeming it a unreformable evil. Yes, there are proponents of TV who believe it can be turned from the Dark Side but not Mander. The technology of TV is purposefully designed to mediate and colonize our experiences of reality through its own projections. These images are predominantly dictated by corporations that want to control the viewers desires. For the most part, people who disagree can only do so emotionally and don’t have much evidence to refute Mander’s claims. He was a big-time Ad executive who left that world to unearth its dark underbelly.

The truth is, like smoking, many people know that TV is bad for them and a total waste of time. But the technology is hypnotic and somehow expertly bypasses the intelligence (buddhi) to plant whole trees of messages and material desires in our subconscious. This way it becomes very difficult to undo the habit. I mean even after reading this great book by Mander I didn’t stop watching TV. I couldn’t do it cold turkey (pardon the expression). Only when I was in a situation where I didn’t have access to a TV did I begin to experience some semblance of peace and independence which really improved the quality and quantity of my devotional service.

There are no good arguments for TV. I am sure innovative devotees will come out with great TV shows and movies to somehow or other bring Krishna to the living rooms of conditioned souls across the world but devotees don’t need to watch them to be Krishna conscious. They never will. TV like most of modern technology is not neutral like a knife. A knife is neutral until it comes into the hands of someone like a doctor who uses it for good or a criminal who uses it for bad. TV is created and used to by marketers replace our intelligence. It’s in the mode of passion (creating and sustaining material desires) and ignorance (increasing our laziness and inactivity). Surely someone can use it to view Krishna consicous shows and videos but the temptations to change the channel are quite strong. This can’t be good for cultivating independence from Maya and attachment to God consciousness.

I highly recommend Jerry Mander’s book to anyone who wants to hear a compelling angle on the inherent dangers of TV (and this technology-bent culture) on the human condition.

Your servant,
Premavatar das

» Posted By vedicson On Dec 26, 2006 @ 2:58 am

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